best of luck in finals

Happy Birthday to Kirishima Touka!!!! THE QUEEN *fireworks*

I was planning to post this on the #toukaweek, but since my finals are in the same week (lloro mares) I can’t contribute much :’(( I’m feeling p stressed because finals&exams and this is the only thing I can do, for now.

When my hell end I will try to draw more, promise! (also tumblr&twitter request)

SUPER BIG thanks to the entire team behind Wander Over Yonder for giving us such an amazing show. You’re all the best!

It was so much fun to watch this series from day 1 and see it progress throughout the years. Definitely earned it’s place as my favorite cartoon of all time!

Here’s to still hoping for a potential season 3!
(Plus we still got Monday’s eps and the finale left!)
Best of luck to you all!


countdown to the end of extinction: [5/5] dino charge rangers » shelby watkins

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Different anon, but about Link's voice... Every fan have their own opinion about Link would sound like if ever gets a full voice role, and whoever does get it is going to be under an enormous amount of pressure for voicing one of the most legendary characters in video game history. To you, who do think should voice Link in the English version? What does Link's voice sound to you in your head? I tried to imagine what Link sounds like by using his grunts and battle cries to get a basic idea.

Can I just be honest and say I’m not really interested in Link having a voice beyond his utterances? Or rather, that I’ve so solidly cemented his Japanese VA as ‘the’ voice in my mind that I can’t really find myself wanting to change it?

It’d be sort of like re-casting Iron Man after Robert Downey Jr. is finally done with the role… best of luck to whoever is the poor sap in charge of pulling that off without massive backlash from the Internet at large.

End of Event

We’re in the final stretch.

I wish everyone the best of luck in obtaining whatever you can.

I won’t be getting the Dinosaur ( :( ) so I’ll be upgrading everyone, then buying a penguin army to join the A Force Penguin army that guards my academy from the Time Fog.

Art done by myself. So I tried something different, I’m a big fan of Tokyo ghoul and I thought this would look pretty decent, it didn’t come out exactly as planned😅, but was still fun to do tho. I hope you guys like it!

As an additional note, I just want to wish @oldfriend7876 best of luck with your upcoming exams!!


Wakaba Higuchi || JGP Linz, Free Skating [x]

3Lz+ 3Lo (11.10+1.10GOE=12.20)

3Lz+3Tx (11.33+1.40GOE=12.73)


Happy Birthday, @vitaminniedk !!!

Ahhh I just wanted to thank you so much for being such an amazing friend and person in general. I remember first coming across your blog and seeing how lovely you were to everyone that messaged you and now we’re talking almost every day. You’re always so kind and considerate, listening to people and helping everyone when you can. You have been a source of support and happiness for me over the time we’ve known each other and I always look forward to hearing (reading) how your day is going.

Thank you for putting up with my lame jokes and always making me smile (even when you’re killing me with Minghao). You’re a wonderful purple fairy that deserves the best and I hope your day today is filled with all the things you love and more.

I love you~ <3 (And best of luck on your finals!!)

Nell swats him, rolling her eyes, and sends Max one of her usual smiles. “Same time next week, Max?”

“You know it.” Nathan turns to her then, almost nervously, and Max is thankfully quick to notice his intentions this time. She pulls him into a hug, eyes shutting, and doesn’t miss the way his hands squeeze her waist before they pull away.

She follows Nell up the path, Nathan following, and Nell keeps glancing at her with these looks that have her biting her lip, suppressing a smile.

“The Sense of Me” - Chapter 14 by trecoolio on Archive of Our Own

Once again, @anders-holmslice​, this is for you and your amazing story. Good luck with your finals! Do your best! ❤ ❤ ❤

“I’m trying not to be a piece of shit anymore.” - I love that line. I just do. It has a lot of weight to it. I had a blast making these little illustrations ‘cause Chapter 14 got me LIKE HAAAAAH !!!


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