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I want all my followers to read this article, written by Dzireena Mahadzir for the newspaper “The Star” there are beautiful words for Jaejoong at his concert at BKK, show your support in the twitter of the writer ;)

I really love this:
“It was a high-octave performance on an emotionally-charged night, and Jaejoong proved once again why he is considered one of the best singers in South Korea.”
Best Mom Eva on Twitter
“Last night one million called for the Korean president to step down over allegations of her being a cult puppet. Perfect order. No looting.”

In case you’ve forgotten about the protests happening in South Korea, they’re still going. In fact, they are bigger than every single protest happening in America right now, combined… And they are one-hundred percent peaceful. No looting. No flag burning. No idiots running through parking lots smashing random cars. No people being attacked and beaten nearly to death.

These people have a legitimate grievance, and it’s a huge one. They found out and even had their President admit, that their government was more or less a puppet to a hidden cabal of wealthy elites and that they have been working against the interests of the public. This is a nightmare scenario for any democratic society.

So what did the Korean people do? They didn’t burn down their cities or attack their own citizens. They didn’t call for someone to assassinate the President. They marched peacefully and called for their President to step down.


New bts text/twitter scenario

The girl behind the camera (prologue)

Bts x reader

Genre : fluff / Angst / drama

Plot : Your a famous photographer who recently moved to South Korea with three of your best friends, you end up getting hired by big hit entertainment to become a private photographer for bts. Everything is simple in you’re life, or so you thought.

EXO As Authors

KIM MINSOEK’s  book Forty Steps To Perky Nips was the winner of the 2010 Changmin Award for Best Workout. His other novels include Speaking Out, and Cute With Abs. He spends most of his time at the gym and searching for his lines in Exo.  

In addition to the internationally acclaimed Listen To My Mix Tapes, PARK CHANYEOL is also the author of the best selling adventure Kyungsoo’s Revenge. Chanyeol lives in Seoul, South Korea, with his fellow band mates, where he spends his time annoying Kyungsoo and laughing at everything. 

OH SEHUN is the New York Times bestselling author of Party Till The Sun Up: A Step From Down, From Noodle To Man, and Never Don’t Mind About A Thing. He spends his summers in Seoul, South Korea, where he drinks his choco bubble tea, and acts like a cat.

Byun Baekhyun’s first book Top 10 Best Eyeliner Tips, was 2012′s New York Times Bestseller. A fellow member of the popular boy band Exo, Baekhyun is also the editor of SM Entertainment’s Take Your Time, and Kim Jongin’s Chicken Tender Love. 

In addition to China’s favorite Work and Work Harder, ZHANG YIXING is also the author of the tearjerker The Promise. Yixing alternates summers between Seoul, South Korea and his homeland in China. He helps warm the nations hearts as they all say, “PLEASE REST”.

KIM JONGIN is the author of several books, including his bestseller Chicken Tender Love and How To Teach Your Dog To Dance. He is a member of the boy band group Exo, but likes to spend his time with his 3 dogs and eating chicken.

KIM JONGDAE’s first book in the 50 Ways To Troll was winner of the 2013 Beagle Award for Popular Choice. His other novels include the WAEEE series and YAAAA. He spends most of his time beating others high notes. 

DO KYUNGSOO is the author of several books, including the bestsellers Play Another Slow Jam, It’s Okay, It’s just Chanyeol, Am I Real or Just A Psychological Episode and Winning An Oscar. Kyungsoo spends his days in South Korea where he eats nachos and runs away from Chanyeol’s Hair dye.  

KIM JUNMYEON is a single father, editor, and author of Divorced with 8 Kids. Junmyeon is also the bestselling author of I’ll Buy Your Love With Cash. He spends most of his time proving to his children he is funny and smiling brighter then our Sun. 

sincerely assassin [1]

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summary: After her last mission ended in flames and ear-bursting police sirens, Song Areum and her partner, Jung Hoseok, found themselves handcuffed to metal seats in a sound-proof room belonging to the FBI. Being two of the best assassins in BTS, one of South Korea’s biggest gangs, they’re soon charged with counts to last them lifetimes. The only way out: Areum has to pose as the sister-in-law of the man who got them caught in the first place. Her mission? Catch Asia’s most dangerous hitman, going by the alias V, whose pattern of killing has been going deeper and deeper into the government.

↠ warnings: mentions of death, slight violence | read it on asianfanfics



“How many times do I have to tell you two clowns that I don’t know where the hell Jin is?”

Song Areum’s eyes follows those of her partner of the past two years as he smirks with amusement at the battered man’s frame hanging limply in a chair. The man, going by the name Jonghyun, spits blood on the dusty floor, looking up at the two figures in front of him from under his blond bangs. The information he’s holding up – the location of the gang-lord owning half of the brothels in Seoul and owing an enormous amount of money to an enormous amount of people – is the reason Areum had to drag Jonghyun’s knocked out body for ten minutes, with the help of Hoseok, and struggled to tie his wrists and feet to a barely standing chair. The old, abandoned factory they are in, the best hideout Hoseok had managed to find since chasing down Jonghyun didn’t occur as planned, reeks of oil and barely stands its ground.

“You can repeat that all you want,” Hoseok answers, leaning against an unsteady metal table and crossing one jeans-clad leg over the other. “While I repeat that you’re his cousin and I’ve been following you all week. I was right behind you while you dropped off packages in the same pizzeria, and suddenly became patriotic and visited the War Memorial at least once every day. Not to mention your newfound fascination with women’s clothing.”

Jonghyun narrows his eyes, but soon regains his poker face when they fall on Areum. Flashing him a blatantly fake smile, she picks up the gun sitting beside her on the table and traces its edges with her index finger.

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Online Fuckboy - Jaehyun

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Angst; Some Fluff?; Cheating; Comedy;

A/N: Hello! I’m starting my very first series and hopefully you like part one. I’m sorry its a little short… but part two will be LONGER I SWEAR- Admin Na.

Part One

When are you coming here, Y/N??? I’m excited to show you everything around^^ - Jaehyun 

You looked at the text you received and smiled. Your fingers hurriedly typing onto the keyboard on your phone.

In three days! I still need to pack up the rest of my stuff. I’ve been procrastinating… - Y/N 

You quickly hit the send button and patiently wait for Jaehyun to reply. 

 You had just turned eighteen and recently graduated from high school in the states. You wanted to move out of your parents house and also out of the country so you decided the best place to move is where your parents were raised, in South Korea. You didn’t have any more relatives living there so you decided to meet people online that are willing to help you improve your Korean and also befriend them. That’s where you meet Jung Jaehyun. You met him through a PenPal app and your guys’ friendship escalated from there. You guys exchanged numbers and video chatted numerous times, so you knew he wasn’t a fake. 

You heard your text ringtone coming from your phone. Smiling, you quickly grabbed your phone out of your back pocket. 

Y/N, I’ll text you later. This girl I’ve been hitting on is now finally giving in!! -Jaehyun 

Your smile slowly faded as you read his message. 

Ahh… okay Jaehyun. Have fun. -Y/N 

You put away your phone and started packing the rest of your stuff, feeling a little down. 

These past months that you’ve been talking to Jaehyun you’ve started to grow feelings for him. You couldn’t blame yourself though, he was handsome, his personality is sweet and he can sing. Any girl could fall for him. But, the only thing that makes him unattractive to you is he’s a fuckboy. Yep. That’s right. A player. He likes to play with girls’ hearts as if they were nothing and get into their pants at any chance he gets. You hated those type of boys. Only because all of your ex-boyfriends would cheat and play around with you. 

Because of your dating experiences you were more cautious with boys and you tried your hardest to stop growing feelings for Jaehyun. You didn’t want to be hurt anymore, and it’s already bad enough that he friend zoned you. 

You sighed. To keep your mind away from negative thoughts, you turned your phone on ‘do not disturb mode’ and plugged in your headphones. Trying your best to finish packing for your new life ahead.

Part Two