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So about both of their sleeping sprites (based off this post!)

Happy Birthday to Kirishima Touka!!!! THE QUEEN *fireworks*

I was planning to post this on the #toukaweek, but since my finals are in the same week (lloro mares) I can’t contribute much :’(( I’m feeling p stressed because finals&exams and this is the only thing I can do, for now.

When my hell end I will try to draw more, promise! (also tumblr&twitter request)

witch tip 9/10/17

make a sigil/word/hand movement that you can use to signify the ending of any ritual/spell/etc! this way, whenever you do something witchy, it’ll feel Finalized once you use the sigil. you can draw it out, think of it, mouth it, say it, or whatever you’d like! 

for me, personally, i don’t let anyone see what my sigil is/looks like just so it can stay personal for me! mine is rather simple, so i always just use my hand to draw it out, signifying the close of a session


🏛️📚 20 Uni/College AU Fics📚🏛️

The one where Harry and Louis are unlikely uni flatmates who definitely don’t like each other and definitely won’t fall in love (even if Liam and Niall think otherwise). 

Harry is in love with Louis and would have given anything to be his partner for the end of term literature assignment. Louis is the only kid in the class who can get away with anything, and all he wants is the attention of the pretty boy with the curls across the room. Featuring lots of banter, pining, flirting, and Fionn as an unwilling Cupid. 

Louis should really be looking for the person that keeps submitting his pictures on to the University spotted page but first he has to stop falling for Harry Styles.

Or the one where Louis runs the Facebook spotted page for his university and Harry makes coffee and magic brownies.

Harry and Zayn are spending the summer on an island, and there’s a plethora of booze and bonfires and boys. Or in Harry’s case, just one boy. 

Louis memorizes soliloquies and bothers Zayn at work and Harry is the handsome boy looking to buy a record. 

Two boys, two blogs, two years of anonymous messages, and a bookshop where it all comes together. 

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And if you think I’ve got a heart of stone
You couldn’t be more wrong, oh…
You might think I’ve been afraid too long
Afraid of love
But it don’t come easy
Been burned too many times to love easily
Don’t mistake me, my love runs deeps
But it don’t come easy, it don’t come cheap

How to Pull an All-Nighter (The RIGHT Way!)

Step 1: Have a Plan & Come Prepared - Know what you need to study and how you are going to study for it.  Set a goal for yourself, a few good studying goals include:

  • Copying all important points from notes into a study guide / cram guide.
  • Re-reading one or several chapters of your textbook and taking notes as needed.
  • Creating a complete set of flash cards and going through the set a certain number of times.

If you have a project due, gather everything you need and don’t stop until it is done.

Make sure you have all of the study material and snackage that you need to keep you going all night long.

Drinks and snacks?  Check.

Textbooks?  Notes?  Check, Check.

Index Cards, Highlighters, Sharpies, and Pens?  Checkity Check!

Step 2: Take a Nap -  No, not in the middle of your all nighter.  But if it looks like you may have to pull an all-nighter, it will be beneficial if you can get 1-2 hours of sleep sometime during the day before.  You will want to make sure to wake up before 9 p.m., or risk your body trying to put you to sleep for the rest of the night!

When you get out of bed, it is sometimes helpful to pile other things on the bed to prevent you from laying down *just for a second* the rest of the night.  

Step 3: Set An Alarm -  Not everyone can make it through every all nighter, and inevitably you will fall asleep during at least one of your midnight study attempts.  There is no shame in this.  
However, there is shame in accidently sleeping through your final exam, or your big presentation.  Set an alarm for about 30 minutes before you actually need to wake up.  This gives you a little extra time to get your sleepy head going in the morning if you DO fall asleep, and allows you to get to a stopping point before you start your day if you have managed to make it through the night and are still going.

Step 4: Hydration, Hydration, Hydration! -  If you stay properly hydrated it will be MUCH easier to stay awake.  Not to mention it will be much easier on your body the next day.
Aim to drink two 8oz glasses of water (or one standard 16oz bottle) every hour or two.  It will keep you awake and alert, and help your body deal with lack of sleep stress.

Step 5: Snack Smart Make sure your snacks aren’t pure sugar or all junk- Here are some excellent snacks for all nightersPizza - It has carbs in the crust and protein in the cheese, great for giving you energy all night long.  Order a large when you’re starving and snack on it the rest of the night!Cheese & Crackers - Also has those carbs and protein.  If you want more food, add cut up lunchmeats! Apples, Peaches, Bananas, and Pears - Fresh fruit is packed full of complex carbs and natural sugars!  Dried fruit is tasty too.Sandwiches - Packed full of things to keep you awake and thinking, sandwiches are always a great choice for study sessions.  Take a good 10 minute break and make yourself a sandwich.

Step 6: Lighting is Key! -  Keep your study room brightly lit to avoid any dim-lighting drowsiness.  A good desk lamp or two can make a world of difference in your attention span!

If you find your eyelids getting heavy, stare at a dim spot in your room and slowly move your eyes toward the lights.  This lighting motion will help simulate a sunrise and wake you up!

Step 7: Don’t Allow Distractions -  Turn OFF your phone (and no, that doesn’t mean vibrate or silent.) and unless about absolutely need it, turn off your Internet connection.

Music is fine in the background - some people study better to it - as long as it doesn’t distract you.

Step 8: No Procrastination, Just Get Started! -  One of the hardest things is kicking off your all nighter.  Truth-be-told, you just have to jump in and begin.  You have your plan, your snacks, and you know what you must do.  In the words of Yoda.
 Do, or do not.  There is no try.

So friends go ahead, study hell out of books, and just work hard..

Best of luck for finals….!!!

Love…. xoxo 


It’s that dreadful time of the year again. Remember you can be encouraged to study by Jongin, Baekhyun, and Yixing or you could just listen to Kyungsoo…..

Change of ownership.

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The surge of support that poured in after my announcement earlier today almost brought me to tears, and I cannot even begin to thank all of you for being so kind and understanding. It does my heart well to know that people are being supportive of my choice, but also more so that I can announce so quickly that someone was willing to take up the reins.

@meandering-mind, who I sadly cannot tag, has offered to take up ownership of the bazaar and continue providing the event for everyone. Including taking ownership of this tumblr and the discord. When the next event will be held is entirely up to them and how they want to run it going forward, but I trust them immensely to provide an experience people will enjoy. 

Thank you guys once more for some of the most fun I’ve ever had in this game, and I hope that going forward that Maril will be able to bring you all even more joy than before.



I will always wonder

- why during the IFH, Cait didn’t say “we aren’t together. I have been dating my boyfriend for x number of years, but I want to keep that for myself”

- why Sam had his arm around her at their table at the Golden Globes and she left Tony out on the red carpet with her other friends

- why 3 months after denying a relationship, Sam started liking shipper tweets again

- why Sam and Cait were at a baseball game together with his arm around her when he was supposedly in a brand new relationship with his relationship hopping “girlfriend”

- why Cait has treated Tony like dirt in public for years, tossing her sunglasses to him, letting him hold her coat (but allowing Sam to put it on her rather than her boyfriend), dismissively saying “this is Tony” to Jodie Foster, not thanking him when she won her first and likely only award for this show, and leaving him on the curb with the rest of the hired help after her Colbert appearance

- why Cait has allowed her friends to post pictures and now break news of her engagement (lmfao) on social media while she pretends to want privacy, while she exposed Sam’s “relationship” on her own twitter account

- why her friends follow shipper accounts on Instagram and like shipper pictures

- why her charity spent several weeks following shippers on twitter and Instagram, liking shipper pics and tweets (apparently an organization that should be reputable and above using the fandom will do whatever it needs to make money and get social media mentions - good luck with that in the future)

- why Cait is constantly hugging on Sam behind the scenes, laying her head on his shoulder, having him rub her feet, measuring his dick with a beer bottle, and tweeting about the size of his dick on twitter

- why she tweeted that song to Sam about dumb blonde girls who don’t have to work if they can just sleep with a guy who has money. That wasn’t shady at all

- why Sam’s Seahawks selfies were taken in Cait’s living room - because looking at the pics of her living room, you can clearly match up where he was sitting on the floor in one of them watching tv in the middle of the night. Totes normal

- why Sam’s fist was in her bed for her WCC fist bump campaign pic. She must have been cold and Tobrian was financing in London whilst simultaneously managing one band and maybe owning a bar

I’m sure I’ll think of more later. But for now, all I can think of is how deeply disappointing Caitriona is. “Stand in your power” right?? Apparently that means letting other people do the dirty work while you sit back and get some kind of weird fulfillment from your costar that you don’t get elsewhere. Best of luck to her. I feel like I can finally break free from these trash heap people.


Rin Nitaya || Winter Universiad2017, Short Program: Red Violin