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Shrek: An Icon

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Request:  Hi! I was wondering if you could do a fic about Ethan and the reader? Thank you!

Summary: Fem!Reader and boyfriend Ethan are chillin’ watching Shrek when disagreements occur about the iconic movie.

A/N: Henlo, this took me forever because I may or may not have decided to binge watch the shrek movies while writing this oops sorry not sorry. Gif is supposed to be Ethan’s face when he and reader and Mark all disagree hahaha. Thanks for the request! This was fun to write!

Wordcount: 521, good size, full of meme references

Warnings: I swore once and I also talk about a lot of controversial issues; for example, what the most iconic line in shrek is. Read at your own risk.

Please request some more! This is my last request and now my inbox is empty so pls,,,,,, I beg you,, r e q u e s t s o m e t h i n g

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anonymous asked:

Where can I buy the Power Rangers movie?

The Digital HD version comes out on June 13th so you can buy it on iTunes and stuff and I think (I’m not entirely sure) you can get some Special Features like the deleted scenes with that. And the DVD and Blu-ray release is on June 27th and there’s a ton of stuff on those too.

You can find more info on that here:

If you’re in the U.S. there’s also a Target, Walmart and Best Buy exclusive DVD and Blu-ray. And then there’s an International exclusive DVD and Blu-ray and all four of these exclusives have bonus stuff that might not be on the standard DVD or Blu-ray.

More info on that here:

ok for real im falling in love with rise against


Tony Goldwyn in The Pelican Brief 



- 2 oz UV Blue
- 1oz Lemonade
- 1oz Lemon Lime soda
- Splash of Blue Curaçao
- Garnish with slice of lemon (Logo on shoulders of the characters)

I chose vodka for the modernity of the Blu team.
Taste: Sweet and lemony 

- ½ oz Grenadine
- 1 ½ oz Fireball
- 4 oz Apple juice
- Garnish with slice of orange (bloody orange if you want to be awesome also for logo on shoulders of the characters) 

I chose whiskey for the more oldy side of the Red team.
Taste: Soft but spicy and sweet