best of a bad bunch tbh

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heyo, not to make it seem like i'm throwing shade, but if you thought jyn wasn't acted to the full potential that felicity jones could've brought to the table, how do you feel about the acting in the prequels? i know you like them a lot, or at least the characters, but on a level of 0-10 re: the prequel characters, what are your thoughts on the acting involved & the way the actors did or didn't emote? tbh i just like seeing you delve into this stuff, thanks & bye!

honestly i have not watched the prequels all the way through, i’ve watched a bunch of scenes so i can tell you what i’ve gathered from what i understand: i think the problem in the prequels was bad character writing rather than bad acting. natalie portman and ewan mcgregor are genuinely good actors, and hayden certainly has his moments, but the writing was… very bad. i think they did the best with what they could, i think their hurdle is bad character writing and not actually having the ability to express themselves in the character that they were given.

i also think that each actor really understood their character in a way that george lucas neglected to integrate and/or recognize. like… liam neeson is fucking great as qui-gonn, but he’s stuck in a movie that is otherwise pretty much a trainwreck aside from the last 30 minutes, like the last 30 minutes of the phantom menace are fucking great, but the beginning is bogged down by really bad writing and bad characters and racist writing.

ewan i would say is the best out of the prequel core trilogy (maybe i’m just biased though as i love obi-wan). i would put natalie second, i think she did the best that she could with inconsistent writing given to her. hayden is third, perhaps just because it was, i think, his first big film and he can be over the top sometimes (but like honestly… that’s how darth vader is), and insofar as the child actor for anakin goes, HE WAS GREAT YOU GUYS, STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT HIM BEING WHINY, HE WAS A SLAVE HE HAS A FUCKING RIGHT TO BE WHINY.

each actor i think had a really good understanding of their character’s motivation, personality, essence, etc but they weren’t able to express it within the weird settings of the film—like the majority of cast members of suicide squad! their acting (esp will smith’s margot robbie’s, and viola davis’s) is good, sometimes even great, but it’s a badly written and choppy movie

the supporting actors were either very good or very bad. samuel l jackson was fucking stellar (#JusticeForMaceWindu #MaceWinduLives), the guy who played palpatine was great, but the prominent alien actors (aside from yoda) were mostly bad, again not sure if it was bad writing or bad acting, or maybe both