best of best of

  • Management: so I was thinking maybe something casual, maybe an announcement on the radio-
  • Harry: commercial
  • Management: I mean we might want to start small-
  • Harry: internacional broadcasting. Every single country.
  • Management: okay...well maybe something outdoors, calm-
  • Harry: I want to be drenched.
  • Management: but, the children-
  • Harry: mood lighting
  • Management: being wet doesn't even make sense, you're not in the water
  • Harry: drenched.
  • Management: I mean....
  • Harry: don't forget a close up of my eyes. Bitches love my eyes.

Also since I’m at it: I don’t have time for people who hate Gotham’s Edward for shooting Penguin like… what was he supposed to do? What would you rather have happened? He realizes that Oswald’s selfishness was “for love” and jumps on his dick? Would you, personally, have forgiven someone you trusted with your life, who murdered (premeditated, and killed with malice aforethought AND, even though Ed doesn’t know this, knew that it would greatly effect you to lose this person and even /planned/ to take advantage of that vulnerability in advance) the person you love, a person who accepted your past and represented a better future for you? Give me a break, he had it coming.

normally i would be bothered by the fat guy character being associated with pigs (or the villain being fat) but like. with roadhog, it’s not like… he likes cute cartoon pigs. he’s strong & powerful. he’s competent. and (thank god), he’s not a capitalist gluttony joke, he’s an anarchist. there’s no like, story or personality “"reason”“ he’s fat. it just goes with his bike/hog theme, he’s just a fat guy.

(do u know. what a relief it is. to have a character who’s fat just because. like there’s no story arc that goes with it. there’s no ‘reason’. just like real people, like me. he’s just fat. he just gets to exist! it’s so nice.)


a small tribute to the ladies of poi because they’re incredible and i miss them