best of tfbs


i miss walkin’, naked, through the backyard to get to the outdoor showers.

Best Songs of 2015

10.  “Gold Steps” by Neck Deep

9. “Motorcycle” by The Front Bottoms

8.  “Drop” by Turnstile

7. “Before The World Was Big” by Girlpool

6.  “Born” by Rotting Out

5. “I Don’t Like Who I Was Then” by The Wonder Years

4. “The Thrash Particle” by Modern Baseball

3. “Hello Euphoria” by Turnover

2. “Alright” by Kendrick Lamar

1. “Heavy Gloom” by The Story So Far

the signs as the front bottoms songs

aries: the plan fuck jobs

taurus: summer shandy

gemini: molly

cancer: peach 

leo: tattooed tears 

virgo: everything i own

libra: flying model rockets

scorpio: flashlight

sagittarius: be nice to me

capricorn: historic cemetery 

aquarius: twin size mattress 

pisces: legit tattoo gun 

this was loosely based on people i knew and what i kinda remembered about each sign so sorry if its not the best lol

Last night I got to see The Front Bottoms play a 20 song set, Smoke a blunt with Brian Sella (Pictured Right) and also throw a football around with TFB. Best night ever.