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To celebrate 54 years of Doctor Who, here are all the title sequences from 1963 to today!

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Yes, Sir // A Mitch Rapp Smut

Collab With The One And Only @stilinski-jpeg

Relationship: Mitch Rapp x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Violence (like seriously some crazy shit goes down), Oral (69), Fingering, Multiple Orgasms, Overstimulation, Unprotected Sex, Rough Sex, Choking, and Swearing.

Word Count: 9,859 

Song: Young God by Halsey

A/N: Hey guys! Welcome to day 2 of #MitchWeek! Yes, this smut is completely inspired by that bathtub scene from the trailer. I came up with this idea and immediately told Nia about it to which she said and I quote “if you don’t write this, I will.” And so we decided to turn it into a collab! I hope you guys love how intense this is as much as we do. We really felt no need to hold back.

“I don’t need a babysitter.” Mitch snarled at Stan Hurley as the pair walked down the long hallway.

“If anyone needs a babysitter, it’s you.” Stan chuckled at his least favourite trainee’s expense.

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Imagine being Professor Snape's apprentice and him protecting you from Professor Umbridge

(I just got too inspire from a hc that was sent in XD hope i did it justice and you all like it :D Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

You were called into Umbridge’s office again this time this week and this time it seemed she wasn’t going to let you off so easily.

The woman was accusing you of using magic to distract the others while in her class and you couldn’t believe it. Clearly, someone was setting you up and you just didn’t have any of it.

You started to argue with her and after opening your mouth to say one thing against her methods, your realized how utterly screwed you were. The old hag silenced with a glare and sudden smile.

1000 lines it was for you and 1000 lines you wrote. The marks in your hand from her quill had engraved into you so much, you knew they were going to last for a terribly long while.

As she released you, you cursed the wretched woman under your breath and made sure to hide your embarrassing punishment under your sleeves.

Your friends who waited for you by the stairs, quickly went to join you. They asked you countless of questions and you were quick to dismiss them. You asked for the hour and soon enough, realized how late you were to your next lesson.

Although, classes were over for the day, you still had your private potion lessons with professor Snape to attend to. Quickly, dismissing them away, you ran down the stairs and just hoped he was still there waiting.


For as long as you could remember, you always had a love for potion making and had from the start of your years at Hogwarts, you begged him to let you learn more and let you help him.

After being so persistent about it, your work finally payed off and he had offered you the apprenticeship you wanted so badly. Your tasks were rather simple, it included brewing some potion, putting ingredients away in new jars, cleaning up the potion room and in exchange professor Snape would give you extra insight in the world of potion making.

At first, it was pretty awkward, him being cold and a little too blunt. He would have a habit of pointing out all your wrongdoings and would rather barge in to handle things himself rather than explain to you carefully.

Surely, you ended up adapting to him and learned to read from his expressions and sighs to correct yourself beforehand, and oddly enough you grew to be right with each and every one of them. Slowly, he became less stuck up with you, nodding in praise and even letting you know you did great and so on.

Your relationship with him became less strained and even in his own classroom, as eventually you were regarded as the only one he had absolutely nothing to say against.

With you being so hardworking and trustworthy, he got used to your frequent company and couldn’t deny he was somewhat attached to you.


Noticing the first few minutes pass, he bit his lip in slight annoyance but kept his calm, trying his best to not get too worked up by your sudden and slight tardiness. He moved himself to go work on some stuff beforehand and tried to forget about the time for the little while.

However, soon enough, alone and bored, the few minutes started to become a good hour or so and he was starting to get worried rather than grow angry from the situation.

It was truly strange of you to not be on time, he knew something was keeping you up at that point, certainly he couldn’t ever imagine you missing out on a lesson on purpose, even when you’d be more than sick you’d show your head up and make him have to practically walk you back to your room to keep you from staying.

Certainly something was up and he knew he had to figure it out. Getting up from his seat, he moved towards the door as calmly as he could, collecting his thoughts on a clear and reasonable explanation for this.

As he opened the door, he felt his heart jump in and his eyes widened in surprise to see you so sudden. Out of breath, you pushed him out of the way and quickly got in, preparing yourself to start brewing some potions.

“I’m so sorry, Professor! I-It wasn’t my intention to keep you waiting for so long! I just forgot about today…”

Looking at you back, he frowned at your last words. “Forgot”, impossible he thought, if anything you had every set out date in your notebook and you would even write it out on your hand in the morning just to be sure.

He knew something was off with you, you weren’t yourself. You seemed too distraught and nervous and he had yet to open his mouth.

Trailing his gaze down, he noticed how you kept avoiding showing off your hands as you’d take out the needed ingredients and how you kept them closer to yourself more than usually.

Following your movements, he finally caught a glimpse of something new with you. It was too weird of a sight to see you with gloves all of a sudden and he knew for sure something was up. He approached closer to you, being careful with his steps to not just scare you away and stealthily reached to your shoulder.

Gripping onto you, he made you turn around to finally face him. His eyes went down to your hands and quickly you tried to hide them behind your back. Growling, he tried to force your arm out.

“Y/N…I don’t think you forgot about today…But rather something was keeping you…”, eyeing up from your nervous gaze to your hands.

Reaching down to your wrists, he pulled your hand up, forcing you to look and explain yourself.

“You really expected me to believe that you had forgotten about today…”

You shied your gaze away from that remark and were truly cornered. You didn’t knew what to say properly, feeling like letting him know of what happened would disappoint him a little too much.

From that simple look, he knew you wouldn’t say anything more and he finally had his opportunity. “Take it off…”

“Professor I-”

“Take. It. Off. Y/N…I am not repeating myself…”

With his authoritative gaze upon you from higher up, you sighed in defeat. Doing just as he asked, you slid your glove off the hand he was holding you from, exposing to him your newly fresh scars from your punishment.

You could feel his grip tightening the instant he caught sight of the little red marks. Darkness was filling his eyes and you swore you felt anger coming from the way his grip shook. He knew exactly whose work it was and just couldn’t believe she even dared to lay a hand on you.

There was no way he was ever going to believe you ever did anything wrong, even to her. Gritting his teeth, he pulled your hand closer and traced his fingers along the scars. Feeling and seeing how deep they were, he was fuming at the thought of yourself writing lines and lines, going through such punishment for something you surely hadn’t done.

“Why…”, he asked, wanting to know how to confront the old woman.


Staying silent for a while, you took a deep breath. From the way he held you, his tone and his gaze you knew you could trust him enough with the truth. As you explained the misunderstanding there was between you and her, he slowly let go of your wrist.

Turning away from you, he made a quick move towards the door, slamming it open as he walked out. Surprised, you jumped and yelped at the sudden outburst.

Registering what had just happened, you realized his intentions and quickly rushed out yourself.

From it had seemed, he was already quite far ahead. He walked as fast as he could, and from his stance and the way he’d stomp, it was clear to everyone who happened to be near by that he was in a hurry to confront someone.

They all made way for him, not saying a word and avoiding his stern gaze. Even the stairs didn’t dare to change as he climbed them up.

You tried your best to catch up to him, and ended up having to run after just to catch a glimpse of him. Finally, you caught sight of him walking towards Professor Umbridge’s office and from the down the hall you tried to beg him to come back.

However, you were too late and already he barged in, slamming the door right behind him. At that sound, the others had grown too curious to not want to know as to what was going to happen.

They all moved in closer to you and to her office, gathering around and trying to keep quiet to listen as to what was being said.

“Professor Snape?!”, the woman yelped at the unexpected visit and sudden slam of her door.

“How dare you enter with no permission?! I did not inv-”

Not caring an instant about her, he moved in closer, towering above her as she sat behind her desk. Frowning and glaring down at her, he snapped.

“What the hell are your intentions towards Y/N?!”

Hearing your name, she faked her ignorance, “I beg your pardon, who?”

“Y/N L/N…”

From the way he said your full name, she realized she couldn’t hide her intention and simply decided to let her thoughts about you known, trying to convince him to her side.  

“Oh that little brat…Enjoys playing jokes a little too much so I gave her what she deserved-”

Not believing for an instant her excuse to have punished you, he groaned in disgust under his breath and staring at her with disdain for even daring using such words to describe you. 

Soon enough he couldn’t stand her anymore with her insolence towards you, he slammed his hands down to her desk, startling her. Cutting her mid sentence, he raised his voice over hers. “You listen to me carefully! And make sure to understand me because I won’t repeat myself!”

He leaned in closer and growled. “The next time I ever see one more scar on my apprentice, Y/N, L/N coming from your stupid quill…or any sort of punishment you can come up with…I’ll make sure it’ll be the last day you’ll ever be seen alive…”

His cold gaze fixed upon her own, he could see the sudden terror in her eyes from the warning he gave her. Smirking arrogantly, he leaned back, straightening himself up.

With nothing else to say, she had to let the man walk out. At his words, everyone outside had gasps and oddly enough your friends kept patting your back and giggling between them from the whole situation.

As the door opened, they all stepped away and tried to act like they hadn’t heard the whole conversation and how defensive he was about you. Your gaze met his as he stepped out. Not caring about the others around, he nodded you over, telling you to hurry and join him for your lesson.

Following his footstep, you couldn’t help but smile, thinking to yourself about how protected you actually were.

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paigenotblank  asked:

For the 1 for 5 sentence prompt: "Doctor, what do you mean you 'misplaced' the TARDIS?!?!"

“Doctor, what do you mean, you ‘misplaced’ the TARDIS?!” Rose asks, hands on her hips, as she glares at the Doctor.

Shifting awkwardly on his feet, the Doctor ruffles the hair on the back of his head as he says, “Well, she’s not where we left her, and she’s… being vague about her current location. She’s still there, though, here.” He points to his head and grins. 

Rose huffs in irritation and rolls her eyes; she’s about had it with the never ending and tragically unresolved tension between her and the Doctor and had hoped to escape to her room for some alone time. “Oh, that’s comforting. She’s still in your head,” she scoffs. “You’re telling me the TARDIS pulled a runner.”

“Erm, well, I wouldn’t call it that–”

Rose blazes on, ignoring the Doctor. “And left us stranded on an island with one cabin that just so happens to have ONE TINY BED!”

The Doctor yanks on an ear lobe, clearly uncertain of Rose’s fury. “Well, yes, but I don’t really see what the problem is. We’ve shared a bed loads of times.” When Rose gestures down at her itty bitty hot pink bikini and at the Doctor’s fitted trunks and naked torso, he pales and swallows heavily. “Oh, blimey.”

A happy thought post-Series 10

Thinking back to the TARDIS rushing Nardole back to Missy in Empress of the time, I thought this was Missy’s doing: that she was manipulating the controls in order to worm her way back into the Doctor’s good graces. 

It turns out the TARDIS was rooting for them all along.

sleep deprivation by one’s own choice;

Missy is afraid to sleep alone;

Missy is afraid to sleep in the TARDIS;

Missy is afraid to sleep at all because she’s scared of waking up with a keen desire to harm others;

She wants the Doctor to be proud of her - it’s just killing her, and propensity to self-destruction doesn’t help her at all.

“I beg,

try to think of something to 





Reyna Writes: What To Do When Your Best Friend’s a Superhero [500+ Follower Giveaway Fic]

I’ve been sitting on these long enough, so here you go!!!

This first one is for @lahiffed, who requested a BroTP reveal for Adrien and Nino.

Enjoy! <3


“Dude,” Nino sighed as he watched his best friend run up to him, huffing from the effort. “You’re late. Again.

           “S-sorry, Nino,” Adrien sighed, wiping sweat from his golden brow. “I-I had a sudden, uh, photoshoot I had to go to…”

           Nino frowned at his best friend.

           “You told me you specifically had your schedule cleared for today so we could go see this movie together. When did that change?”

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Beh, questo è per il mio migliore amico, so che lo leggerà, anzi lo spero.
Hei riccardo,
Magari non sono stata la perfetta migliore amica, anzi probabilmente ero solo qualcuna a cui eri affezzionato in quel periodo che tutto andava male, probabilmente è così. La voglio anzi la devo pensar così perchè qualsiasi altra opzione potrebbe distruggermi, uccidermi un'altra volta e qua sai anche tu, che sei ragione della mia risalita che non sarei più abbastanza potente da alzarmi un'altra volta. Ma non è per questo che voglio scriverti o meglio che voglio dedicarti un posto nella mia pagina tumblr. Sei importante e questo chiunque mi conosca lo sa. Sai fra poco avremmo fatto un'anno, è vero che mancano ancora quattro mesi ma la tua presenza faceva passare le giornate veloci, troppo. C'erano i giorni dove sapevo che ti avrei visto nell'arco di una settimana in cui quei minuti, quelle ore e qui giorni mi sembrava secondi come se neanche avessi avuto il tempo di respirare e il giorno fosse gia arrivato. Sai quei giorni ero sempre nervosa, agitata, avevo paura di farmi vedere e probabilmente non lo notavi, anzi lo so che non te ne sei mai accorto ma dietro quella tenebra che tu vedi c'era inquietudine, sballamento, in un certo senso non avevo un'equilibrio di emozioni nel momento in cui ti vedevo.
Mi ricordo il nostro primo incontro, dove ho avuto il cuore pulsante per ore, dove neanche ci siamo riconosciuti a primo impatto, dove nessuno dei due aveva intenzione di iniziare a parlare e dove tutta la nostra amicizia ebbe veramente inizio. Sai di quel giorno ricordo pure come eri vestito, ricordo i tuoi stivaloni, la tua giacca nera, ricordo quegli occhioni che evitavo ma che ora avrei tanto bisogno di vedere, ricordo la chiaccherata, ricordo le mille domande che mi hai fatto, ricordo la tua frase “com'è passato il tempo.”. Sai la cosa che più ricordo di quel giorno è stato il momento che mi hai chiesto di mio cugino e hai visto, hai capito la mia reazione..a parer mio eri un pochino sconvolto, magari stavi pensando di aver sbagliato a chiedermelo però nonostante tutto non te ne sei andato, la sera mi hai scritto e abbiamo continuato a scriverci. Ricordi? Un tempo non smettivi di scrivermi, avevamo fatto anche una scommessa ma nessuno ha voluto accettarla, te lo ricordi? A me pare che tutto quello che abbiamo passato insieme, anche se sono state poche giornate e son stati pochi messaggi tu non te li ricorda. Ti ricordi? I miliardi di messaggi lunghi che ti piacevano tanto e ti sorprendevano ancor di più.
Probabilmente sono io la bimba, quella cresciuta dove nussuno è riuscito a crescere, magari ho sbagliato io qualcosa e tu non me lo dici o magari sono io proprio io lo sbaglio ma non penso di meritarmi il tuo silenzio, vero a volte mi scrivi ma posso dirtelo ormai sembriamo degli sconosciuti, quelle persone che mai si sono incontrate prima e che si parlano dei problemi solo perchè tanto sanno che non vengono criticate, loro non si conoscono. Noi non ci conosciamo più. Non sappiamo più chi siamo. Magari non ci siamo mai conosciuti e questo è solo un mio brutto sogno. Sai cosa so? Che nonostante il dolore che provo a scriverti questo e la nausa che mi viene quando ti rispondo o ti scrivo nel telefono mi fa male, mi sta raffreddando, sono peggiorata, se una volta riuscivo a trasmettere una smorfia di accettazione verso gli altri ora per colpa tua, non riesco neanche ad avvicinarli. Questo perchè? Perchè ho ridato importanza a una persona che mi ha dato tanto ma che ora mi sta togliendo tutto. Sai? Se pensavi che io non ci stessi male alla tua mancanza o alle tue mezze bugie nel non poter scrivere sbagli, sbagli di grosso. Sai come mi sento?mi sento un vuoto dentro,mi sento mancare la persona a cui volevo più bene, mi manchi cazzo, non sai quanto ma tu non lo capisci più..
Parlerei ore di te, sei qualcosa di magnifico ai miei occhi, sei il guerriero che vorrei essere, sei la fragilità, sei il sorriso di molti miei giorni, sei crudeltà, sei…sei tu.. Ma raccontare ulteriormente di te mi farebbe soltanto che male quindi…
Stammi bene, divertiti con la tua nuova ragazza, spero tu sia quello che io ho conosciuto e che lei si accorga di quanto tu sia speciale, nonostante il dolore che provo nel parlare di te, sto ancora dicendo che tu ti avvicini alla perfezione, saró abbagliata ma il dolore non cambia quello che ho sempre pensato di te…
Spero che un giorno tornerà tutto come un tempo, dubito ma sarebbe un sogno.

Essentialy I binge-watched all the episodes of Doctor Who with David Tennant and John Simm and caused myself serious emotional pain imagining them as happy little kids, exploring Gallifrey. A few notes on the actual picture: I know that they wouldn’t look like this as children, but since you at best have an idea of what the Master looked like, and no idea about the Doctor, and most importantly since David Tennant and John Simm are two of my favourite actors in the world, I went for this. The things in the sky that apparently look like toes (thanks, sis), are actually old TARDISes, with the Chameleon Circuit turned off. And costume wise, I remember there being a mention of the Master’s family having acres of land, so I decided to give him fancier clothes than the Doctor, though the collar is not quite as stiff as the grown up Time Lords. I also tried to bring their personalities into it a bit, it’s up to you to decide what it is they are actually looking at.