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Stark Reunions - 6.04 / 7.03 / 7.04

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Gotham/Tales From The Crypt Parallels: Edward Nygma and The Crypt Keeper + Bone-Saw

“Wanna play doctor? Then open wide and say ‘AHHHHHHH!'” *evil laughter*

a-tardis-in-turkey  asked:

I think one of the best parts of the crypt scene was definitely that whilst you could see the rage growing in Jon when LF said he loved Sansa, he truly became furious when little finger said that he loved her like he loved Cat. Jon knows that LF 'loved' Cat in a romantic manner and him saying that is what stepped over the line. If he had said 'like a daughter' I reckon he still would've been pissed, but not to that extent. Protectiveness or Jealously, either way, I love it!

I…I…. have literally nothing to add. You’ve hit the nail on the head there my friend. At least that’s how I read and interpreted that GLORIOUS rage-warrior-kitten scene!
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Arthur and Clark find the best thing on Earth in each other. Of course, life is never so simple.

@drenched-in-sunlight HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you enjoy this gift based from that gif😂 Cheers to you and AquaSupes🥂🍾🎂