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Are you still taking requests for your Natsume Yuujinchou stories/fics? : Ok ok so how about, Natsume and his friends go to a city close to the town and suddenly Natsume meets one of the people that took (horribly) care of him and he reeks of alcohol and suddenly starts a fuss with Natsume and Natsume gets scared that his friends will get hurt but everyone starts to protect this angel or smth while my boi is scared stiff and- OH MY GOD MY HEART-


They’re leaving the karaoke bar as a group, headed further into the city instead of back towards the station, because Nishimura has his heart set on oden, and there’s a stall just a few blocks away that was put there by either an angel or a god or a mortal saint, even – totally worth the trip, they had to trust him on this one. His friends roll their eyes and share commiserating looks, but Natsume is smiling indulgently at him, and Tanuma and Taki would follow Natsume off the edge of the planet if he expressed a mild interest in going that way, and that gives Nishimura the majority vote right off the bat.

He smirks victoriously at Kitamoto the rest of the way there, and only almost trips twice.

The stall is set up along the riverside railing in a relatively quiet area, and the smell hits them even before the lights come into view through the thin crowd. “Oh, you were right,” Taki says, her bright grin doing something complicated and fizzy to Nishimura’s heart. “It smells amazing.

A man ducks the curtain, stepping out of the stall – his steps are a little wobbly, and he smells strongly of alcohol. Nishimura wrinkles his nose and moves around him, hearing his friends follow suit, and smiles at the familiar old man behind the counter.

He opens his mouth around a greeting, but Tanuma says “Natsume?” behind him in a way that makes the world stop.

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Natsume is a warm and beautiful series and he is the absolute cutest ♥

..and there is going to be a 6th season!

Slowest of Burns

[Natsume Yuujinchou Roku]

Natsume Yuujinchou is on it’s sixth season. Yep, this show has been on since 2008 and I doubt it lost any of its audience. The premise is pretty simple, Natsume inherits his grandmother Reiko’s ability to see spirits and her “Book of Friends”. The book is a collection of names she acquired by besting spirits. Natsume takes it upon himself to return the names and live as normal life as possible. The series is praised for it’s water-color style and music that blends perfectly well with the quirkiness of Natsume’s life and the quiet awe of the forest.

Most of the earlier seasons focused on Natsume’s lonely quest to return the names and deal with the spirits that need his help. Slowly, he starts to befriend the spirits, gaining a group that he could ask for help (Nyanko-sensei, Dog Circle, etc.) when things do get rough . Later, he meets people who have a similar talent (Tanuma, Taki, Natori). But not everyone who can see spirits are as benevolent, like the Matoba clan. Recently, we are seeing more of his adoptive family (the Fujiwaras) and his non-spiritually sensitive friends (Kitamoto and Nishimura).

After six seasons that image of the young boy being passed around from one foster home to another is replaced by a young man who is more confident and more sure of his abilities. Rather than run away from the ayakashi and their problems, now Natsume is more willing to help out and go on adventures.

The variety of ayakashi keeps the show from idling. There are adorable ayakashi, ones that break your heart and creepy ones that will haunt your dreams. The overarching plot with the exorcists was introduced very late in the series but it doesn’t break up the flow at all. It just gives us another measure to Natsume’s overall power and his possible career path? It shows how unique our boy is with using his gifts and his often non-violent solutions to problems.

I haven’t regretted following this series since it came out all those years ago. It never fails to put me in a meditative state. Like I’ve noticed how my breathing slows down when the opening starts. The show has helped me fall asleep after some very stressful days. It’s a series worth the 6 year investment. I am looking forward to more of Natsume and Nyanko-sensei’s adventures.

imagine tanuma and natsume starting to date. imagine them going on picnic dates, holding hands as they walk through the forest, blushing and giggling whenever they make eye-contact. imagine their first kiss. imagine them spending time with each other’s families. imagine tanuma and natsume slowly falling in love