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Ouma cries and gets over it
New Danganronpa V3
Ouma cries and gets over it

Rough translation (might be slightly inaccurate so take it with a grain of salt)

eh? that’s so cruel, I was only trying……. to… find the… culprit

*cries* you’re so cruel

ush I feel better after crying

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Hello! So, I love your blog and I've been reading your Top 5's since yesterday (ididnotsleep). Would you make a Top 5 reasons why to/you ship kurootsukki, please? Btw, would you mind explaining what being "extra" means? Pardon my ignorance, please and thanks in advance(◡‿◡✿)❤︎

Hi my dear, thank you for liking the Top 5s this much!!! I’m !!!!!!!!!! (*°▽°*)
The definition of extra is really easy: it’s an over the top, excessive, and overall dramatic behavior :)

We all know that Kurotsuki is not iwaoi, kagehina, or bokuaka, it’s actually a very well fanmade ship, the canon gave us some material but us fans are “trapped” in the mental image we created about their relationship. That being said, as a writer I found them a very interesting couple because:

1. They bring out hidden sides of each other. They’re so different and yet so similar. Kuroo with his outgoing and flirty personality, Tsukishima with his cool and collected self. But, to their much annoyance, when they’re together they’re able to erase each other’s always perfect confidence, to make the other feel things when they really don’t feel things, to make the world shine with brighter and unknown colors. They’re the definition of ride or die. It’s not a sweet and quite way of discovering each other, it’s a endless tug of war, it’s teasing, it’s fighting, it’s yelling, it’s silence, it’s miscommunication, it’s flirting, it’s needing, it’s wanting, it’s loving. It’s everything, to the most exaggerated extent ever. The fact that they’re able to show it, it’s a complete different story. 

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2. They have a lot to learn from each other. Ok let’s talk canon here. If there’s a person who affected Tsukishima’s blocking style, that person is Kuroo Tetsurou himself. If Bokuto was the one to move his motivation, Kuroo went out of his way to teach everything he could to Tsukki and Tsukki incredibly let himself be guided my him, watched him closely even when they were not practicing together, absorbing every single advice he gave, even when it wasn’t directed to him. On the other side, Tsukishima taught Kuroo that his provocations can truly hurt people, that maybe there are other and smartest ways to make people react, that his provocations can fail and even hurt someone. They can make each other grow, and that’s beautiful.

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3. They have an excellent sexual tension. They are hands down the hottest couple to write smut for. They are equally teasing and dominant, but at the same time they easily let the other be in charge. They’re explorative (name a kink and they can make it happen), intense and relentless. Their sex scenes are honestly always A BLAST. 

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4. The angst potential. You know those excruciating and heartbreaking fights in which they’re both so right and so wrong at the same time and they watch each other walk way and are just too stubborn to call the other back and the aftermath it’s just hidden tears, silence for weeks and aching pain that makes it impossible to properly function? That. 

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5. They have the best banter. SALTISHIMA SUPREME AND MASTER OF PROVOCATION KUROO-KUN, mix them together to have the ultimate killer mix. And if they are deadly with each other, pray they never decide to team up against you, they could literally incinerate a person just with words if they wanted to. Power couple aesthetic at its finest. 

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- bonus: AHAHAH KILL ME 

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Ask me my top 5 things!

So the benders who accompany the Avatar are usually among the best benders in the world. Supremely talented and powerful. Is it because:

the Avatar unknowingly is drawn to powerful benders? or

being around the Avatar enhances your bending ability like some spiritual aura rub off?


Miss Understanding
Kamasi Washington
Miss Understanding

Dare I say this is our generation’s “Love Supreme”?  I do! We are In A time where our music, our words, and our art are most needed. This is where we are strong, this is where we excel and truly show our excellence. Our songs have guided our souls and moved our feet for ages and it will continue to be the driving force until freedom rings, but until  then we will stomp our feet, pound the walls, and sing aloud because this is survival. We are survivalist, musically, sonically, spiritually. Here is “Miss Understanding” from Kamasi Washington. Please enjoy, pass along and purchase this beautiful body of work. 

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What are your favourite things about Saihara?

Eh? My favourite things about Saihara-chan you say? What’s there not to like anon-chan?

Well, I suppose him being a detective is awesome, since he has great deduction skills to try and figure out my lies, you see lying is soooo much fun but when everyone starts to believe in them without any questions I start to feel a little empty inside, Saihara-chan being a detective means naturally having doubts on what people tell him, not all the time since he is a kind person. 

When I told him a stupid fake story, this is what he said “T..That’s a l..lie r..right?” I felt my heart skip a beat, I felt like I could have fun again in this boring world, sure he lacks confidence but we can work on that. He actually doubted me, I suddenly felt a rush and wanted him to doubt me more and more (not too much to push him away and not too little to keep him close) Just talking with Saihara-chan is amazing~ I’ll do my best to keep myself in his thoughts, Nishishi~

I love how easy it is to tease him, don’t get me wrong, I tease everyone but his reactions are the best, sometimes he lowers his hat to avoid eye contact, other times he blushes, on a rare occasion he actually laughs

Saihara-chan is the best~


Annual Mermaid Lin says “FUCK Trump”

Freestyle Love Supreme at the Gramercy Theatre
9/30/16 (x)

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what would you say to the people who think cops are good because they defend people from criminals and don't care if they continue to enforce systems of oppression? serious question btw

That police don’t exist to prevent crime, even if we ignore their actual origins as the defenders of private property and enforcers of oppression.

If someone is committing a crime against you, the cops’ job isn’t to stop that crime, it’s to arrest the person afterwards. The only time a cop stops a crime in progress is if he actually fucking witnesses it happening; if someone breaks into your house and you call 911, they’re going to show up far too late to help you, if they show up at all, at which point they focus their efforts on finding the person who did it (supposedly).

Best part is that the Supreme Court declared back in 2005 that the police actually don’t have a duty to protect citizens. Warren v. District of Columbia (link).

And even if their job did include protecting you (which, again, it does not), their job also includes arresting homeless people for sleeping in public places (read: being homeless) and throwing black people into cages for selling drugs (that the CIA gave them in the first place) to support their family.