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I was just checking out Nibi Gym, The Greatest Crisis Ever! and suddenly… I stumbled upon THIS ^^

… just a few seconds of segment, right after the actual episode ended, so easy to miss, and oh wow I have NEVER seen this one before! LOL. Really, it’s just bizarre.

Not to mention, I’m just like… What are you even doing with your fingers James? Does your mad hacking skills manipulate the air itself? Is it magic? What’s going on??? XD

Genuinely, this ought to be my favorite James pushing fancy-invisible buttons and all that red aura and the screens make him look so classic.

Also, shame on you James because I can see even more new thumbnails from the episodes on the list in the upper right corner… So you apparently hacked TV Tokyo to get it all for your collection and didn’t even share with us? :P

Idea for Pokémon sun and moon anime

On the Pokémon sun and moon anime team rocket
- joins team skull and become best friends with
- guzma thinks they’re super cool because team rocket is a super cool organization
- they all become best friends and casually help each other out like “you need some cash? Here take his just lay me back” or “don’t care what others think, just follow your dreams!”

I just want my two favorite groups to be happy


Re-Blogs are Friendlier!

Comic #9: Don’t…You…Dare

He has the greatest of friends…

I’m assuming, this is what is like to have a cat? Cuz Meowth can be a little piece of-

Hey look, she has a Nokia Palkia phone.

Hallf way through The “thrilling” saga:
Comic #8 & Comic #10

Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma - Synopsis

From sources that wish to remain anonymous, I have obtained a synopsis of the infamous postponed episodes of Pokemon: Best Wishes: “Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma! Part 1″ and “Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma! Part 2″.  Whether you believe this or not is all on you, but you should note that it falls in line with all we know and fills in the missing blanks nicely. Here it is…

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