best of autumn

ID #28733

Name: Léonie
Age: 17
Country: France

Hello everyone, my name’s Léonie but I kinda like to be called Lee (though most of my friends in real life call me Léo).

I’m 17 years old, born during the best month (October) of the best season (autumn) (no honestly every season is great but I like the cosiness of autumn, the rain, the cool weather)

I’m both French & German, though I left Germany quite some time ago so my German sucks a bit…

Anyway, now to the things I like :

• I love reading so much, mostly YA (fantasy, science fiction, …) and Harry Potter is my life (I only discovered it about a year ago though but my love is real). Legend is a trilogy I’d recommend to anyone it’s so goood !!

• I also draw a bit, have been for quite a few years, and I started water painting a while ago !

• I also enjoy watching movies & series, and I don’t really have a preference, I just watch what I like (Gravity Falls, Criminal Minds, MARVEL, Winx Club, Versailles, Brother Bear…)

• Musically, I’m not sure I really have a preference (i just don’t really listen to heavy metal or rap usually). I guess I like pop-punk/pop-rock/indie/alternative/punk (The 1975, The Maine, Sex Pistols, Fall Out Boy, Halsey,…)

• Random stuff I like : animals, glitter, castles, history, mythology, swords, crowns and probably many many things I’m forgetting…

So yeah, I guess this is quite long, sorry about that!
I’m just looking for someone I could talk to regularly, someone I could joke with etc !

Preferences: I’d prefer someone about 15-19, though age is not always important in friendship ! Also please be a decent human (please no Trump supporters, homophobes, transphobes, racists etc…, thank you)


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