best of badges


1955 Dodge Royal (by R. Gust Smith)


Aaaaaaaaaand to make up for how I was pretty much dead over the month of October, here’s the next couple of installments of the Haikyuu!! Best Ship pin-on badge set.

Featuring the Iwaoi/Oiwai and Kuroken ships!

I probably should have also done this when I post the Kagehina and Daisuga ships but…

Disclaimer: I will not be responsible for starting any unintentional ship wars.

The BEST thing about Pokemon Go


I’m not talking about everyone having a designer badge/pin or having a gym leader system. But like… I’ve got a whole collection of buttons and pins I would gladly give to players that beat me. And I’d be all about battling other people for a chance to win THEIR shiny buttons and badges.

And maybe not even badges. Some people have got their beads. Stickers (does anybody remember all those sticker books from the 90s?). Temporary Tattoos. All kinds of knick knacks and odds and ends. Ribbons. Hairclips. Those pretty multicolored polished stones of all kinds. Sea glass. Googly eyes. Actual Pokemon Cards?

Imagine people carrying around a bag of their ‘mats’ (materials) and battling each other for a chance to pick a new bit out of someone else’s collection.

And then of course, there’d be those pins, or stickers, that you’d hang onto forever because they remind you of meeting that one person, or that one epic battle, or when you went to that one specific convention.

Wouldn’t all THAT be the most epic thing?