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Hierarchy of Infinite’s aegyo (for @utaiteism):

1. Dongwoo- lives aegyo. Breathes aegyo. A child in a mans body, undeniably THE cutest member of infinite. Incredible use of hips and facial expressions. The kind of aegyo that makes you squeal with joy. Unbeatable.

2. Myungsoo- L who? Myungsoo was destined to be one of the cutest members of infinite. His aegyo is a perfect balance of cute and heart-throb. Actor skills come into play to create the al dente of aegyo.

3. Woohyun- You thought he would be first? WRONG. Woohyun’s aegyo is disgusting. The kind of aegyo that you can only half bring yourself to watch and cringe through the whole time. Tries too hard to be cute (kind of is). Only excused from a lower ranking because he’s the only member who willingly does aegyo.

4. Sunggyu- he’s actually starting to get better at it! Good facial expressions, but has terrible moments where he makes noises that sound like they came from a demon furby that woke itself up at 3am. Other than that, he’s doing a pretty good job. Ranks below Woohyun because he accidentally hit Dongwoo in the face the last time he tried to do aegyo.

5. Sungyeol- Your standard aegyo. Good tone of voice, but lacking in the heart and soul of aegyo. 4/10 for effort.

6. Sungjong- We should have learnt through his zombie impression that when it comes to anything to do with acting, Sungjong is not your guy. Lame guy who constantly winks at a camera in the hopes that it gets caught on a solo shot. Every time he talks about lemon candy I break out in a cold sweat. Thinks aegyo is beneath him (it is).

7. Hoya- you can literally see the will for death in his eyes whenever he’s asked to do aegyo. Please don’t make him do it anymore. It’s best for everyone.


[Video by cistr0121.]

My Best Freind (Single Dad AU! Sungjong)

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Type: Fluff 

Sungjong bounced lightly to keep his 6 month old daughter, Eunmi as she rested in the baby sling on his chest. He was trying to heat up two bottles of milk. He hears a whine and he turns around to see his son ready to cry “Honggyu calm down please daddy doesn’t know how make milk warm without heating it up” he coos as he rubbed Eunmi’s head lightly. Soon the microwave beeped and he cheered lightly as he opened the microwave and shook the bottle letting it drip onto his arm before he tested the other. 

He walked over to the high chair and pulled a seat up beside it and pressed the bottle to Honggyu’s lips were he quickly began drinking. He smiles and then did the same for Eunmi. He tilted his head back for a moment enjoying the piece and quiet before he heard his front door open. “Sungjong” you called out “ah aunt Y/N is here” he cooed. You were the one who stepped in to help him when his longtime girlfriend Juri dumped him and left him alone with their twins and never came back.

You came into the kitchen “hey” you say as you see him sitting there “I bought them some things” you say excitedly “Y/N you need to stop worrying about them like that. You need to stop spoiling them” he spoke as you gave him a look. “Here” you spoke as he just looked at the stuck out bag. You opened it showing him two winter rompers “this one is for Eunmi it’s a owl and this one is for Honggyu it’s a giraffe” you say before you hear Honggyu cough from drinking his milk too fast. You hurried over and picked him up. You patted his back lightly and Sungjong found himself melting into your love for his son.

“Are you sure you got them?” Sungjong asks as he looks over at you as you laid on the couch with the twins. “Go out with your friends. You need a night out for once. But if you bring a girl over let me know I’ll put the twins to bed and play them music” you say with a joking tone. He laughed lightly as his cheeks were on fire. “I wouldn’t do that. I already have two children” he spoke to you as he fixed his hair in the mirror. “Get going” you shoo him off lightly.


Sungjong sat in the bar with his friends “this is the first time in a long time” Dongwoo says standing up to shake his hands with his. “How have you guys been?” he asks sitting down at there table. “Great man I got engaged” Myungsoo spoke as the guys cheer for him. “Congrats man” Sunggyu told him “now you. That hot waiter chick have you, you know” Sungyeol hinted. “No no Y/N is my best friend-” “wait does that mean she’s available?” Howon asks “what? No way!” Sungjong says terrified. 

The others start laughing as he felt his cheeks heat up again. “She’s watching my kids while I’m out tonight and I feel really guilty because they’re a handful-” ‘dude just go bang your babysitter” Woohyun spoke as he instantly gets up and leaves. “He was really willing to go” Sunggyu spoke taking a sip from his drink.


You get a call from him “is that offer you made still on the table?” he spoke “putting the babies to bed and turning on the music?” he continues as a smirk came to his face. “Oh um they’ve been in bed for like 20 minutes” you say as he does a mini cheer. “Alright I’m on my way” he spoke as he rushed home. 

You heard the front door open and you quickly got off the couch “hey where is the-” you were cut off with a kiss from him. His tongue was in your mouth within moments it seemed as he pulled away and began undoing his shirt “what are you doing?” you ask him as he continues undoing his top. “What are you doing?” you ask again as you stop his hands “I love you” he whispers. Your eyes widened as you look him “princess I love you” he says again, you grabbed his arms and brought him in with another kiss. 


You woke up the next morning with Sungjong, he was still sound asleep as you checked the baby monitor seeing that the twins are both were moving around in their cribs. You get up to go to the twins but Sungjong groaned and pulled you back. He kissed your shoulder “stay in bed a little longer” you hear him say in his tired voice “your babies are up” you say turning to face him as he was looking at you already. He leaned over and grabbed your chin pulling you in for a kiss almost instantly pulling away when he heard Honggyu start crying. “Daddy’s coming!” he calls out as he rushes to get up “Sungjong pants or at least boxers!” you yell as he comes rushing back in grabbing his boxers before sliding them on “thank you babe” he says with a smile before he heads back to his twins.