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please watch officially if you can!!! i understand in some situations you legitimately Cannot (i mean hey i’m not american and dont live there and also am a student without a tv license or anything to provide channels) but if you’re able to provide official views, please do!!! 

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Hey I know this is a weird question... But have you seen the video of Taekook like having a sneeze fight if that makes sense? Like Tae sneezes on JK and he just with zero hesitation sneezes right back at V. If you find it can you post it? Because I can't find it anywhere. I know this is a weird request lol

it is from THE BEST OF BTS DVD they released with the BEST OF BTS album in 2017. HERE is the clip :) i don’t have the full dvd video

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“It was a very physical shoot for me.  The stunt team is incredible on these movies, Sam Hargrave and my personal stunt double, Ralf Koch.  It was actually, the hardest thing for me was actually that I was handcuffed for so much of the movie […]  Even my fight scenes with like, in the tunnels with the lizards and everything, my hands were cuffed for a lot of the choreographing and for that fight work and everything so that was pretty challenging.”