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Easy choice, Hard decision

So I am a sporadic writer at he best. The muse is very fickle with this one. Anyway Darcyland is one of my favourites, and with so many amazing writers and stories- you guys have helped me through some pretty rough patches in the past year.
You know when you read so many great stories, it becomes a bit intimidating to dip one’s amateur toes in that very same pool in the fear of screwing it all up. Anyway I just had to thank you guys for all the amazing fics that I got to read. So I wrote this little thing as my first foray into the writer side of Darcyland.
Do let me know what you think of it.

A special shout out to @pollydoodles, @nemhaine42, @chrissihr, @amidtheflowers, @ibelieveinturtles, @awwheartno, @themonkeycabal, @meleedamage and all the other wonderful writers out there.

She was supposed to be on her way to the airport right now; on her way to the US embassy in Germany.  Instead she was sat, in the ass crack of dawn- staring at her mailbox, trying to compose a grown up reason- other than ‘I don’t want to’- for refusing the job. 

She knew since the past week that leaving would be wrong. That feeling dogged her continuously even though her finally leaving was always in the cards. She studied Political Science for crying out loud! She wasn’t made for hard science. That was why she had recruited Ian in the first place- she was supposed to train him in all things Jane and hand over a well- trained Jane- expert who could also Science! Hell, even Jane knew she wasn’t permanent. She had been in it for that awful six science credits; and came out of it with her whole axis displaced.

Looking back, she wonders why on earth Jane ever took her on. She was a 21 years old slacker without any prospects who could only afford college because of her trust fund; who only decided on college to escape the suffocation of conservative values back home. College had been hard and her attitude had not helped her. Before long she had found herself lacking in those six godforsaken credits. At that time Jane’s proposal seemed like an easy A. Keep the scientist fed and watered and occasionally dose her in vitamin D; and in return get those credits. At that time she had thought the whole gig to be a hoot. Jane was hardly a department favourite, what with her ‘wayward’ ideas; but now she knows better. She knows that Jane chose her from half a dozen of hard science applicants- though she has point blank refused to say why. She wonders what Jane saw in her. She knows Jane inspired her. Her grit and determination when the whole world pushed her down was admirable. In only a few months Jane had become her role model: made her realise that she could do a lot more if only she applied to her potential. With that in mind she had started looking for work where she actually got to use her degree. Jane had been her very enthusiastic and number one supporter- so had Thor once he had shifted base earth side.

But now, when all was going great. When she finally had a decent paying job, her world changed. In came the Big Bad! The S.H.I.E.L.D upheaval made her sick in the stomach. Scrolling through the data actually made her throw up a few times; before she had the foresight to read in an empty stomach (yet that didn’t stop her from dry heaving). The world was in a great big mess and once its people started to come out of that shock; fear would set in. She could see it. Fear being the greatest motivator for any disaster, and the need to fill up the vacuum created by S.H.I.E.L.D/HYDRA would definitely lead to consequences she could not even begin to comprehend. But she had still held her tongue and tried to enjoy the farewell party that Jane and Thor had thrown her. However the next day she had watched the Black Widow vs The Senate debacle and her fears closed their cold hands round her throat. She was sure that the time was near when the Avengers would fall from grace from perceived wrong doings- and the whole world would be out for their blood. And where would she be? Tucked in an office in Germany- on Team World! No way! She was Team Jane! all the way. Now that Team Jane! had a plus one, who was not only an Avenger but also an alien; she could very well imagine how bad the situation could turn out for them should the powers of the world wanted to prosecute their heroes.

Jane was the first person to love her the way she was. She was going to stick to her like a wart. She would make up contingency plans when hell finally broke lose. Jane was there to save her from herself and to see her prosper. Now she would stick with her little family- they would be stronger together. Smiling to herself, she composed a satisfying, apologetic mail and shut the laptop; only to find Thor watching her from the doorway.

“I see you have decided against leaving,” he said.

“You don’t sound surprised.”

“Back on Asgard, warriors would be backed by someone with political acumen. Someone who could see the larger picture.  You behaviour the past week was practically screaming out your final decision,” he said kindly.

She snorted. “Did anyone ever tell you that you are more insightful than you look?”

Thor simply smiled.

“Do you think I made the right decision?”

“Are you at peace with your choice? Right and wrong is simply a matter of perspective my friend.”

“Too early for philosophy big guy,” she groaned.

“If I were to say that your decision brings peace to my heart? Knowing that you will always have my back and if required will guide me if I misstep?” Thor asked.

“I’m not a hero, that’s in your job description.”

“Your battle field and mine may differ. But never believe that you are any less a hero on your turf. After all, not all heroes wear capes. Some wear a lot of knit wear and a smile,” he proclaimed.

“Hey! Don’t diss the knit,” she scowled. Then-“What do I tell Jane? She is going to be so disappointed.”

“Maybe try the truth?” came the rather unhelpful suggestion- in her opinion- as Thor ventured into the kitchen and started to rummage through the shelves.

“Look here dude; I’m the sass master in this household,” she waggled her finger.

Thor laughed, “Very well then. How would you like for me to cook you ladies some breakfast and you can enlighten Jane on how you choosing not to leave will be beneficial in the long run. I am told scientists are mendable to logic.”

“Hmm, worth a shot. But if it goes sideways, I’m throwing you under the bus,” she declared. “Now get your royal backside to work. I want eggs and pancakes.” With that she shuffled to the door.

“Darcy.” She turned back to look at Thor’s contemplative face. “As much as I adore that our family will not be broken, I desperately hope our fears never take corporeal form. But should that ill time come; then know this- I put my faith and life in your hands, My Lady,” he tilted his head in her direction.

Her eyes fogged over and the next thing she knew, her arms were around Thor’s waist and he held her as she made promises that they both hoped never got to see the light of the day.


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NAME: destiny. / tink.
PRONOUNS:  she / her.
TAKEN OR SINGLE: taken. ( dakota’s pink hair is my sexuality tbh )


-  i’ve been 5′2″ since the fifth grade.
-  i have a dog, cat, two fish and a turtle.
-  my hair is purple.


HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?) :  five years!!!
BEST EXPERIENCE:  tumblr, obv.


FEMALE OR MALE :  both are great.

FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT :  everything works but i prefer angst/action/horror. 

PLOTS OR MEMES :  both but maybe plots a bit more?

LONG OR SHORT REPLIES :  well i’m exhausted trash so medium?

BEST TIME TO WRITE :  whenever i have the energy to tbh.

ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): well when it comes to human interaction lmao definitely, majority of everything else eh- not so much. i’m super nice, clingy, soft, smol, loving.

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Dear fandom

Why do you keep forgetting that Sebastian is a sassy little shit? I mean it’s all precious and sweet, that you keep depicting him as this innocent, ever-friendly, Maker-loving choir boy, but have you also considered these?

Before a fight:
“Maker preserve their stupid, stupid souls.“

When killing and enemy:
“Arrows courtesy of Sebastian Vael!“

After a fight:
“And I just cleaned my armour.”

About to KO:
“Why do they always go for the archers?“

Anders: How can you have so much faith? Does nothing bother you?
Sebastian: You’re bothering me.

Aveline: I’ve seen greater men than you use that excuse.
Sebastian: Noted and ignored, Captain.

Fenris: I can’t decide if it is certainty you have, or blindness.
Sebastian: (Chuckles) At least you can’t decide. 

Isabela: You weren’t? You weren’t going to tell me to comfort the needy and give freely of myself?
Sebastian: From what I hear, you already give yourself quite freely.

To Isabela if she returned to give the stolen book back:
“It’s frightening, isn’t it, to realize you have the potential to be a better person?”

Merrill: I’ve always wondered: how do your Divines choose their names?
Sebastian: They write all the best sacred names on slips of paper and stuff them in a miter.
Sebastian: Then the newly elected Divine picks a name out of the hat.
Merrill: What if she picks a name she doesn’t like? Does she have to keep it?
Sebastian: Of course she does. How do you think we got four Divines named Hortensia?

Sebastian with Hawke in the Legacy DLC:
“I wish my parents could see me now. They always said I had “no sense of the dignity of my station.” A disgrace to the Vael name.”
<Location dependent>
“Now, here I am, tracking down dwarven ruffians…”
“Now, here I am, traipsing around the Deep Roads like a common soldier.”
(If Hawke has a diplomatic/helpful personality)
Hawke: I’m sure they’d be proud of you for defending a friend.
Sebastian: They must be rolling in their graves…
(If Hawke has a humorous/charming personality)
Hawke: If you could bring your family back from the dead, that’s what you’d want? For them to be disappointed in you?
Sebastian: (Laughs) How else would I know it’s really them?
(If Hawke has an aggressive/direct personality)
Hawke: They’re dead. Let them go.
Sebastian: They must be rolling in their graves…

During the Tallis DLC when looking for Hawke:
And we are back to front yet again.
Blessed Andraste, guide us. Protect our friends in this dark hour.
Right. Prayer. Useful, useful. Or we could do something.
Guide us by the wisdom of your light… in silence.

During the Tallis DLC Act 3:
So if I put an apple on my head, could you shoot it off?
Sebastian: Considering what you’ve led us into, I don’t think that would be wise. 

You know you love someone when you can spend the entire night sitting by the fire watching them sleep.

Title: I Really Don’t Know Love At All
Characters: Keith, Allura (Voltron)
Media: iPad Pro & Adobe Sketch (Lines), Cintiq + Photoshop (Colors)
Notes: VLD Rare Pair Week Day 3: Sleeping. Was listening to Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” while drawing this–because that song is amaze. Rare pair week is turning into rare pare month for me…but I’m determined to get at least one more prompt done :).

Best Wingman Phichit like
  • Phichit: Hey Viktor! You've got a great ass! I bet it'd look even better with Yuuri's hands cupping it!!
  • Viktor: I agree!
  • Yuri: Are you...flirting with Viktor for Katsudon?
  • Yuuri: *screeching into the next century*
Think of Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn...

Think of them, standing at his mother’s funeral, with no idea of what death’s like except it takes away the people you love. 

Think of how they stand there and promise each other to always be there. They vow to be the other’s best man at their weddings, and vow to always get into mischief together, never alone.

And then Oliver disappears. Tommy, the boy who lost his mother and father, for whom Oliver had been his whole world in a way, his best friend and brother and partner in crime, dies at sea.

Tommy is lost. He gets even a speck of hint that his best friend is alive and he flies all across the world just to find him, to get him back.

Think of them when Oliver comes back. 

Of a friendship that had been the light for Oliver during some of his darkest days, 

of a friendship that had been the light for Tommy when he’d lost himself.

Think of them growing up together before and after Oliver came back, before and after all the mistakes they made.

They vowed to always be there for each other.

And think of the moment when Tommy Merlyn took his last breath in the arms of his best friend, 

the last face he saw being the man he’d loved as a brother all of his life, 

his last words clearing all differences away.

Think of Tommy Merlyn and Oliver Queen.

of two boys who’d spent all their lives getting into mischief and bailing each other out

of the two men who came back together, made mistakes and drifted apart, but never really broke

Of a friendship that believed even after death.

Of a friendship that never really left.

Or what Oliver would give to spend another minute with

Think of Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn.

And cry with me.