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The Danger You Crave

Loki x Reader

Warnings: Contains mention of the Doctor Strange film, no spoilers. Set during the first Avengers movie so spoilers for that.

Word Count: 950


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You hid your mourn well. You carried on throughout life as though you had never met him. Or you had tried. The many things through which you learned because of meeting him affected you still today; people had been introduced to you because of him, and you had learned so much about yourself.

Some call you mad for knowing yourself on a level not many others did; but have they any right to? Have they any right to put you down so harshly? Should they have known what you do on a day to day basis, they would run in terror, run and attempt to hide from everything and everyone. Yet, here you are. You hadn’t ran, You hadn’t fled your demons, no, you confronted them the best you could.

The Sorcerer Supreme had warned you of these dark matters when you had begun your studies. Perhaps this is why you had accepted the others calling you out on my quote unquote mania. After having prepared yourself to see things no being could imagine, the a little bit of hush hush speaking went by without grazing you. Also, you did had friends, and that’s all that really mattered.

There were three, so to speak:

The Ancient One, or The Sorcerer Supreme. She had rescued you as a young child and trained you diligently in the mystic arts of which she and her league practiced. More than a mother, more than a friend, you can’t imagine life without her.

Thor, brother of the cause to your distress, had grown close to you in a way where you trusted him with your life. He had quickly become one of your valuable friends. You suspected that had much to do with the fact you could both relish in the betrayal of the same man.

Phil Coulson; goofy big brother in some cases, hardcore fighter in others. He opened his arms to you while the other SHIELD members tiptoed around with caution. He made you feel like another human being, not another whack-job the agency had picked up.

All three knew of your past relations with Loki; the once soon-to-be husband whom you had loved with everything in your heart. While the marriage was arranged, the two of you came to adore each other. Well, you had.

He didn’t.

His true light came to the surface when he and Thor had a dispute, leading to the latter being sent away. More on this later.

When Loki had told you how he really felt, you fled Asgard and went to your true home: Kamar-Taj. After having heard the settlement between Thor and Loki ended and resulted in Loki’s death, your heart had split open. How, you aren’t sure. You can say honestly you’re not proud for still loving him.

Some time later, the Ancient One sent you to the New York sanctum. Originally, she had planned to put you in the guardian position for it, but a sudden dimension break led to panic in the city. You bravely risked everything and saved everyone, defeating the villainy and nearly losing your life in the process. The wish to have gone undetected was not granted, and a man by the name of Fury had employed you. The Ancient One, to your disbelief, allowed it. You had at first thought that she meant to rid you from her life, but she confided that was not the case. (Again, more on that later.)

It had firstly been your wish to go through the world unseen. But as everything progressed on, you had began to see that not being alone wasn’t so bad.

There was a numbness in your legs and a dizziness in your brain; it all engulfed you. The dull crashing and speaking felt like a dream. You vaguely wondered if any of it was happening in the first place.

How you ended up here, you hadn’t remembered. You remembered last walking with Fury, speaking with Selvig. Something about science, or any related matter.

Oh, yes. The tesseract. Something about that. You couldn’t remember.

You nearly jumped out of my skin when hands clasped down around your arms. There wasn’t any strength you could muster to make a sound, only a scratchy groan rumbling from your throat. The environment around you blurred together in colors. The darkness with flashing lights caught your attention. Lights meant emergency and emergency meant danger.

You couldn’t pull away from my captor, should that even be the right term. Their hands were soft and gentle, leading you away from what sounded like ruin.


That’s your name.

“Come, darling, we must leave,” the voice murmured in your ear. Hairs on the back of your neck stood. The voice sounded so familiar. “What’s going on?” you finally mumbled out. Your steps were sloppy, and the hands on you were the only thing keeping you from falling.

“Ssh, darling,” the voice said again. Your feet left the ground, strong arms grasping you. You peeled your eyes open. Above you, there was a face; a gently familiar one, at that. Dark hair, pale skin. A part of you wished that this would be real. Had he come for you?

“What’s your name?” Loki said.

“Barton, sir, Clint Barton.” I knew him. Didn’t I? 

“Well, Barton, take us away. And tell me, do you know who this is?”

“Yes sir, that’s [Y/n] [L/n]. She’s the current asset Fury has picked up.”

“No, no, you’re very wrong. She isn’t an ‘asset.’ She is your queen. My queen.” The words sent shivers down your spine. “Sleep, dear,” Loki said to you, running a hand through your soft hair. “Everything will be okay.”

ultimatemageyumenohimiko  asked:

A-Ahh.. Ouma-kun!! How do you uh... be romantic...? I guess?!

Ah~ You want to be romantic to chabashira-chan right?~ Nishishi okay!

You know she loves you a lot right, anything you do would be fine to her~

If you still want my advice, then how about you go train with her, being proficient at aikido means she has to train right? so join her she’ll enjoy your company and be flattered that you like what she likes or at least trying. Nishishi~

She absolutely loves your magic, so a few more ‘private’ performances just for her is a sure way to make her feel special, nishishi~

Try cooking or baking too she’ll love the gesture from you~ after all the fastest way to someone heart is through their stomach right–  

–Poison the food and her heart will stop for you, literally! Nishishi~  

Sorry ignore that last part, that was something I learned when becoming the ultimate supreme leader….. Still I hope that helped you Yumeno-chan.

Miss Understanding
  • Miss Understanding
  • Kamasi Washington
  • The Epic

Dare I say this is our generation’s “Love Supreme”?  I do! We are In A time where our music, our words, and our art are most needed. This is where we are strong, this is where we excel and truly show our excellence. Our songs have guided our souls and moved our feet for ages and it will continue to be the driving force until freedom rings, but until  then we will stomp our feet, pound the walls, and sing aloud because this is survival. We are survivalist, musically, sonically, spiritually. Here is “Miss Understanding” from Kamasi Washington. Please enjoy, pass along and purchase this beautiful body of work. 

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Ouma-kun! Have you ever gotten Saihara to try out Panta? Did he like it?

Well honestly I don’t like sharing my panta with anyone, so no, Saihara-chan hasn’t yet tried it.

But since I like him….I guess I could let him try a bit,though chances are he might not like it, since he prefers tea (due to it containing less sugar)

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"Another one of those ficlets that do not have an ask for it. Aka, no one has asked about this" -wait whaat? I'm so happy you write foe prompts, and just as hally when you write without them? Like, you writing period? Is great? (Besides, literally all my prompts would be about Obi-wan dealing with his mass fan-base waving sculpted abs meme printouts for him to sign hajaja)

Oh! Well, that’s not exactly what I meant? I mean, I’m not really writing for prompts either. I have a full story in my head, it’s just that because of how it started (where it was a spur of the moment ficlet that made people curious) I’ve chosen to do it in ficlet format and not exactly in chronological order. Lmao 8D;;

Tho I’ll be honest, some asks make me tweak what I was planning to do because the ask made me think of something better.

So I write the scenes in my story as ficlets, and if someone has asked me about it, I answer that ask with the ficlet!

Of course, if people are curious about something that isn’t necessarily important but I still have an answer to, I will either answer with a ficlet (if I know exactly how it goes anyway why not write it) or with a more meta discussion answer if I don’t think it’s really ficlet-answerable… or even that a ficlet would end up too long/convoluted for the answer because it would spread out too much.

An example is the ask about how the plants live when there’s no sun through the windows because of the curtains. Sure, I could have written a ficlet about Obi-Wan contemplating the sunlamps and stuff… but it feels superfluous and also, why would he sit around in his office considering Palpatine’s lamp choices? 

So it’s kinda taking prompts but kinda not taking prompts at the same time… if that makes sense?

Occasionally, however, there’s a scene that is explicitly necessary for the story. Case in point, Anakin going to see Palpatine after the Talk with Obi-Wan.

Since no one asked me if Anakin goes to see Palpatine again, I wrote and posted the ficlet without an ask.

Because of how I’ve set my verse up I have asks back from december that still haven’t been answered. Either because they’re asking about something I don’t think it’s time for me to answer yet (for example: how does Anakin finally lose his trust in Palpatine?) or simply because I don’t know how to answer it. Some of them are just… things I’ve never even considered. 

I have to say though, I am so so grateful for all the asks and all the replies and the likes and the reblogs and everything. It makes my day, every single one of them and I am so grateful to all y’all.

This verse wouldn’t be what it is without you. <3

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Hey Ouma! Do you know of Pokemon? If so, do you know what your full team of six would be? If you had to name more than six, you can list them as well, in case you needed to swap out. (I heard Gonta has a Shiny Ribombee and a powerful Butterfree!)

Yes, I know of Pokemon and a team of 6 would be hardly enough for a supreme leader like myself but I will tell you this, my favourite types are dark, ghost, steel, and dragon. Picking a single type will result in the same weaknesses and I can’t have a losing team right! Nishishi~

Here’s a few that I have currently on my team, Umbreon (shiny), Gengar, Houndoom, Hydreigon, Absol and Ferrothorn

For backup or switches I have Aerodactyl, Dragonair, Skarmory, Tyranitar, Metagross, Chandelure and Zoroark. (This one is special since he was my first Pokémon, I let him roam free as a my informant)

My secret society followers would have pokemon like: Arbok, Crobat and Mightyena.

You may be wondering about my choices right, I prefer sweepers in general but my Umbreon and Ferrothorn are indeed stallers, to be specific they are toxic stallers Nishishi~ and since the only types that can’t be poisoned are steel and poison I have Houndoom and Hydreigon to handle them~

I also prefer double battles since it makes everything less boring~ Nishishi~