best night man


i’m crying bc everyone does beautiful fanart of woy meanwhile i just
also this takes place in the party they do when they save the galaxy
i just wanted 2 draw some drunk wander dontlookatme

also bonus:

Imagine Derek is Boyd’s best man at his and Erica’s wedding and Stiles is a waiter at the reception. As Stiles makes he way through the evening, serving drinks and food, he sees Derek being hit on by every female guest at the party.
Stiles goes out for his break and Derek follows, trying to get away from the party. Stiles is timid at first but then opens up to Derek, joking about how Derek has a pick of all the ladies. Derek smirks but brushes it off, saying, “They’re not my type.” Stiles, curious, asks him what his type is and Derek looks him in the eye and says, “You are.”
They end up spending the night together, but when Derek wakes up in the morning, the bed is empty. In Stiles’ place is a note that reads ‘If you don’t regret it, call me. - Stiles.’ The note has his phone number on it.
Derek tosses and turns about whether or not to call him and, that evening, after he’s seen Boyd and Erica off on their honeymoon, he gets in his car and pulls out his phone. He dials the number but hesitates. Then he calls.

Save — Peter Parker

idea: peter has nightmares
words: 700
warnings: mentions of death
note: you and peter are older in this one (out of high school at least)

He couldn’t save you.

It didn’t matter where and when or how because he couldn’t save you.

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Halloween is such a fantastic holiday, man. When else does everyone dress up and wear whatever they want? You have zero obligations! You can decorate your house and pass out candy or you can turn off all the lights and drink hot cocoa and binge watch cheesy horror movies. Who cares? You don’t have to worry about pleasing everyone, or entertaining guests if you don’t want to. Halloween is 1000% up to the individual to enjoy, no guilt required. The whole month of October is my favorite, man. I love this pumpkin spice flavored, spooky, ridiculous time of the year

Imagine being in college and struggling in your chemistry class. As a freshman, you don’t want to fall too far behind in your first year, so you go to a tutoring session to try to catch up. The tutor assigned to you is Chris, a senior you’ve seen around campus and at frat parties. Every time he looks at you, you’re charmed by his bright blue eyes and don’t learn a single thing.

So I’m chilling in my room, doing my own thing, when all of a sudden my dad yells my name! I get kinda upset cuz I’m like in the middle of watching a video and don’t really wanna pause it, but I do and come out of my room none the less. I yell down to him asking what’s up, and he informs me a package has arrived for me. Well now I’m like thoroughly confused because why would I be getting a package unless it’s….OH SHIT!!!




IT’S WHAT I THOUGHT IT WAS!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH I’M SO HAPPY RN!!!! Look at how cute this little ghosty is!!! I’m beyond ecstatic rn!! He’s so cute and smol and soft and just all around perfect!! I would take photo’s of my face with his face but I look like a potato today so I’ll have to do that another time, but this is legit the best thing that could’ve happened today man!

Thank you so much @happykittyshop I love him with all my heart and soul!! I will love and protect him forever! Again thank you!! <3 <3 <3

Best Man coming in hot!! Bachelor party time and I am all over that – this is the type of stuff your boy lives for.  Barry’s only request was to keep it a low key night which at first I balked at because you gotta go big for your last night with your boys but then I remembered… Barry fights crime twenty-four seven – the words Netflix and chill are not in his vocabulary, therefore, I decided to oblige on his request – which only gave me the light bulb for a much, much bigger and better idea to help Barry chill out…

To make him the ultimate cocktail – the special kind that gets speedsters a good buzz.  I sometimes think about how Barry hasn’t had a drink in over four years after everything he’s been through – Reverse Flash?  Savitar?  Iris’ impending death – I mean c’mon!!! While H.R. was downing java last year I would go home and kick back with a stiff drink…

Thus my little science experiment was born which basically started with making my own special beverage.  I consulted Dr. Stein who basically gave me the instructions to make my own moonshine with a scientific twist.  I boiled the water at 165 degrees and dropped some cornmeal to stir in and then I had to drop the temperature, mix in some sugar, yeast, and an enzyme I concocted that would be able to hold the buzz over a long period of time.  The process was timely so kids don’t try this at home but I actually liked mixing the ingredients and watching it ferment … I wonder how hard it is to brew your own beer?  Note to look into that later…

I wanted to test my beautiful creation so I dropped Wally a text asking if I could breach it over.  He said he was in a chill state already and didn’t need the pick me up – whatever that means…

So, it’s locked and loaded for safe keeping until dinner.  The reservation for dinner is set.  I can almost taste the sweet flavor of a bacon wrapped rib-eye!  I splurged for some pricey cigars that my uncle highly recommended – cheers to the best night ever!  Best Man, baby!