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I don’t understand the fervor surround feminist frequency. They’re probably the best argument that gamers are mostly a group of over grown babies because Anita Sarkeesian straight up levied the most milquetoast feminist criticisms of fiction at video games and the whole community had a meltdown that still hasn’t ended. On the other hand, Feminist Frequency is so fucking milquetoast that absolutely nothing they say is interesting. It’s fucking white bread discourse. The only reason they stick around is because I think gamers make people stick to them out of spite.

Series Information

Completely written:
Winchester Losses- Mary comes back from the dead, when John is serious with you, forcing him to choose. Updated on Saturdays.
A Cajun and a Gamer- Sam and you have been best friends for years, both gamers. After Sam meets someone, your friendship is tested. Updates on Fridays.

Being Written:
Happily Ever After- Sequel to Runaway. Negan and you are raising your daughter, Gabby, together. Updates on Thursdays.
The Unknown Stark- Tony’s teenage daughter comes to live at Stark Tower.

Being Planned Out:
Being Neighborly- You and Benny are happily married with 2 kids. Or so it seems.

Aussies style before Winter! (Tava best guy tho)

Fan art Tava with his hot chocolate while Muselk tries to steal the spotlight as always there is Tyrodin in the background giving Zylbrad cup of coffee even thought Brad prefers Vodka much more :D