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A few years ago, when I was struggling with my writing abilities and questioning every single word, phrase, and plot I came up with; I emailed a very talented woman. I knew that the chances of such a famous author such as Lois Lowry emailing me back were slim to none, but I still tried. And with my surprise, she emailed me back merely a week after my initial email. And she gave me her words of wisdom that have stuck me till this day and allowed me to go forward with my writing and grow as a person. 

“  The truth is if you are a writer, you will write.  Your writing may never see the light of day, but if you are a writer, you will write.  You won’t write for money or fame (although those can be a nice side effect of your work).  You write because you must write.  I am afraid it really is that simple.

Best of luck,

Lois Lowry “

That wasn’t the entire email, but it was the one part that I have treasured ever since. And it is entirely true. I don’t write for anyone but myself, and it has been the most rewarding. I’ve gotten multiple questions of how to get out there with your writing, but the truth is that it doesn’t matter. And it never will if the things you write are the things you want to read. 


-S. Renea

Definitely Tomorrow

It was just another busy day at the Daily Planet. There was the constant clicking of key boards, pens and pencils tapping against wood, and the phones’ insistent ringing. And it was all driving you crazy.

You weren’t a journalist. No, you were a photographer. One of the best around town. You’d already handed in your photos for the day and wanted to go home and maybe take a nap. You didn’t know why you ended up waiting nearly an hour -nothing could be worth this.

“Sorry that took so long,” your best friend, Lois Lane, huffed as she pulled on her purse. “Ready for dinner?”

Now you remembered why you had stayed so long.

“You’re paying right?”

When the two of you finally reached the diner just a few blocks over, nearly every seat was taken, save the booth no one wanted. It was thread bare and smelled like stale fries and the baking sun. But it was the only seat left. The both of you rushed to the booth.

Lois quickly flagged down a waitress and placed both of your usual orders. As soon as the waitress rushed to the counter she turned to face you with a sly look on her face.

“I heard you had an assignment with Clark this week,” Lois smiled wickedly. She knew about your crush on Clark.

“Yeah, I wonder how that happened.” You gave her a pointed look. Ever since you had told her about your slight crush on the reporter she had made it her business to  try to match you two up.

“It wasn’t me, I swear,” she laughed. “I only heard about it from one of the other girls. Do you know how upset I was when I didn’t hear it from you? Even Clark didn’t tell me.” Lois crossed her arms over her chest and gave you a knowing look. “Did you talk to him this time around?”

“Are you kidding me?” You nearly laughed. “I took one look at him and went straight to fiddling with my camera and taking pictures of anything that passed by.” You ran a hand through your hair. “I wasted so much film.”

Lois sighed. She didn’t see why you couldn’t just speak to the man. It wasn’t like she was making you ask him out -at least not yet anyway.

“Look,” she rested her arms on the table top, “I promised Clark I wouldn’t tell you, but he has a crush on you.” You gave her a dead eyed stare. “It’s true! Just this morning he was telling me how he thought you were ‘the prettiest person in the entire office -maybe even Metropolis.’ His words, not mine.”

You toyed with your fingers, trying to divert your attention. Too bad it wasn’t working. “Really? He said that?”


“You’re not lying?”

“Of course not!” Lois pretended to look offended. “Anyway, I managed to talk him into asking you out by Friday.”

“How’d you manage to do that?”

“It took a lot of convincing and a few threats -but nothing I couldn’t handle,” Lois waved it off. “So what are you going tell him?”

You grinned widely at your friend. “I’m obviously going to tell him yes!” Then a sudden realization washed over you. “Now I have to find something to wear!”

Little did the two of you know, Clark had taken a seat at the counter of the little diner. And while he was seated at the opposite side of the restaurant, he could still hear everything you said.

He would definitely ask you out tomorrow.

Working on chapter two of my Supergirl fanfic. I’m far too amused by my own writing and thought I’d share a scene. 


“How did Kitty Cat figure it out anyway?” asked Lois, studying Kara carefully, already trying to put the pieces of this puzzle together.

“I’m her personal assistant,” said Kara and then she sighed again, rubbing her eyes. “I mean, I was her personal assistant. She just promoted me to junior editor.” She looked at Lois wryly and said, “I’m not a writer like you or her. Nowhere close. But I love editing and getting a chance to guide and improve stories has been a wonderful experience. So far it’s been a good fit.”

Lois’ eyes went comically wide and she almost slipped off Diana’s lap. Pointing dramatically at Kara who blinked at this reaction, Lois exclaimed, “You’re THAT Kara?!” It was only Diana’s firm hands on her hips that managed to keep Lois in place. “Oh my god, you’re the last personal assistant standing.” Lois studied a now thoroughly baffled Kara like she was one of the seven wonders of the world. Something that didn’t happen when she only knew her as a super powered alien who had near god like powers. Scooting forward on Diana’s lap, Lois confessed in something akin to glee, “We call you Katniss, you know. Me and Perry. Because you somehow kept surviving the monthly reaping of Cat’s assistants. I was shocked when I found out she let you go last week.”


I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I think I finally figured out why these movies mean so much to me. This is going to long and rambling but I’ll do my best.

1. The relationship between Lois and Clark is so real and true. Not only do they show an older woman with a younger man, it’s okay that there is an age gap. For a long time, I thought it was weird when a girl was older than a boy and they were dating. Thanks to my sister and this movie, I’ve learned it’s okay. Additionally, they are so filled with love for each other. Lois gets a helicopter to make sure Clark is okay even when she knows she may not come out all right on the other side. Clark literally professes his love (slightly cliche) before getting killed. 

2. Women seem to be the center of the universe. Bruce is totally devastated by his mother’s death. He loves her and has such a strong connection to her that the mention of her name literally stops him in her tracks. Clark is a mama’s boy. He calls her for advice and sends her an engagement ring. Lois makes Superman, well, Superman. Amanda Waller creates Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman is a BAMF.

3. El Diablo. Look, I’m only 25% Hispanic but seeing a Latino on screen like we did in Squad (I won’t post spoilers) made me so happy to be Hispanic. They made his character so multi-layered. He wasn’t just typecast as the gangster or the drug dealer. He had real life characteristics and I can’t thank DC enough for giving us such an amazing Hispanic character. (The Spanish in the movie could use some work though).

4. They showed origins. Everyone knows the origin of Batman but no one shows it. We got to see how traumatic that was for Bruce. We also finally get to see why Supes doesn’t kill anyone. That is so vital to these characters.

5. The movies are dark and gritty. I enjoy Marvel movies because they make me laugh and everything works out in the end, but DC gives me the real life. They show me what superheroes and villains are really like and it makes everything worthwhile.

6. Diversity. I’ve had people ask me how DC is diverse when so many characters are still white. DC is trying to add POC into their films. They cast so many black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. characters into (some) roles that in the comics are white people. Seeing an Asian character and a Hispanic character and strong black men and women on the big screen is so damn important. Sure, these guys are bad guys but they show that there is more to them than just their deeds and the Justice League has 3 out of 6 characters as POC… Marvel has 0 out of 6.

7. Hope. Despite the dark, gritty tones of the movie, you feel hopeful at the end of every movie. At the end of MOS, that little smile Clark gives makes us feel protected and safe. At the end of BVS, the little heart beat makes us feel so hopeful. At the end of Squad, well you feel good. Every movie ends on an upbeat note despite the darkness of their reality.

8. Katana. I want more from this character and I really wish we had been given more of her, but she is everything. She is strong, smart, talented and still allowed to show emotions. She is grieving and yet she is still focused on the moment she’s in. And to see an Asian character as strong as her that isn’t stereotypical gives me all kinds of life.

9. Journalism. I’m a journalist and seeing journalism in action in two out of three DC movies is so cool. We get such a bad rap for doing (or not doing) our jobs and when movies cast us in a good light, it makes me happy.

10. They keep making movies. Fuck what the critics keep saying about these guys. I can’t wait for their films. Wonder Woman is going to break records. I’ll tell you that now. Thank you DC for being you.