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tiger-warrior  asked:

If you hate heavy rain's story, what about Indigo prophecy or Beyond two souls?

Heavy Rain is the best Quantic Dream game in terms of gameplay and story. Heavy Rain is awful in terms of gameplay and story.

Everyone has already criticized the “you can’t die” aspect of Beyond Two Souls and the for-no-reason non sequential storytelling, so I won’t bother too much there.

Indigo Prophecy splits up the gameplay between a man trying to escape from the police and the police hunting him down. This is a problem. Why wouldn’t the player want to sabotage the police’s attempts to track down Lucas?  The player wants him to succeed… or they wouldn’t have gotten far enough in the game to be able to control the police. It’s like playing a game of cops and robbers where you’re both the cop and the robber. It doesn’t make sense, and I’ll bet that a good fraction of the players did try to sabotage the cops.

Also Indigo Prophecy is one of the worst stories I’ve ever heard, ever. A story about a man who is literally possessed to murder someone and must get away becomes a game about… I honestly have no idea. Eventually there’s a Mayan doomsday cult and a mute girl who is like… a living personification of the internet, or something? Then at some point Lucas falls off of a rollercoaster and dies. But it’s okay, because he’s alive for some reason. And then despite being a zombie, he has sex with one of the police officers who tried to track him down. And she gets pregnant. Also, the temperature gets so cold that it would kill most people just like how Heavy Rain has a city that gets more rain in a week than the entirety of Hawaii get in a month because Quantic Dreams doesn’t know how numbers work. In their next game, someone is going to lose like 100 liters of blood at once because “the higher the numbers, the more tension there is”