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Eric, who’s known for being shy & not expert in fanservice, shows his love for Shinhwa Changjo in the cutest way ever!
One of the cutest & most precious moments of Eric ♥♥
fancam cr:  Erica WEN

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Hey, I'm new to NCT and SM rookies. Can you tell me how can I know them better? Like shows or something like this

Aight this got long and I apologize I got carried away grhfsekjad

The Rookies have their own site you can find here!

SM Rookies website teaser 1 + 2

SM’s SM Rookies Playlist + NCT Playlist

The main things to get to know them are NCT Life and NCT On Air + a few interviews they’ve had but there are other videos you can watch too!

Here’s some videos from the SM Youtube and other non-subbed stuff: 

Some English subbed interviews/shows/channels:

Some Spanish subbed interviews/shows/channels (Sorry this is so short I thought I would include Spanish sub options for at least the main things but I don’t speak Spanish so I don’t know many!):

  • NCT Argentina - This is a lot like NCT Lover but has Spanish subs instead! They don’t include NCT Life though!
  • Vicky Noee - This is another Spanish subs channel but they have all of NCT Life! They’re not just an NCT channel though!
  • NCT Chile - includes NCT On Air!