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Liliana Vess

“For every living person there are generations of dead. Which realm would you rather rule?”

“It’s only torture if you’re strong enough to survive. Otherwise, it’s a simple, gruesome death. I’m happy either way.”

“If it were merely lethal, that would be sufficient. The art, however, is in maximizing the suffering it causes.”

—Liliana Vess

Artist credit in photo order

Liliana on the throne art by Karl Kopinski

Liliana before and after art from Magic Origins announcement - Karla Ortiz

Liliana Vess art by Aleksi Briclot

Liliana Vess PS3 promo art by Kekai Kotaki

Liliana Vess Duel Deck art by Terese Nielsen

Snuff Out art by Steve Argyle

Liliana of the Veil art by Steve Argyle

Liliana of the Dark Realms art by D. Alexander Gregory

Rise of the Dark Realms art by Michael Komarck

That feel when you’re halfway to making Emrakul and color the tentacles differently so you can tell which is which, then realize you accidentally made the demonic eldritch abomination horror support gay pride

I have never drawn fanart of real-life people before, but I feel the professor deserves a bit of support from all of us after the tragic flooding of their recording-area ( their basement.)

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Do the swords belong in your cube?

In terms of equipment, look no further for your favorites. These are some of the most powerful equipment ever made. At a converted mana cost of three with equip cost of only two, these swords end games. There is no doubt that these are desirable cards, but do they belong in your cube?

If you are still in the phase of initially building your cube, odds are the answer is no, which is not a fun answer. Let me clarify.

Lets assume you’re building a cube that isn’t necessarily themed towards anything, a best of MTG cube. Your favorite cards, and the most powerful cards around, brought together into a cube. Unless you have an unlimited budget, you aren’t going to be able to build this all at once. You gather cards until you have enough to build a cube, with lesser versions of cards as filler, and you test it’s balance. Once you have found a balanced cube, you continue to acquire the cards you want/need while maintaining that balance, and your cube evolves over time into your envisioned, powerful cube. Assuming you’re taking that route, the swords are too powerful. They are among the best of the best equipment. Throw those cards in your draft of a half powerful cube, whoever picks those cards up will win, no contest. I have seen it happen every time.

A good cube is one where people win through a mix of skill in building a deck that is consistent and works well, the ability to read what’s going on in the draft, and that little bit of luck that the right cards appear in the draft. When people pick up a sword in a format where the majority of cards are not nearly as useful, the game is unbalanced.

Don’t let this discourage you from using the swords in your cube; so long as the cube can handle them, they’re quite fun. Just be sure your cube is ready for them.

Commander's Toolkit


Below are 10 Enchantments that should definitely be used in the deck of that color. I will try to describe why they are useful and how best to use them.

1. Phyrexian Arena

Drawing cards is one of the best tactics in any MTG format as it allows you to have card advantage over an opponent. It also ensures that you are several steps closer to the card or cards that can win you the game. So for the small draw back of 3 mana and 1 life each turn you can draw an extra card on each of your upkeeps. It is great in any black deck, but would work well with Commanders such as Nekusar the Mindrazer and Marchesa, the Black Rose. Not to mention just normal cards like Psychosis Crawler, Horizon Chimera and Chasm Skulker

2. Blind Obedience

Blind Obedience is one of my favorite cards of all time, mainly because of the Extort ability, But the fact that it completely shuts down your opponent’s aggro and activated abilities for only 2 mana makes this card insanely good. When this card was released I immediately bought four because they have a place in pretty much any format. I love using Blind Obedience in my shut down or Turbofog commander decks with Hokori Dust Drinker, Gaddock Teeg or Grand Arbiter Augustin IV. If you are daring enough to go for an Extort EDH deck it could also be useful for that I suppose.

3. Doubling Season

Although it is crippling in terms of both Converted Mana Cost and Money it is clear why it is a must have in any green deck, token deck or Super-friends (Planeswalker) Deck. It can send your creature’s Counter based Power and Toughness through the roof, Substantially increase your board presence or token output and make your planeswalkers potentially able to ultimate on the turn they enter. It is especially good if you are using a lot of Hydras or Commanders like Ulasht the Hate Seed, Thromok, the Insatiable or Marath, Will of the Wild.

4. Warstorm Surge

Warstorm Surge should go in any red deck or decks with creature tokens or huge creatures as it can deal an insane amount of damage either all at once or just scratches over time. It’s a bit expensive mana cost wise but it is easy to obtain. I used one in my Thromok the Insatiable EDH deck with Feed the Pack. I brought in Thromok Sacrificing 4 Creatures to make him a 16/16 which dealt 16 damage to my opponent. I then sacrificed it to Feed the Pack to deal a further 32 damage with the 16 2/2 wolves that entered. Definitely worth considering.

5. Propaganda

I love shutting my opponents down, unfortunately there are just too many ways to do it. Propaganda is not the best card that has this ability (Sphere of Safety is) But I have chosen it merely because it is a blue card with a White ability so it can be used in decks that do not have this available. If I could win for the number of times my opponent has miscalculated the amount of mana they have when this card is in play and then tried to attack me all out with no mana I would be up there with the Champions. You will find your opponent will always forget these cards and use all of their mana.

 6. Animate Dead 

Animate Dead is a very versatile card and for the slight draw back of losing some of its power you can have any creature in any graveyard for just two mana. I think that this enchantment should go in any deck with Black in it just to have that extra edge of grave-robbing your opponents. 

7. Omniscience 

Omniscience is just one of those cards that needs to go in every EDH deck if you can successfully have this in play for a couple of turns you have pretty much won. I have seen people scoop when this enters play even if the controller has nothing good in his hand. It is especially good in spell-casting decks such as Melek, Izzet Paragon and Jhoira of the Ghitu.

8. True Conviction

True Conviction does not require many words. Just Smash hell out of your opponent and gain lots of life. It belongs mainly in voltron commander decks such as Kemba Kha Regent, Zurgo Helmsmasher and Gisela, Blade of Goldnight.

9. Vicious Shadows

Vicious Shadows is a bit expensive but definitely useful in token decks or decks that force your opponents to draw a lot of cards like Nekusar, the Mindrazer. It can also be used with cards that deal damage when creatures leave the battlefield like Vela, the Night Clad, Stalking Vengeance or Hissing Iguana to deal large amounts of damage.

10. Asceticism

Asceticism is another enchantment that is inconvenienced by color. This is an enchantment that is needed in every EDH deck to avoid spot removal and some board wipes which is common in EDH. I prefer Privileged Position to Asceticism but Privileged Position is Even more Inconvenienced by being white as well as green. 

These are 10 of my favourite enchantments in EDH as they have a place in decks of those colours if the decks are mulitple colours i have tried to describe useful Alternatives. I will Recommend more cards next time. Happy Deck Building.