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So we’re coming to the end of 2015, it’s been a year… It’s had ups and downs but it’s coming to a close either way. What I do know without a doubt is how much of a positive impact all of you and your wonderful posts and reblogs have had over the last 12 months. I’ve never exactly grown to know anyone in other fandoms as I have people in the Person of Interest and Orphan Black where I started out with this blog but that doesn’t matter because none of them have had the welcome these two have had. 

Anyway, I won’t clog your dash with that much sappyness, but, I’m just glad to say that I’ve met some wonderful people here and made new friendships that I hope will grow stronger in the New year. So here’s to you my 100 followers? (how did we get here? I don’t know, but hey we made it! Good job!) Thank you for being wonderful, and I hope the best for all of you in 2016.

Honourable mentions: @thebadgerqueen Cassie how could I not put you here? My wonderful heartbreaking friend who likes to send me emotional plots to wake up to. Such a wonderful friend and partner in feels-breaking crime. You’re the best, I love you. // @officiallyfrisk CATBUG, HAHAHAAHA I’ve dragged you into POI hell with me and I’m not letting you escape. Oh god we’re going to have such a riot with this one. >;) // @kcatwrites Kcat, where to begin besides what a year we’ve had I’m so glad that you’re a friend and such a great writer! It’s an inspiration to read anything you write so keep doing it. // @hellahairflip Twin! What a year with so many great adventures in London, Italy and theme parks. May our travels and cracker taking from old Italian grandmas continue. // @drowning–slowly Saaam, Sam it’s been how long now? Years since I’ve met you and we’ve had such great times I hope you’re always around because you make me laugh so much. PLUS STARKID. //  @little-jellyfishes Claire you wonderful person. Another favourite to write with, you’re amazing and your accent is so adorable.

@ohcurtains Jas! One of my favourite people to talk to and blogs to see on the dash, you deserve the best of everything coming in the new year. Merry Christmas m’dear! // @marcus-kane Lauren, Lauren my wonderful Kabby shipping and Bear McCreary loving friend who I can always count on when I need to yell about my love for Black Sails or just OSTs in general. // @justanartefact Jess, Jess, Jess! I could go on for how glad I am we started talking, your commentary on the fic just ugh, I have no words for how much your support and kindness means to me. Plus you live in one of my favourite countries, how much more awesome can you get? // @rootcode (this glitched but I’ve just fixed it) it was an absolute pleasure to watch your descent into love with Root and I’m glad you enjoyed the show as much as everyone else I know has. Merry Christmas!  // @trishicasjones We haven’t really talked much but I always see you on my activity and it’s always a pleasure to see your posts :D // @thechildofthemoon Vickie, my fellow comic book fan, Spallen shipper and AC fanatic. Probably one of my first friends in the fandom when I joined it’s always a pleasure to talk to you. // @superles-n7 Paula! Another friend with adorable animals, my go-to person when I’m in need of screaming about the new Assassin’s Creed DLC (my heart still hurts) and I should also thank you for helping me create this fic idea and turning it from an idea into a reality! // @sh00t Krista! The blog with all the greatest collection of POI meta along with such a wonderful person behind it. You deserve the best in the future and I hope you achieve everything you aim to. // @tinygrumpshaw another person with a great taste in fandoms, POI, ATLA/LOK, Penny Dreadful to name a few who puts up with my odd occasional rambling about Evie Frye. Also a wonderful writer who deserves all the awards for her Shawcentric fic, like seriously it’s incredible.

This got stupidly long I’m so sorry aha, so I’m going to put this under a readmore from here.

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Catbug is the adorable pet that hangs out in the Bravest Warrior’s invisible hideout. Every little thing Catbug says is filled to the brim with cuteness. So sit back and enjoy the best lines of Catbug.

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