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Theo Raeken X Reader

Word Count: 467

Requested: Anon

Request: Can you pls do a Theo R. imagine. Reader get pregnant cause she got raped(just mention it)she feel rlly dirty nd wants to abort the baby but Theo(her best friend)discovers she pregnant due to accidentally seeing the pregnancy test. He feels rlly sad cause he secretly loves her,when he ask her about it she confess to him she’s pregnant,how it happened,how she feel,he convince her to keep the baby nd say that he’ll take care of the baby like his own 2, he confess he love her with happy ending pls?

Warning - Teen Pregnancy, Reader was raped, talk of abortion

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Your hands shook as you looked at the pregnancy test, it was positive. You gulped feeling like something hand crawled into your body and made a home, you felt like it shouldn’t be there but couldn’t bring yourself to hate it enough. You knew that it was for the best that you get it aborted and you should do it before you thought too much into it, you heard a knock at the door and remembered that you were supposed to be hanging out with Theo today. You closed your eyes and took a breath calming yourself before walking to the door. “Hey (Y/N/N)!.. You alright?” Theo asked frowning.

“I’m fine.” You answered.
“You mind if I use your bathroom?” He asked and you shook you head looking over at him and smiling, your mind was somewhere else but you were trying desperately to remember what you both decided to do today.
“(Y/N)!” Theo called and you frowned you realised that he called you by your full name which he hadn’t done since you had become friends.
“Yeah?” Your answer and he walks on holding up the pregnancy test.
“What’s this?” He asked.
“Um…” Your throat dried up and he frowned, he smelt the anxiety rolling off of you in waves.
“(Y/N)?” He asked again stepping forward and you took a step back, he frowned. “W-what happened?”
“I…” You tried but you just shook your head. Theo slowly stepped forward and you looked at him, you trusted him, he was your friend always had been, he wouldn’t leave you, right? “I… was raped.” You whispered. Theo took in a sharp breath and all he wanted to do was hug you but he was scared that would make you feel uncomfortable to he pressed on with the subject.
“This is his baby?” Theo asked.
“I’m going to get an a-abortion.” You said, he frowned.
“You don’t really want to do that do you?” He asked.
“It’s okay to want her.” Theo smiled.
“Her?” You asked a small smile on her face.
“It’s a feeling.” Theo smiled. “If you want to keep her I’ll help you.”
“Really?” You asked shocked and now realising the small space between the both of you but you were the one that moved not Theo.
“Yeah, I’ve loved you since the day we met and I want to help you as best I can whether that be helping you raise her or helping you say goodbye to her… The choice is yours.”
“Thank you.” You smiled tears falling down your face, Theo gently reached out and wiped away your tears
“Decide later.” Theo smiled “but know she’ll be just as much mine as any other kid.”
“Thank you, Theo.” You repeated.
“I’ll be your support system,” Theo informed you.

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Here’s my take on Dante and Ari, when they first met, and then, as they slowly grew into young men.

Thank You

@crankgameplays it is currently 12:49 in the morning and i just really want to fucking say thank you. I came across your channel a little less then a year ago. When i cam across you i was really shy, never talked to anyone, scared to make new friends, and very very self conscious. Then one night at like 3 in the morning i said to my self, “I want to get into a new gamer on youtube” so i grabbed my laptop and went to youtube and searched Gamers. Your channel was the 5th one to show up. I clicked on it and watched your newest video at the time. The static speaks your name. I had no idea what this game was but i said fuck it and watched it. The game was so emotional i started to tear up. When you finished it, you gave a little speech like you always do in more serious videos. What you said moved me so much i started crying. I wasn’t in the best place when i discovered your channel. I was really depressed and just wasn’t happy with anything i did. Then i found you and fell in love with your videos. They always make me smile and laugh my ass off. Now today, i am really hyper and energetic and i’m always happy. Ethan, just thank you so much for everything you have done not only for me, but everyone in th community. Stay Cranky for as long as you can because that is what makes Ethan Nestor…well Ethan Nestor. You are so amazing Ethan please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I love you so much, the community loves you so much. Keep up the amazing work on your videos. Stay Cranky! <3


starting on some lord of the files for my lit classes next year📓☕️🌿

quick tips for lit students

1. print the PDF of your lit;
I don’t know how many of you guys already do this and I’m just the idiot who never figured it out (which is probably the case) but PDFs are so helpful.
I’ve been trying to squeeze in all my notes in class into the tiny spaces of my lit books for the past 2 years; writing on the PDF is just so much easier.

2. Look for teacher’s guides online!
yes it does sound a little like cheating; but this is one of the best things I’ve discovered so far. the themes that your Teachers will be most likely exploring would be in those guides, so try your best to follow them as closely as possible.

hoped that helped-even just a little!

Went from looking at rings, planning everything, basing my whole life around you,
to just simply existing day by day, making all the changes I can make. But this time, they are for me & not for you.

I even told my therapist about how once I started taking care of myself, despite how sad I am, so many wonderful people have made their way into my life.

& I used to think, “but I lost the most wonderful of them all..”

I didn’t lose you though. You’re still here, in this book, in my words, & in my songs. & I’m in them too.

You were my go to, you were my home. & in a way, you still are. Except, you’re not inside. You’re just the map that guides me back.

- added thoughts to “Short And Simple” by R.M. Drake (via stayradnotsad)

They could put it off for a while, maybe even until after they start dating, but sooner or later Kobayashi is going to have to introduce Tohru to her parents. There’s really two routes to take that. The first is to create a cover story for Tohru, try to play off her quirks as a foreigner, do their best not to get discovered and rely on the fact that Kobayashi isn’t close with her parents to avoid more scrutiny. The other, better option, is for Kobayashi to show up to her parents’ house riding a giant green dragon and going “mom, dad, I’d like you to meet my girlfriend”.

Then, after they get past the initial shock, a second dragon appears.

“Oh yeah, and your new granddaughter”.



Look at where we stand
Bitter hearts and empty hands
I don’t wanna walk alone anymore
It’s cold on the floor, used to be warm

How To Know If You’re Actually In Love With Your Best Friend

Summary: Where Yuri discovers something he probably shouldn’t have on Otabek’s computer, and how he has a sudden harrowing realization.

Pairing: Otayuri

Part: one of one

Word Count: 978

The first thing Yuri noticed about Otabek’s room was that it was the complete opposite to his own.

He had been staying in Almaty with Otabek for about a week, and had two more to go before he’d have to go back to Russia to continue training with Lilia and Yakov (he could admit, he thought Yakov would have had a heart attack by now, considering how angry he was all the time). He wanted to make the most of his time with his best friend, but he knew just to sit in his room and talk to him about nonsense was perfect.

It was the first Friday night of his visit, and Yuri and Otabek were playing Mortal Kombat (they had already challenged each other in Fifa and Forza; Mortal Kombat was the deciding round) in the dim light of the lamp on Otabek’s bedside table. Yuri was yelling, getting excited as his best friend’s health bar was getting low, but cursed when he suffered a fatal blow and a fatality. “Come on, Beka, that’s not fair!”

Otabek shrugged, pushing his controller aside and giving Yuri a cocky smirk. “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” He laughed as Yuri pouted, crossing his arms across his chest and refusing to accept that he had to drink an entire bottle of weak whisky. “I think it’s time, Yura.”

Violently shaking his head, Yuri desperately thought of something else to decide the winner, and lit up as he had an idea. “One arm wrestling match. That’s all I’m asking for! Whoever loses that has to drink the whisky.”

“In other words,” Otabek rolled his eyes. “All that time we wasted playing video games was all for naught.” Yuri nodded, and the shorter Kazakh sighed, giving into the bright smile on his friend’s face. “Fine, but I am stronger than you. You’re gonna be the one drinking that whisky.”

“Whatever you say, Beka.”

They pulled out Otabek’s dusty guitar amp to rest their arms on and got ready, holding each others hands and giving each other competitive glares. They both counted down from three, and stayed in the same spot as they both tried their hardest to overpower each other.

Yuri was desperate. He hated alcohol, especially whisky, and refused to lose against Otabek. He always lost against him. Since Barcelona, he hadn’t won a single gold at a Grand Prix Final, while Otabek won silver or gold. He always beat him, and Yuri was sick of it. Maybe he was overreacting (it was just a friendly competition they came up with while they watched the sunset from Otabek’s roof), but it was important to him.

Yuri knew that if he wanted to win, he’d have to play dirty. He tried to think of a way to distract his best friend, observing the flustered expression on his face before thinking of something (it was stupid, but it had to work).

He leaned forward, his blonde hair that fell past his shoulders falling to the sides of his face. He continued to push against Otabek’s grip (he noticed it became weaker for only a moment as his face was only an inch from the Kazakh), and placed a kiss on Otabek’s forehead, shocking him and making his confident demeanor falter. Yuri took it to his advantage and won the match, cheering and smirking. “Fuck yeah! Looks like I’m not gonna be drinking that whisky, Beka!”

A blush tinted Otabek’s cheeks, and he stood up and spluttered a bit in protest. “T-that’s not fair, Yura!”

“Don’t hate the player,” Yuri smirked, towering above his best friend by a head’s length. “Hate the game.”

The whisky took full affect of Otabek not an hour later, and he had crashed onto his king sized bed. Yuri tilted his head, a quick chuckle erupting from his throat. He scratched the back of his neck and tried to pick up Otabek so he could straighten his position. He threw a blanket over him, as the cold was at it’s worst at night, and threw the few discarded chip packets that were scattered across the floor into the bin in the corner of the room. He sat at Otabek’s desk and started closing tabs and the game of Overwatch he had been kicked from for inactivity. As Yuri closed the tabs he had open on chrome, two of them caught his eye.

The first one was a google search for do i have feelings for my best friend. The second was a buzzfeed article called How To Know If You’re Actually In Love With Your Best Friend. There were checkpoints, and Yuri read through all of them, his eyes becoming wide as he read each one of them.

1. You constantly defend your friendship to others.
2. You trust them more than anyone else.
3. You take care of them whenever they’re feeling under the weather.
4. You notice every single detail about them.
5. You act like your realest self around them.
6. You talk about everything and anything with them
7. You spend holidays together.
8. You’ve stayed friends through all of life’s stages.

Yuri couldn’t breathe. Every point was true. The amount of times he had to tell Mila that they were only friends. The secrets they shared. The soup he’d make whenever Otabek felt sick. The way he’d observe every freckle and imperfection on Otabek’s face. He wasn’t the Russian Punk around him. They talked about their family, and their fears, and what they loved. Every break or holiday he got, it was spent with Otabek. Even after he was depressed, Yuri stayed by Otabek’s side.

Realization dawned on Yuri, hitting him like a train. It felt as though everything he had grown accustom to (his friendship and trust in Otabek) was collapsing around him.

He was in love with his best friend.

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It’s funny how real life has a way of happening very, very fast…

That said, I’ll try to have a comic update on monday! For now, have a pic of the reference model I sculpted of Papyrus’ blaster! I’ll admit I got a tad carried away…

So fun fact, any time I feel sad or overwhelmed I go over to Instagram or Facebook and find pictures of things people have made and are enthusiastic about. And then I just leave a lot of nice comments.

Admiring people’s creations and supporting their excitement about them just make me feel so much better. It’s a silly coping mechanism but it works. Today I’m letting all of these people who made Star Wars costumes know that they look amazing and powerful and the lighting is perfect and that costume must have been so much work but it’s gorgeous! Then I’ll probably move onto the #IMadeIt tag and just tell everyone who made candles or dinner or a skirt that their stuff is spectacular. Because it is. And it makes me happy.

This is seriously the best coping mechanism I’ve discovered so far. Who can be sad while looking at a homemade collection of little dolls? Or a really pretty loaf of bread? Or a purse that looks like a foxes face? Not me!