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The Annual Horsblr Drama Recap: 2016 edition

January: “Unbranded”: promoting the mustang? or just a group of stupid thrill seeking college kids knowingly putting their horses lives in danger? “Take your rich bitch money and fat mouth elsewhere”:  The “If you say everyone needs a trainer, you’re elitist” mantra.  The State of America: Judge Qualifications.  Horse Slaughter: livestock animal, best friend, or both? ALERT: Police on high alert after the word “piaffe” was mentioned by an unqualified individual. Those unintentional suicide jokes.  What brand is your bridle? Our experts weigh in on what your bridle says about your financial status.  LDR vs Rolkur, AGAIN… The Facts: Is there a correlation between liking a certain breed and preferring a certain style of horse management? 

February:  Conspiracy: Theveganmothership and Banallequinesports are the same person.  NEWSFLASH: putting stallions in the same area so they can sort out their hierarchy under the careful eyes of their owners is abusive and disgusting.  “jfc Janet BAIL is what you have when you are in jail and BALE is what hay is in.  Learn to fckn spell”  Halters: Nylon vs. Leather?  Safety vs. Aesthetics?  Helmet Girl strikes again!  Weighted tails, weighted bits, and other training nonsense.     

March:  Real Talk: is it Horseblr or Horsblr? Arthur’s absolutely appalling joke of a browband.  Some interesting A circuit hunters drama that had something to do with burn marks??  Do we or do we not want barrel racers to wear helmets with cowboy hat attachments: safety vs aesthetics part 2.  “My daddy bought me an import and I only see it once a month”.  The bald face debate. Salt against saddleseat. Dogblr vs Horsblr: Cesar Milan edition.  The Pénélope Leprevost incident. 

April:  Can horses be assholes on purpose?  Barrel Racing and Dressage:  Are the two disciplines on equal grounds?  Bits in the Hunter Ring: What the riders don’t want you to see.  BREAKING NEWS: Witnesses say a photo of an average quarter horse preforming  piaffe circulated created uproar among dressage enthusiasts convinced that only warmbloods are capable of such movements. Australia’s ridiculous National Security laws and what they have to do with not vaccinating your horse.  Animal welfare concerns: clipping horses for the winter.  NEW INFO: Lainey Ashker killed her horses!

May:  Famous self proclaimed horseman Clinton Anderson flips a horse over: Was it preventable?  TONIGHT ON 7 NEWS: Horsblr’s collective obsession with the piaffe.  Vague blogging at its finest.  You can’t take your horse out on hacks unless you have exposed them to every single possible flight response trigger, otherwise, you suck.  Double twisted wire bits on Hunter ponies: Hot or not?  If you use two saddle pads, you are the DEVIL.  The saga continues: Tear Lainey’s dressage skills apart but Edward Gal is untouchable.

June:  Mares vs. Geldings.  Proper ‘Eq’: What happened to shoulder hip heel? Dogblr weighs in: Adopting vs. Buying. 

July:  Exposing your young horse to show jumping: ABUSE.  Page 45, section 4, subsection 5, paragraph 2 of Hunter barn ‘eq’tiquette dictates that you can’t drink water during lessons… (its a sign of weakness)  Also, page 27, section 2 says that praising your horse before leaving the ring is frowned upon and points may be deducted. Falsterbo Horse Show footage.  Clinton Anderson’s “death to tree huggers” video controversy.  

August: CWD Female Saddle: Sexist? or does since and physiology back their products up?  Stronger bits for stronger horses: an indicator for lack or training.  RIO 2016 ~ super cresty lusitanos, Adeline Cornellisen scratches mid test (what a hero) Country of Origin Bias: Kittel vs Ward.  Vulture squad vs. Bench bitches??? 

September:  Spanking your horse: acceptable or barbaric?  Negative Reinforcement: a  non-aversive, magical method of communication between you an your horse <3.  Our readers weigh in on how your sex life may correlate with how you handle horsblr discourse. 

October:  “People who can’t afford to take quality care of their pets have every right to continue to own their animals”.  Polo wraps are always a valid reason to start drama.

November:  Donald Trump is elected…  On barn dogs and which ones to shoot.  WHAT KIND OF SQUASH IS THAT?!  Poor horse folk outraged and left feeling bitter after Cylana sold to young rider for 3 million USD.  Attention: There is only one true way to lunge your horse, only one, thats it.  The chaff discourse. 

December: Barrel racing Instagram equestrians and futurity shit.  “Kicking Your Horse in the Chest for Refusing to Jump and other Tantrums”.  Personal opinion posts taken way too far.  Pro-anas infiltrate horseblr.  Hoof Crack Treatment Discourse.  Gettin Salty: Dutch Harness Horses.  Biting and Aggression: Best Plan of Action? “Wow I cant believe ur horse is on bute when u haven’t been given it by a vet even tho if i had checked your blog for literally 5 seconds i would have seen i was literally wrong!”

« meilleur » or « mieux » ?

Both of these words mean “better”/”best” so choosing between them can sometimes be difficult.  English speakers tend not to find the distinction between « bon » and « bien » so difficult because we also make the distinction between “good” and “well”.

« meilleur » is an adjective and so comes from « bon » and describes a noun. « mieux », on the other hand, is an adverb (like « bien ») and so describes a verb or another adverb.

C’est un bon musicien. C’est un meilleur musicien que son frère. C’est le meilleur musicien de la famille.
He’s a good musician. He’s a better musician than his brother. He’s the best musician in the family.

Elle chante bien. Elle chante mieux que sa sœur.
She sings well. She sings better than her sister.

Be careful of sentir bon (to smell nice) and se sentir bien (to feel well)

Ça sent bon mais ça sent meilleur !
That smells good but that* smells better!

Je me sens bien. Je me sens mieux qu’hier.
I feel well. I feel better than yesterday,

Here are some other phrases that make use of these words:

garder le meilleur pour la fin — to save the best for last
aller de mieux en mieux —to get better all the time/to keep getting better
à qui mieux mieux — each more than the other
     ils criaient à qui mieux mieux — they were each shouting louder than the last)
j’aime mieux + infinitif — I would rather…
changer en mieux — to change for the better
faire de son mieux — to do one’s best
c’est pour le mieux — it’s for the best

Best of Both Worlds Part Three: Best of Dean

Title: Best of Both Worlds Part Three: Best of Dean

Catch up on Best of Both Worlds here: xxx

Paring: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,344


A/N: Enjoy and get ready for the final part!!! Check the end for tagging info!!


Waiting nearly a half hour after the screaming stopped Dean peaked his head through the door adjoining the rooms. Seeing you curled up in Sam’s side as his head rested on yours he smiled and closed the door.

“Looks like I’ll be her wake up call.”


Softly creeping into the room Dean woke up Sam, bringing his finger to his lips. Sam nodded as he gently slid himself away from you, trying his best not to wake you. Once he was free he tiptoed over to the door adjoining the rooms.

“Hey,” Dean whispered, “was she as good as she sounded?”

Sam smiled, “better.”

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The Life of Alexander Hamilton

by John Church Hamilton

was published 36 years after Hamilton died. 

In the musical Hamilton by Lin Manuel Miranda,

Eliza says 36 words in the opening number Alexander Hamilton which are her beginning to tell his story plus the me I loved him inserting herself into his story a bit.

Thank you @runawayforthesummer for helping me remember when I had gotten 36 from.

I made a post earlier about how best of Wives best of women from the musical has them both say exactly 36 words-it was 37 words not 36.

How To Start Conversation with MBTI Types

ESTP: ask them where to get the best offer for something

ESFP: ask them if they’re going to *insert a popular band’s next concert*

ISTP: watch a gory movie, guess how they do the effects

ISFP: ask for song recs, ask their fav band and said band’s best song(s)

ENTP: scroll through 9gag/other meme page/mutual fandom tumblr tag together, then compare your headcanons

ENFP: ask, “Which movie(s) you’re definitely going to watch in cinema this year?”

INTP: ask them to explain one of the logical fallacy

INFP: self-inserts yourselves into a serial you both love

ESTJ: ask their help to assemble IKEA products

ESFJ: ask about work, their last holiday, anything, and/or tell them about your (crappy) day

ISFJ: invite them out to your gang’s get-together

ISTJ: ask tips to stay organized. Avoid too many small talks

ENTJ: discuss about your state’s/country’s/world politics. And politicians

ENFJ: talk about what you aim for in 5 or 10 years later.

INFJ: talk about whether euthanasia is morally right

INTJ: discuss ideologies. If you don’t know much, ask them to explain what Communism is and isn’t

prompto is such a good boy like he tries so hard to stay positive and help the boys feel better and good and happy even though he has his own issues that bother him constantly ;; and im so glad SE gave us that scene with noct bc prompto really needed that motivation and good word from his best friend theyre both rly good and helpful and important to each other and i love these bo y s


He had me there.

You were there for me when I collapsed and kept me talking where I wanted to just run and escape - it is my turn to thank it by giving you the support in the time of need. 

Thank you path-of-sorrows for sticking with me over the night while I felt so restless and down, I appreciate it especially knowing that you also had a heavy day. Support is mutual right? 

I may not the best with words but let this talk for me, since we both are elftrashes, right? 

Thank you for your handrail <3

Another Phantasy

Imagine Phil walking into the living room to find his shrimp dead (rip), then running to tell Dan who couldn’t give one fuck but knows that his weird yet adorable boyfriend is for some reason legitimately upset. So Dan hugs him and listens to his ramblings, and does his best not to laugh as they both say a few words before flushing the dead shrimp down the toilet. Because sometimes, if you see past his absurd and ludicrous adoration for a dumb shrimp, you realise that it is just so unbelievably cute. 

((Thank you all for the very kind words. I do try my best to both write well and to make timely responses to threads. Real life tends to get in the way of the latter but do know that I am not neglecting threads. Feel free to remind me if I’ve missed someone or if you want to chat. Thank you once again!))

Excuse me but can we just take a moment to talk about how...

…relatable the Necrobot is? Because that reaction is so understandable given his later explanation.

Also let’s talk about how…

…freakishly nice this entity of death is?!! I mean, he’s so damn humble and look at how affectionnate he looks when he says “Oh Nightbeat”, then does his best to comfort the mech, both by words and hand clasping. AND HE EVEN SMILES FOR THE GODDAMN SELFIE, I MEAN WHAT?!!!



My heart can’t take this. I’m crying. I’m banging my head over the desk because THIS. MECH!!

Fast and Furious (Reader x PreWar!Bucky/ Best Friend!Steve)

Word Count: 1502

Summary: Bucky and Reader both secretly have crushes on each other, and Steve sure knows it.

A/N: MORE PRE-WAR!!! It’s my fav stuff to write, honestly. Hope you enjoy!

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Okay game over Starco forever! it’s just everything about them I love it, I love this OTP and I can gush over it for days (and probably will.) because just they are just so perfect together 

Why Poetry Is The Best Medium For Kids Who Want To Change The World

Diggs started slamming at Berkeley High School in California after watching the documentary “Slam Nation” with his friends. We just got really inspired,” he told HuffPost on Saturday night, the day after his departure from “Hamilton.” “So we got some friends together and tried to recreate that. We had a teacher donate a classroom after school and we just started doing it.

BNV was a much smaller festival when Diggs was a kid, but the premise behind the event, which showcases the spoken word performances of students over the course of six days, is still the same: It was an opportunity for us ― for kids who are often ignored and whose words are not valued ― to say whatever we wanted,” Diggs said. “In the best way possible. And have those words honored.

Both [Danez] Smith and Diggs are quick to praise poetry as an effective medium for kids whose voices need to be heard.What writing a poem really does ― and what figuring how to perform effectively really does ― is forces people to listen to you,” Diggs said. “It frames your thoughts in such a way that grabs people’s attentions and forces them to hear the things that you’re actually saying.

These are techniques that you can use forever,” he added. “Learning how to get a point across is pretty useful in any situation.

Many of the BNV performances are available on YouTube, a platform Diggs suggests that interested kids use to find their way into the world of slam poetry. Listen to everything and just start doing it,” he said.

Typically, my advice to young artists is not to wait for someone to allow you to do the thing,” Diggs concluded. “Just do the thing and they’ll catch up.

People who side with health insurance companies in thinking that profits are more important than sick people getting treatment make me fucking ill.  I don’t give a damn if treating sick people loses billions of dollars a year.  It should still be done.  Why?  Because people are more important than money.


compilation of oc concepts/designs from my rp blog!! (click images for names and titles!!) here are some fun facts:

  • Neo and Nana are connected to each other. they fucking hate each other’s guts,
  • Nana deserves to die the most out of all my ocs smh,
  • Haruki is Thirsty 24/7 365 days a year. she loves dogs and has a pet newt
  • Chiyoko used to be my touhou oc until i ran out of ideas and rendered her a,
  • Saint Honey is living the best of both worlds.