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I dunno who briefed these hosts about what to ask bangtan but they keep insisting that the fans are “crazy” and follow up question to bangtan is like “Do they grab you/hurt you?” And like joon really is so smart bcoz he deflects the question perfectly each time. With access hollywood he proceeds and says that fans do no hurt him instead he hurts himself coz he’s clumsy and always gets into accidents. Our leader protects us too 😭 he’s the best pls love him a lot.


Well, it’s not really a tag yourself thing, it’s rather my attempt to describe these characters in a few sentences and with humour-teapot-style. I started this series in September and now I’m happy to see them all finished ;; I know, they look terribly different, but still ;;

(If cats, ducks, fans and daikon tell you nothing, I suggest you checking out hakuouki sekkaroku ovas and zuisoroku game, because these bits are just funny and adorable)

Bruce “I’m Batman. I don’t do feelings.” Wayne:

  • Tracks down Steve Trevor’s watch for Diana and sends it all the way to Paris in an armoured Wayne Enterprises van as if he’s transporting the crown jewels.
  • Gives the people in Arthur’s village $25 000 so they’ll be able to buy food/supplies.
  • Recommends Barry for a job at the crime lab in Central City.
  • Buys the bank that owns Clark’s home and land and gives it back to him.
  • And even though it wasn’t shown in the movie I bet he helped out Victor and Silastoget back on their feet too.