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“In the end, I just wanted you to trust in me.
Like, if someone like you could trust me, then I might be worth something…”

Hey Adventurers! There’s been an influx of new members lately so I thought now would be a good time to share our FAQ.

What is Tiny Adventure Club?

It’s a celebration of life’s tiny adventures, like trying new food, stargazing or simply surviving another week. A Tiny Adventure can be almost anything. 

How can I become a member of the Tiny Adventure Club?

Document and share your adventures in the #tinyadventureclub or #tiny adventure club tag. (I check both of them.)   Please  note: I ask that you do not submit adventures through the ask box or through messaging.  A full inbox doesn’t play nice with my executive dysfunction. But please feel free to drop a us message if you’d like!

What counts as a tiny adventure?

Adventure is relative. What counts as a tiny adventure is purely up to you. We’ve awarded badges to everything from getting out of bed to hiking for the first time. 

How do I get a badge?

I do my best to award as many badges as I can, but I’m just one small adventurer.  I go through the tag regularly and award them.

In first year Scorpius looks small and nervous in his school photo, but there’s a little hint of excitement. He’s at Hogwarts after all. The photo him keeps ducking his head, shy and anxious, avoiding eye contact, and tucking a bit of hair behind his ear. He is smiling though. His eyes are bright. He’s wearing his Slytherin uniform for the first time and he looks right in it. Like he belongs. Astoria gets the photo framed and puts it on her desk.

In second year he already looks a little older and more obviously happy. He sits up straighter. His hands twist in his lap, clutching his wand tightly, but he gives the camera a proper little smile. The second photo joins the first on Astoria’s desk.

His third year picture is awful, never to be spoken of again. He just looks empty and deeply sad. The portrait version of him curls away from the camera, hugging himself, looking off somewhere into the distance. He keeps wiping his nose on his sleeve and it’s like he’s trying to avoid the whole world. That photo is never framed or put anywhere. They try to pretend it doesn’t exist.

In fourth year his photo is non-existent. Either he was away breaking into the ministry at the time they were taken, or it’s lost to another timeline, but he doesn’t mind much that it’s missing. If it was taken in another timeline he probably looks horrifically miserable anyway.

His fifth year photo is of him grinning. His new prefect badge shines on his chest. He holds his head high. His eyes are bright and shining, and for the first time he looks truly, deeply, genuinely happy. It’s one of Draco’s favourites and he keeps one copy on his desk and another copy on the mantelpiece in the library.

In sixth year he isn’t grinning. There’s more a deep sense of contented satisfaction to his smile. He looks a bit intense and thoughtful, definitely older. For some reason his photo self spends an awful lot of time adjusting his tie, or shifting the position of his wand, but not in a way that suggests he’s unhappy or uncomfortable. It just comes from the fact he can never sit still. He’s glowing. Fully okay. It’s the first one Scorpius keeps for himself. He started collecting photos that year, it’s slipped inside the front of the album, along with Albus’s photo from that year.

Seventh year is the best one. His head boy badge has now replaced his prefect one. He’s clearly trying to look serious and befitting the position, back straight, head up, expression focused and fixed, but his photo self keeps being distracted by someone beyond the camera and laughing. Bright, glorious laughter, completely unrestrained, like he can’t even hope to contain it. Draco knows better than to assume it’s anyone other than Albus his son is laughing at. He gets the photo framed properly and hangs it on the wall next to a picture of Astoria who is also laughing. They look so similar, both lit up with mischievous, glowing happiness. Whenever Draco glances at those pictures on the wall it makes him smile.

Boyfriend! Youngk

Hello! I split the day6 boyfriend types up. So Ill upload then and link them all together.

Wonpil | Sungjin | Jae | Dowoon |

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  • Youngk aka Brain kang would be a mix of sweet and caring boyfriends
  • literally would shower you with love
  • hes so fluffy can you imagine him omg
  • probably would write a song about you
  • or many songs
  • he loves the inspritatn you give him good or bad
  • Calling you cute names like
  • “Sweet” or “love”
  • mature nicknames yet still semi cute
  • YoungK kisses would be so addictive
  • his warm lips would always find some of your open skin
  • your conversations would be so playful
  • “hey Y/n”
  • “Hey what”
  • “I like your face” he says. (so flippin cute)
  • such a cutie
  • he would set up a pinic date
  • idk he looks like he would love a outdoor date
  • bike riding, bringing his guitar, enjoying the scenary
  • he would always be there for you
  • want to make sure you’re okay 
  • and junk like he wants to know when you’re sick or if you ache
  • Super caring 
  • cuddles 
  • I mean ofc
  • hes so warm and nice to hold 
  • overall gets a best boyfriend badge

1955 Dodge Royal (by R. Gust Smith)

anonymous asked:

After all those years of estrangement from Abby, Cecil puts all his effort into being a good uncle to Janice. He's there for every birthday, scout ceremony, ballet fight. In the early years, before Steve came into the picture, he would babysit her, bring her to the station, push her in the stroller around town absolutely beaming. He vowed to give her everything and more that his own mother couldn't give to him. One day, Janice gets him a World's Best Uncle merit badge


Rian Johnson signed my badge! It may be a scribble but it’s my scribble.

It was really sweet. It looked like he wasn’t going to get to me and the people next to me because security kept pushing us back, but he did get to us and I said with a huge amount of relief in my voice “thank you so much!” when he signed my badge. Then he looked right at me and said “thank you! Thank you so much for being here!” The absolute NICEST guy. He was trying his best to sign everyone’s badge. It was great.


Detective Reese. Homicide.

trip - Joji

Request. Joji with you at PAX. I’m so sorry, I didn’t felt too inspired when I wrote this so it’s kinda sucky…V__V


“Hey. Hey, Joji. Jooooojiiii!”

He lazily rolls his eyes towards you, trying hard to focus on what you were doing. When he sees you were actually filming him with your own camera, he groans and hides himself under the covers some more. He didn’t want to deal with this so early in the morning—and he especially didn’t like being filmed so privately like this. You had better sides of him to film, when he was fresher, when he was not hungover. But you begged to differ; you wanted to catch every single side of him, ugly or not. No, that was wrong: Joji was never ugly. 

However, you weren’t known for backing off so easily. You giggled, grinning brightly and got closer to his face, wanting a close-up. “Joji, come on, wake up! It’s morning!”

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