best of donna paulsen

10+1 Times Donna Paulsen Stole the Show

1) That Time She Knew Everything

2) That Time She Strutted Through the Office

3) That Time She was Too Busy Being Awesome

4) That Time She Slapped Hardman

5) That Time She Knew She was Beautiful

6) That Time She Got Mike in the Door

7) That Time She Fixed Harvey’s Hair

8) That Time She Called Harvey on his Bullshit

9) That Time She and Harvey Were Like This

10) That Time She Fake Cried

+1) That Time She was Super Sassy

meghan markle: *rumored to leave the show*

ppl: well she’s a minor character so it’s ok who cares

meghan markle: been on the show since the pilot,portrays rachel zane,firm’s best parallegal and now one the best lawyers,worked her way up without the help of her father,has worked with jessica pearson on a case which saved a wrongfully accused man from the death penalty,worked on a case with her father which took down a powerful man who sexually harassed women,louis’s white swan and superstar,stands up to harvey when necessary,best friend of donna paulsen and fiance of mike ross

but sure whatever you say


let me guess, d o n n a  explained your feelings to you …

                                        m a y b e

h: “i know you’re there.”
d: “you need anything?”