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The signs Owari no Seraph best friend

Aries: Shinoa Hiiragi

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Taurus: Crowley Eusford

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Gemini: Yoichi Saotome

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Cancer: Guren Ichinose

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Leo: Mitsuba Sanguu

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Virgo: Ferid Bathory

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Libra: Lacus Welt

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Scorpio: Shihou Kimizuki

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Sagittarius: Mikaela Hyakuya

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Capricorn: Shinya Hiiragi

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Aquarius: Krul Tepes

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Pisces: Yuuichirou Hyakuya

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Thoughts on episode 12x12 (SPN)

Okay, this is the third time I’m doing this (it’s gonna be a thing, I think)… Sorry again! I just need to write my thoughts down… I promise I’ll keep it short this time! But after this episode, I just can’t, I just can’t go to bed like that x)

  • FIRST OF ALL, DESTIEL. It’s officially canon. I don’t care what they say, it’s REAL. And it’s happening. I mean, we have : 

- As always Cas saying “you’re my family” but also an actual “I LOVE YOU”. HE ACTUALLY SAID THE WORDS. I REPEAT HE ACTUALLY SAID THE WORDS. And the fact he needed to clarify “I love all of you” right after shows that the first “I love you” was meant for Dean! Also the camera is directly pointing at Dean at that moment and it’s for a GOOD REASON, guys. They wanted us to understand (like if we wouldn’t have guessed it anyway, you know). They wanted to make it clear and obvious. Well done. 

- Dean saying “let’s go home”. I MEAN. WHAT EVEN? ? ? 

- Mary officially recognizing Cas as her son (in laws???) : “One of my boys almost died”. She’s aware of the love between Dean and Cas. SHE KNOWS. She fucking knows what’s going on. And so do we! 

  • THEN, LUCIFER IS BACK. LUCI♥ PLAYED BY MARK. Is this my birthday? ? ? Like I can’t believe it’s happening.I loved Mark and even if it doesn’t make any sense, I don’t care. I’m just so fucking happy.
  • THE COLT IS BACK. THAT FUCKING GUN WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME. But, like, how? Why did Crowley have the colt in the first place? What the actual fuck? WE NEED ANSWERS. Btw, Crowley rules!
  • Poor Mary. I know she’s keeping secrets and she shouldn’t cause we all know how that’s gonna end, but I still love her so much and I’m quite sad to see all that hatred against her. Like, she had her reasons. She feels like she’s doing the right thing. In her mind, she’s saving people.  Look, Mary is a lot of things but damn, she’s not stupid. She knows she can’t trust the british men of letters. But she feels like by working with them she’ll do more than just solving one case every two weeks. You can say whatever the hell you want about the british men of letters, they have weapons and money and they can provide things she can’t get by herself. You think they’re using her? No, bitch, she’s using them. And she knows that. In my opinion, Mary is still a badass.
  • And Sammy… I think people forget to talk about Sam. He was so funny at the beginning only caring about the wifi! XD #le I loved how he’s still checking on Mary to see if she’s holding on. What a cutie.


You Are Worthy - Crowley x Reader

Note: Ok, so I grouped a couple requests in this fic because they were similar and I didn’t want to have multiple fics of almost the same thing…so I hope you all enjoy. ;) Oh yeah! And I tried a new thing with POV switching, it was kind of different than what I usually do.

Warnings: Mention of sex, heated kissing…that’s about it…

Word Count: 2446


1) @maleficentmacleod: Can you do Crowley x reader 12 and 28

“I think we need to talk.” and “Marry me?”

2) @maleficentmacleod: Can you do reader is in love with Crowley and they are dating Rowena finds out and places a curse on the reader instead of love for him she hates him but she doesn’t understand why Crowley finds out and gets super pissed


“Yes, love.” You heard his voice echo from down the hall.

“Do you know where I put my knife?” You yelled out, rummaging through the drawer.

“You mean this one?” You heard a deep voice come from behind you. You whipped around to see your lover in his expensive black suit leaning against the door frame, twirling the sleek black knife between his fingers.

You walked up to him, “Yes,” you breathed as you took the knife out of his grasp and put it in the sheath on the side of your thigh. “This one.”

“Found it on my desk,” Crowley’s voice drawled.

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Anything for You - Crowley x Reader

Requested by @devsfan55

Request: Would love a bit of Crowley h/c. Reader is sick, fever/flu etc and Crowley comes to the fluffy rescue? Please? :)

“No, Y/N. You can’t come, you’re sick. Stay here.” Dean said sternly.

“I’m fine, Dea-” you tried to counter, but was cut off by a fit of coughs.

“My point exactly. You’re staying here.” Dean said gruffly before grabbing his duffle bag and walking out the door to the Impala waiting in the garage.

“Dean’s right, Y/N.” Sam said to you while putting a hand on your shoulder. “You’re really sick, we don’t want it to get worse. Get some rest.”

“But, Sammyyy,” your hoarse voice whined.

“Sorry, Y/N.” Sam said while grabbing his laptop bag and heading towards the door. “If you need anything, don’t hesitate to call!”

“Dammit,” You mumbled. “Oh well. Was worth a try…” You sighed while walking towards your room.

Might as well get some sleep.

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