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  « It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons »  - J.R.R. Tolkien


Best of 2016 Countdown #5 :: Fra Fee brought impossibly more joy. [ 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15  ]

Fra had a typically well-rounded and radiant year, finishing in As You Like It at the National before performing the lead in The Fix, working with the Barricade Boys, leading musical theatre workshops and other classes in Northern Ireland, performing in holiday concerts, and of course joining the cast of the new Wind in the Willows tour as finally the actual charming woodland creature he so often seems. He also won this year’s award for best dealing with children and animals, and being the life of every possible party.


extra Taeil’s never been so extra ^^

Signs as Let’s Play Channels

Aries - The Creatures
Taurus - Vinesauce
Gemini - Seananners
Cancer - Markiplier
Leo - Achievement Hunter
Virgo - Two Best Friends Play
Libra - TheRPGMinx
Scorpio - CaptainSparklez
Sagittarius - Yogscast
Capricorn -  Game Grumps
Aquarius - Jacksepticeye
Pisces - Cryaotic

The Chase

Jack stumbled and fell to the ground with a thud. He grunted as a shock of pain went through his twisted ankle. He turned to see if the figure of his torment was still behind. The shadowy creature that was following him drew closer.
“Dammit” he growled as he scrambled to his feet. He continued to limp away as fast as he could muster.
“Jack” came a deep but echoed voice from behind him “it’s futile to run from me. I will catch you”
Jack tried his best to ignore the creature and the pain still shooting through his leg. His breath was becoming ragged, he’d forgotten how long he’d been running for. He questioned why this was happening. Then he remembered. Mark. It had Mark trapped. Now it was after him.
“Yer in a tight spot here, eh, Jackaboy?”
Jack gasped as he heard a new voice but this one wasn’t coming from the outside. It was coming from within his own head. It’s tone was excitable but distorted.
“No, not you again. Get lost!” He said quietly.
The voice let out a cackle.
“Aw now that’s not very nice.”
Jack felt a sudden wave of nausea which forced him to stop running. He crouched behind a fallen tree and tried his best to ride out the feeling.
“Get out of my head!” He closed his eyes and concentrated. In his mind he saw a glow.

A figure that bared a striking resemblance to himself emerged from the darkness. This creature had a slightly darker green dye in his hair and one eye that glowed a bright green. His teeth were sharp and he flashed them in a maniacal grin towards Jack.
“Can’t do that.” He said through his confident smile “besides, ya gonna need me to help ya.”
“What?” Asked Jack
“Listen, that thing followin’ ya, that’s a demon like yours truly. ” The creature jerked a thumb towards it’s chest “Yer old pal Mark’s been harbourin’ a dark side too and he’s got a name: Dark. One of the oldest bastards goin’”
“What do ya mean, Anti?”
Anti’s smile grew wider.
“I mean he’s powerful.” He cracked his knuckles “and I wanna have a shot at him. Whaddya say, Jackaboy? Lemme take over for a bit, it’s not like ya can take him on. Ya can’t even run fast with that ankle o’ yours.”

Jack gritted his teeth. He knew Anti was right, his injury was hindering him and he didn’t stand a chance against a demon.
Anto tapped his foot impatiently. He could sense Dark getting ever closer.
“Don’t rush me!” Snapped Jack. “Ya caused havoc last time I lost control!”
Anti shrugged
“That was just a bit of fun” his expression hardened “but this is survival. I can’t be havin’ you die. I can’t be arsed to find a new vessel just yet.”
Jack frowned. Anti’s words didn’t bring any comfort but then again they never did. He sighed as he came to his decision.
“Fine. Just do what ya need to do but I get control back as soon as yer done”
He reached out his right hand, he knew Anti would have to take it to let him take over but he also knew had would be forced to follow the condition that came with it.
“Didn’t leave that uncovered huh?"Anti sneered. His body stiffened, Dark was mere meters away now. "Fine then” he took Jacks hand with his own and shook it.

Dark gave a low chuckle when he leaned over to see a tuft of green hair behind a fallen tree.
“I told you I’d catch you, Jack” he reached down to grab Jack’s arm but was surprised to see his wrist caught in a strong grip. “What’s this?”
Jack stood up and opened his eyes. One was bright blue while other glowed a lime green. A sharp toothed smile greeted the demons red eyes.
“Ya can’t have him.” Said Anti “It’s bit late to take his soul.”
Dark swiftly got out of Anti’s hold.
“You little upstart! Growled Dark as he balled his hands into fists. "You’ll pay for this!”
Anti leapt onto the trunk fallen tree and beckoned Dark to attack him.
“Let’s see what ya got, old man”

What do you call Inktober that does not use ink? What do you call a monthly challenge in October with Legend of Zelda?

This month I’m working on Linktober, but since I don’t want to do ink this year Its a 30 day challenge Linktober. FREESTYLE!

First on the list is a spider, so I chose Gohma. I already know that a spider has 8 legs and its spelled Gohma not Gorhma. But this is Legend of Zelda done my way… So be prepared for Legend of Zelda, RA (Red Alchemy) edition!

Day, 1 Gorhma, The hookshot guardian

Gorhma here is the guardian of the Hookshot, its body and legs are built for the purpose of clinging and winching itself to different targets. The reward for besting such a creature I leave to your imagination.

Ok but my cat?? Is the softest creature to ever walk this earth??? She’s too precious I don’t deserve her (ㄒoㄒ)

Sithmas Countdown 2016 - Day 2: Loth-cat + jinglebells

It’s time again for the kitschy festive thing where I do daily star wars characters + winter stuff! More here! Join in and tag your work as #sithmas.

The fuzzball cat/ferret/griffon critters that Star Wars Rebels gave us are honestly one of the best creature additions to Star Wars ever. I love them.

Chewing on it, I felt like there needs to be a term for the particular kind of slightly irreverent fantasy basically spawned by D&D. The kind that includes elves and dwarves and orcs, but also near-unique critters like tieflings, half-elves, half-orcs, and drow, which has different humanoids mingling together way more than more serious fantasy stories, that has embedded tropes about paladins and priestly healers and shapeshifting druids and the sorcerer/wizard distinction.

Preferably, the term would move away from the specific set of game mechanics that spawned the genre, so I’d rather avoid “D&D fantasy”.

“High fantasy” is a broad term that covers this genre, but also a bunch of others.

“Tolkienesque” isn’t quite right; that implies a certain gravitas and span of history that D&D has discarded, plus D&D orcs and so on have moved away from Tolkien’s mold.

But you know what creature best embodies the weird wonder of this type of fantasy?

The most archetypically D&D monster of them all: Fucking owlbears.

From now on, I pledge to refer to this particular genre of fantasy as “owlbear fantasy”, and I encourage everyone else to do the same.