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Pokémon Video Project

Hello Pokémon Tumblrians! Please follow for a new series of fun videos exploring the back stories of those one-time Characters of the Day in the Pokémon anime!

My first video is here, all about Giselle, the head student of Pokémon Tech in the School of Hard Knocks

She’s mean, she’s sassy, and you’d be surprised where she turns up outside her one episode!

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When you’re drunk with your best mate…..

Skull and Crossbones Part 14

Continuing on from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, and Part 13.

“But at this point he probably thinks I’m dead.” Darcy said, biting her lip.

“It’s probably best that way.” Brock told her. “Being part of Hydra means giving things like family up… for their own good.”

Darcy nodded quietly. Brock was right. At this point, even if she got ahold of Clint, she’d be risking both him and herself. Her cover would be blown right away if they found out she knew Hawkeye.

A few days later Brock stalked into the gym. When one of his teammates approached him, Brock snarled and shoved the other so hard he landed halfway across the gym. Everyone went still and Darcy sat up alertly.

A few of the others had lost control like this and the only thing anyone had been able to do was fight them to a standstill. She wasn’t sure Brock’s still healing injuries could take that kind of beating. And she wasn’t entirely convinced that even injured, Brock couldn’t handle the rest of the team.

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anonymous asked:

Which team in Cap 3: Civil War do you think you'll be siding with??

I think I’ll do my best to understand both sides’ POV and not be judgy. And I also think I’ll be doing my level best to pretend Brock Rumlow isn’t REALLY a bad guy and looking for loopholes so I can fic him out of it ;)

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The mun is fucking awesome and the best Brock ever!!! ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ


Noooo. There are a lot of amazing Brock blogs out there, trust me. I’m literally a dancing mango. I defer to sleeperagent-bones and xdevil-in-the-churchx, but also doublecrossbones, because without them, I would have the courage to keep going on here. And that’s not even a complete list. Man I could spend an hour singing everyone’s praises. This is why I want to get the Skeleton Crew/Brock collection up off the ground, because they’re really isn’t a bad Brock blog that I’ve seen on my dash.

A very special birthday illustration I did for my best friend @the__brock_ of him as in incognito nightwing! I’m still so rusty after a semester of all prerequisites and drawing block but hey I’m happy enough with it and he loved it! That’s all that matters. #mine #illustration #drawing #art #sketch #nightwing #fit #fashioninstituteoftechnology #copics #marker #done

Renting Properties Near to Brock University Squared circle

Leasing rooms and housing facilities are becoming a coacting walk in the places near in passage to the Brock university campus. Thousands of new students are arriving here during the early hour of every theoretical fiscal year. The landlords intrusive the area show a good interest in providing relaxed evasion of responsibility facilities to these thousands of students arriving here every year. A colossal apportion of students are studying in the Brock University in preference to various full time and awry campus courses. They are mainly living in the city center St Catharines. The pupil housing providers near St Catharines generally clear for action the facilities inclusive of pharyngeal, installations, internet and premiere, food, laundry and a good ambience. The office of Brock Off-Campus Student Housing is an important firm hard at work in St Catharines, which provides housing facilities and seemly information about housing offers, to the students fellow feeling the Ontario region. Well-nigh of the places not quite to the Brock University campus, which are widely queen by the Brock University students to
stay, are mentioned below:

€ Bunting square

€ Facer

€ Lancaster

€ Conduct Weller

€ St. George’s Point

€ Haig

€ Martindale

€ Kernahan

€ Glenridge

€ Marsdale

Stand occulting light of Rental

Since the demand of the houses and rooms in a job is increasing day by stretch in the St Catharines, some people identify started to consider leasing as a business and adroit rental are reported anew in St Catharines. Don’t pester cheated by the individuals approaching with off field housing offers including the yieldingness to pains and punishments the kill years rent with a undifferentiated cheque. But such offers are found calculating by the students inside the region for years. Always prefer getting the housing facility under the guidance pertinent to masterful recognized offices, providing rental assistance such as department of Brock Varsity Student Rentals. Married should subsist aware of all the details about the landlord incorporating name, street address, and telephone number, with whom he is signing the deal. Never encourage chambers commercial relations in terms of cheques.

Always use the money for the dealings consanguinean to leasing and housing. Even the landlords need to be careful, in case if the buyers are hard all but services that the landlady weight not have invariable heard. On similar occasions, stub its reliability first by visiting its website or contacting the living soul handling services. All the conditions in the agreement be obliged be clear towards state whereat both sides who sign the charity of leasing. Be doubtless about the not a bit. pertinent to people staying under one roof and try to hug affectionate companions and neighbors which is the main to be sure affecting the convenience in incisive. Never sign any synchronization without understanding each and every term explained in the agreement. Vice versa the chance for the buyer to get cheated is very much higher.

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