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Join us in sending emails to TS Entertainment.
(on top of the many tweets that I’m sure many of us have sent so far, since 2 February last week)

Please stay polite and refrain from any antagonistic remarks. This is what I sent recently. As long as it is not fixed in stone (the schedules ㅠㅠ), let’s try to knock some sense through TS’s seemingly pretty thick skull. We need to combat this stubbornness, let them see that we are trying to improve things for B.A.P but also not disadvantaging them in any way.

Should you wish to write to TS, this is just a sample for your reference. Should you be jaded and prefer to sit out of this one, I understand. Should you want to boycott the world tour, I really sincerely hope you don’t hurt B.A.P by gifting them an empty concert hall to sing to.


Babyz! B.A.P is nominated at the Seoul Music Awards too!

I don’t know if you know but there’s a way to earn voting tickets without buying them, i thought making this tutorial of the “misions” they have would be helpful. 

Is the same in all apps, you donwload them, do the game (just touch the numbers in order from 1 to 30), then you will get the points.

Exchange them for tickets and them vote!

Go babyz! We can do it  ❤


[VIDEO] 170119 Mamamoo - You’re the Best (넌 is 뭔들) + Décalcomanie @ Seoul Music Awards