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The Master extended an inviting hand to the door. ‘It would be rude not to see who had summoned us. Shall we investigate?’
‘After you, dear fellow.’
‘No, I insist. After you.’
‘And leave you alone in here, even for a second? Not much chance of that.’
The Master chuckled and flung open the TARDIS door. ‘Universes will evaporate, before you and I change our ways.’
—  Harvest of Time

So there’s this man, he has a time machine. Up and down history he goes, zip, zip, zip, zip, zip, getting into scrapes. Another thing he has is a a passion for the works of Ludwig van Beethoven. And one day he thinks, ‘What’s the point of having a time machine if you don’t get to meet your heroes?’ So off he goes to 18th century Germany, but he can’t find Beethoven anywhere. No one’s heard of him. Not even his family have any idea who the time traveller is talking about. Beethoven literally… doesn’t exist. This didn’t happen by the way. I’ve met Beethoven. Nice chap, very intense. Loved an arm wrestle.

No, this is called the 'bootstrap paradox’. Google it.

The time traveller panics. He can’t bear the thought of a world without the music of Beethoven. Luckily he brought all of his Beethoven sheet music for Ludwig to sign. So he copies out all the concertos and the symphonies, and he gets them published. He becomes Beethoven. And history continues with barely a feather ruffled.

But my question is this - who put those notes and phrases together? Who really composed Beethoven’s 5th?


Doctor Who 9x04, Before the Flood

Appreciation of Series 9 » Favourite Quotes [4/13]

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Happy 245th Birthday, Ludwig van Beethoven!


If I run away today, good people will die. If I stand and fight, some of them might live. Maybe not many, and maybe not for long. Hey, you know, maybe there’s no point in any of this at all. But it’s the best I can do, so I’m going to do it. And I’ll stand here doing it till it kills me. You’re going to die too. Some day. How will that be? Have you thought about it? What would you die for?

“I had a friend once. We ran together when I was little. And I thought we were the same. But when we grew up, we weren’t. Now, she trying to tear the world apart, and I can’t run fast enough to hold it together.”

“We had a pact. Me and him. Every star in the Universe, we were going to see them all — but he was so busy burning them, I don’t think she ever saw anything.”


True happiness. Crying is not aways because of bad things, sometimes it means that  you just can’t hold your emotions and they flow out in form of a river of tears. Tears of happiness and joy and tears that will be marked into your soul. Unforgettable.