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can u imagine dean hasn't even told his husband that he loves him smh he's probably going to do it in season 13 and that's what's going to bring cas out of any possible mind-controlling and then it's going to be really emotional. smh.

Anonymous said:i can’t believe i said “imagine”, i meant to say “believe” rip i’m so awkward, sorry about that D:

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Though honestly Dean gave Cas a mixtape, i think he thinks he said I love you to Cas… He just didn’t check with Cas that he knew what it meant… And if Cas knew what it meant, that Dean definitely meant it to be taken that way… And after Cas tried to give it back, to explain properly. 

But yeah he better take a second go at it with actual words next year >:|

I don’t know if Cas will be brainwashed or not next season - I mean no one really knows - but I think our Cas is on a certain journey where he can’t really progress if he’s brainwashed and he’s suffered so much from lack of agency that he’s rarely been able to deal with things and progress. The show finally seems to be ready to start tidying up characters and sorting them out properly, like how Dean finally concluded his arc that had been going on since season 9 (and general character stuff since the first episode ever), so I hope Cas is going to get to make more progress, and this was a quick escalation through various points for him because you CAN deal with all his stuff in a season but he gets nearly half the episodes Sam and Dean do, and if he’s brainwashed that’s even fewer. They’re probably going to have to deal with whatever Jack caused between them, but I don’t know if he’ll completely make off with Cas again with circumstances very different after he’s born. 


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“Wanna play doctor? Then open wide and say ‘AHHHHHHH!'” *evil laughter*