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What would you like do see in s13 for it to be really good?

Well, the thing is - I’ve got a lot of respect for screenwriters. I think they have a very difficult job, wherever they’re starting from - because adapting a novel, forcing it into a different medium while retaining its beauty, whoa - how can you even do that? And when they’re starting from scratch, well, in a way it’s even harder, because writing for the screen is so much harder than writing on your own - there are so many things you need to consider - budget, shooting conditions and whatever else - and writing for a TV show means you have to coordinate with a lot of other people, reconcile your vision with theirs, be aware of who’s available when and a lot of other stuff. It’s a very hard job, and what’s unfair is, it’s immediately and glaringly obvious when it’s done badly, because maybe I’m biased or something, but the writing - the writing is fundamental. I can think of dozens of movies which had a good cast and a good director and a good photography and yet never really took off because the writing was awful, but I can’t think of a single case when I sat back and said, ‘Man, the story is terrific, too bad the actors are suck so much’. No, to me, a good story - a well-written good story - is what makes or breaks a movie, and that’s that.

So, you know - if you’re asking me to be realistic about things, I wouldn’t know where to start, because I’m simply not a screenwriter. Hell, I’m barely even a writer. If we’re talking weird ideas, I did write a S13 wishlist a couple of months ago, and if we’re talking narrative points - I’m actually writing a post-S12 fic, Blues Run the Game, which, being a hiatus fic, is sort of what I want S13 to be like. When it comes to TFW, what I’m trying to include (what I’d like the show to focus on) are the following elements:

  • Dean coming to terms with who he is, dealing with his past and finally accepting himself - I’m looking at his relationship with Sam, his love for Cas, his conflicted feelings for his father, his guilt - you know, what makes Dean Dean. The entire, beautiful mess of it.
  • Cas being Cas - someone who’s incredibly smart and badass, but also broken and lost and wondering where his place is, and if he even has one. And, to me, Cas’ complicated relationship with Dean is a huge part of how the character is built, so that’s what I’m looking at (in my story, Cas meets AU!Dean and tragedy ensues).
  • Some kind of storyline for Sam. I find it very difficult to write Sam, but I try to give him a prominent role (and, whenever I can, a POV) because I think he’s a crucial part of this story and a fascinating character. What I want to do with him is help him to confront Lucifer, to find a resolution with Mary, and to slowly bring him back to that ‘apple pie life’ he was forced to abandon in S1.

So, you know - to me, this sounds like normal stuff and a good place for these characters to go, and I’m hoping Supernatural will discuss these issues in S13 - in particular, I’d like for them to either make Dean’s sexuality textual or shut up about it, write Cas in some consistent way and spend some time on Sam so we can actually learn who the hell he is - but I’m not exactly holding my breath. There are many good screenwriters on the show, but as far as I can tell, they’re being limited in what they can actually do by a) a format which is outdated and too rigid and b) a showrunner who’s a bit out of his depth. Or that’s how I read it, anyway.

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yeah honestly i thought i was going nuts when i thought the grif and tucker talk felt natural but people were shitting on it. people have been saying that tucker's arc has kinda felt like a regression but like, people regress all the time in real life. especially after a huge loss with church, and old habits can die hard. idk i enjoyed him reflecting and talking with grif.

honestly, I do actually think a lot of the season was a regression for Tucker like he was a self-absorbed asshole in the beginning of the season. Like the scene where he basically says that he wants to get rid of all of red team in episode 7? Totally regression. Him believing Temple because of some cheap compliments? regression. But I really don’t have any problem with this because it fits with his character and personality. He has become an amazing fighter and he should be proud! but this skill causes his ego to get too big. This reaction to being the best at something is really common with people so I think it fits? Plus Tucker isn't some perfect cinnamon roll who is above being a dick (no one in rvb is except maybe caboose) so I think it was appropriate setup for his character development later in the season! 

What I really don't understand is how Tucker admitting he is wrong and feeling insecure is the regression? If anything it’s the most mature and leader-like thing Tucker has done! It’s a huge step for him to admit he's wrong and that he will do his best anyway!! Like did everyone forget the scene in season 12 or 13??? where Wash tells Tucker that no leader knows the right decision? Tucker has struggled with this before! And this scene really shows how Tucker has accepted that he can’t be right all the time, mistakes will be made. He has to struggle through these mistakes before he can be a good leader! Thanks to this season and the mistakes he has made in it, he has learned that being too certain with one’s self and rushing into things isn’t the best way to go. He needed to be knocked down a few steps so he could learn to be humble and listen to his team mates so that he could be the great leader that has the potential to be!!! This season has set up such good Tucker development that I feel like a lot of people are interpreting completely ass-backwards and it’s just so weird to me??? Like!! It’s so good. I'm proud of Tucker after this episode. I don't care what other people are saying. 

Honestly, people need to stop freaking out about negative character development. It’s realistic! And I actually feel like revisiting issues we thought were wrapped up is really cool and humanizing in fiction. I don't know about you but sometimes when I get over something ill just regress and fall back into it, and that's ok! This kind of story telling is validating and real. People need to chill.

Color Guard Q&A

1) Favorite piece of equipment?
2) Dance or Equipment?
3) Favorite Scholastic A show/guard?
4) Favorite Independent A class show/guard?
5) Silver poles or gold poles?
6) Favorite Independent Open class show/guard?
7) Favorite World class show/guard?
8) Favorite drum corps guard?
9) Best equipment trick you know?
10) Favorite uniform from indoor or band?
11) Best action shot (show it)?
12) Marching band season or indoor season?
13) Uniform or costume?
14) Favorite show you’ve performed in?
15) Is it acceptable to smack your teammates butt?
16) What year do you age out?
17) How many uniforms do you own?
18) 36" rifle or 38" rifle?
19) Favorite flag silk?
20) Who is your dream guard to march with?
21) Gloves or no gloves?
22) Rifle or Sabre?
23) Flag or weapon?
24) Plastic or metal sabre?
25) 36" sabre or 39" sabre?
26) What circuit do you like the best?
27) Which circuit does your team spin in?
28) What class is your team?
29) What is your dream show?
30) What song would you love to perform to?
31) What do you perform better (angry, happy, sad, creepy, etc.)?
32) Are you a guard guy or guard girl?
34) Do you carry electrical tape everywhere you go?
35) Favorite weapon brand?
36) Longest time spinning for one team and what team was it?
37) What team do you want to age out with?
38) Do you embrace being a flaggot?
39) Why did you join guard?
40) What is your favorite color guard related blog?
41) Favorite guard quote?
42) Last time you spin equipment?
43) Do you choreograph?
44) Last time you danced?
45) How often do you spin?
46) Best guard memory?
47) Longest practice you’ve ever had?
48) Hairography: yes or no?
49) Favorite floor design (show it)?
50) Can you see yourself becoming an instructor?


The A(nother) Wonderful Life games have the love of a small portion of a really niche audience, so why don’t we show the games a little more love!

—- —- —-

Day 01: A Wonderful Life or Another Wonderful Life?

Day 02: Floppy or pointy eared dog?

Day 03: Takakura gives you a cow to start with. What’d you name her?

Day 04: What was the name of your first farm?

Day 05: Meet the villagers! Which non-marriageable NPC is your favorite?

Day 06: Who did you choose to marry and why?

Day 07: How do you feel about the marriage mechanics in this game? Do you mind being forced into marriage?

Day 08: If you could marry one ineligible NPC, who would it be?

Day 09: How do you feel about the Harvest Sprites?

Day 10: What about the Harvest Goddess? 

Day 11: Which festival is your favorite?

Day 12: Which season do you like the best and why?

Day 13: The soundtrack for this game is pretty big. Which song is your favorite? (this might help you find one!)

Day 14: Do you prefer raising animals or crops?

Day 15: Which animal is your favorite to raise?

Day 16: How do you feel about the cow breeding system?

Day 17: Did you ever buy the goat? How did that go down?

Day 18: What’d you name your first horse?

Day 19: Which crop is your favorite to grow?

Day 20: Do you like the hybrid crop system? How do you feel about Tartan and his dances?

Day 21: What’s your favorite way to make money?

Day 22: Have you ever set up your own shop to sell like Van does?

Day 23: Which cutscene is your favorite?

Day 24: What’d you name your first child?

Day 25: Which career path did you try to choose for your child?

Day 26: Have you ever exploited the game? (cloned Ruby’s spice, done the item cheat in ANWL, etc.)

Day 27: Do you remember all the internet rumors surrounding this game? Which was your favorite?

Day 28: What do you think is in that locked shed?

Day 29: How far have you progressed in the game? Did you ever make it to the final chapter?

Day 30: Finally! Tell me what drew you to this game, your history with it, etc.