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Vets X-ray Pets, Not Wallets

Early on in my career I saw an elderly Golden Retriever owned by a single mom with 3 kids. The entire appointment she kept saying how she barely had money to feed her kids and she really hoped this visit wouldn’t be expensive. Her dog ended up having multiple abdominal masses, one of which appeared to be bleeding into his abdomen. She was devastated by the news and then said her mother would be coming in to help cover the cost of the visit. When she asked me what we should do the first thing I thought about was how difficult it would be for her to pay for surgery and chemotherapy. I thought about her kids not getting new school clothes because all the money went to pay for their dog’s surgery. So I told her the best, most kind option was euthanasia. She agreed and we euthanized the dog, they took the body home to bury it.

Several days later my hospital manager got a very angry phone call from the owner. She had been speaking with a friend whose dog had many of the same problems and had undergone surgery. The owner was furious that I had not even offered surgery as an option. She would have borrowed the money from her mother had she known. I euthanized her dog without discussing other options because I thought I was helping her and her children.

I have never made that mistake again, much to the chagrin of some clients. When presented with an estimate for care some people become angry and ask me what makes me think they have X amount of money to spend on a hamster. Other people laugh because to them, it’s just a cat and they would never imagine spending that amount. But lots of people don’t even bat an eye and tell me to proceed.

My job is to offer the absolute best care for animals, not to try and guess what people can and want to pay for. There is usually a plan B, C, and sometimes D and E if A is too expensive. Always keep that in mind when going to the vet before you become upset at the cost of something. There is nothing wrong with saying you just cannot afford it and you’d like to know the next best option.

Also remember though that sometimes, there is no option B. Unfortunately there are some cases when it’s either option A or euthanasia. Not because the vet doesn’t want to help but because the nature of the disease or problem requires a certain treatment. Euthanasia is far from being the cowards option or the option of someone who doesn’t care, sometimes it really is the kindest choice.

Discuss all of your concerns with your veterinarian and be honest about what you can and cannot afford and we will do our best to help you.

I've Been Around The World For You (Part 1/?)

Beca stared down at her hands.

Or, more accurately, at the tattoo on her left palm, just under her thumb. A ladybug, to be precise, about the size of a craft bead, that she got years ago when her best friend had told her that she had to take some time to find herself before joining Beca in L.A. Beca had nodded and smiled and said good luck and to come home soon, even though there was a tightness in her throat and her stomach was filled with stones.

Chloe never called.

Beca thought she understood that too. Sometimes, finding yourself meant that you had to be alone.

Still, Beca missed the red-haired beauty, the quick smiles and elated laughter that was her best friend, and after a few solid years of no news, Beca had decided on her tattoo. It was a reminder, of who Chloe was and who she had been for Beca, how she had changed the moody alt girl for the better.

“Hey, Bec, c'mon, time to go.” Sammy clapped a hand on her shoulder, and it made her jump as the lights dimmed for the night. “This is the third night this week, you can’t work yourself into the ground.”

Beca looked up at Residual’s commander-in-chief and smiled just a little. “Hey, Sammy, didn’t realize you were still here.”

“Had to finish up paperwork for the new client,” Sammy said gruffly. “She’s coming in at nine-fifteen sharp, as I’m sure you remember.”

Of course she did. It was the first new client he had assigned to Beca for a while; he always told her she was valuable, and he wanted to pair her with the best possible new artists because of the explosion he knew she could make with just the right voice. Apparently, that voice was coming in tomorrow morning, and he wanted Beca to sit in on the meeting, not just to be introduced but to go through the motions with him and learn how to handle stuff on her own.

“Yeah, I was just, uh, brainstorming a little,” Beca said as she pulled her headphones from around her neck. “Wanted to have something to start with tomorrow, ideas for a demo and then maybe even a single–”

Sammy chuckled at her. In truth, Beca liked Sammy. He was actually quite warm and gentle when he wasn’t shouting at the others. Beca had worked hard to gain her spot alongside him, and she knew he appreciated her dedication. “You work too hard sometimes, Beca,” he said. He gently reached over and closed the laptop she worked from. “I need you here at nine tomorrow, and I need you awake, not drowning yourself in coffee.”

Beca rolled her eyes, but pushed away from her workbench. “All right, I guess I’m coming.”

Sammy smiled and stepped back as she stood up and stretched, then led them both out of the building.

Beca swirled in her chair, swaying gently side to side as she waited on Sammy to get there. He usually ran a few minutes late, barking at Dax for something or other and checking on things that needed his (and sometimes even Beca’s) approval on his way to his office. It happened no matter how early he came in; Beca was simply used to it.
Today was no exception; Sammy strode in about five minutes after, muttering darkly about his nephew as he shook off his coat. Beca looked up from her tattoo in time to see his eyes soften as he caught sight of her. “I’m fine,” she said quickly before he could start. She lifted her mug from the desk. “Only one cup in, swear.”

He laughed at that and came around the desk to his own chair. “She’s usually early,” he mused, “so we might see her soon. Em should be bringing her in.”

Beca chuckled to herself. “Bet she’s ecstatic. If I didn’t know her better, I’d say she hates being coffee girl, but she’s just thrilled to be here.”

As Sammy chuckled in response, there was a sharp rap on the door, and Emily poked her head around it.

“Hey, Legacy,” Beca greeted her easily; her former Bella’s member had caught up with Residual after Beca had recommended her as an intern last year, and on occasion played songwriter to Beca’s producer.

“Morning, Cap!” Emily said brightly, calling Beca by her old Bella’s nickname. It was a habit hard to break; being captain, it seemed, doesn’t fade in time. “Need coffee?”

Beca lifted her mug half off the table in response, and Emily nodded before turning to Sammy. “Your nine-fifteen is here, send her in?”

Sammy waved his hand, and Emily opened the door wider to admit a gorgeous red-haired woman.

Beca’s stomach dropped when crystal eyes met midnight.

Sharing monthly destinies, shaping personal libraries


Happy, happy birthday, Scorpio!!! Congrats on making it to another one! I know at times it’s felt like a crawl - what a year, huh? - but this is your month to celebrate the glory that is being you. You know what can really kill a celebration? Baggage. I know the past few months have been pretty heavy, but I have some great news for you: you have permission to let it go. As you come into a brand new year of life, make the decision to stop dwelling in your problems and start working to find solutions. Forcing yourself to get up and go is the best way to keep from feeling stuck. Take it from the main character of your lucky book this month, Miraflores. When her mother falls ill, she doesn’t simply mope & cope - she makes a bold move: a trip to Panama, her family’s home, in search of clues about her father, who she believes holds the key to healing her mother. In doing so, she discovers so much more, including clues to what had so long been a maddening mystery: her own identity. Choosing to step outside of your own emotional bubble can be daunting, Scorpio, but the rewards - particularly the accidental ones - far outweigh the risks. November is your month! Take it!

LUCKY BOOK: The World in Half by Cristina Henríquez


Alright, Sag, get ready for a month of serious chill. You can lower those defenses and wave the white flag - you aren’t falling into any of those pesky political argument traps over family dinners this holiday season, nope. This is your time to kick back and settle down, in whatever way you prefer to unwind. Don’t fret if it takes you some time to find that perfect spot to be yourself in - you’ve had your hackles raised for so long that it’s normal to need a readjustment period. The author of your lucky book wrote an entire memoir about her quest for that elusive happy place - in her case, it’s a bar. Not just any bar, but the bar, the bar that will be the unique blend of comforting, hilarious, exciting, stimulating, and satisfying that she needs. As a lifelong lover and aficionado of bar culture - from both sides of the counter - she embarks on a journey through various locales to find her personal oasis of chill. So, where’s yours, Sag? That is your mission for this month. Tie up any pesky loose ends from the last few weeks, and let yourself just be. Cheers!

LUCKY BOOK: Drinking with Men by Rosie Schaap


Cap, you’re a political firecracker this month, and it couldn’t be more timely. But you know that activism is about much more than one election: it’s a constant, enduring effort to work within small spaces like your family, your school, and your community to preserve the rights and wellbeing of your fellow citizens. That work can’t be done alone, as you know very well: you’re all about effective collaboration, which is sure to help your effort will go a long way. Your lucky book this month is a powerful examination the ways that dangerous political ideals can infiltrate a small family, and the ever-present struggle to stay true to tradition and responsibility while not sacrificing personal values. Set in Nairobi, but told from the point of view of a Somali narrator transplanted to Rome, this is a fascinating look past the political mayhem on the surface to the very human center: how to function within a family in way that is both authentic and aware of the greater climate outside of their doors. How to demonstrate love to young children within a society that does not necessarily love you. As we enter a new political era, Cap, this book offers a profound take on how to navigate these very difficult questions, but in a refreshingly different environment. Although, as I’m sure you know, sometimes the most faraway and foreign settings can feel the most familiar. Keep fighting the good fight, Capricorn. Make us proud.

LUCKY BOOK: Hiding in Plain Sight by Nuruddin Farah


Well don’t you cut a dashing figure in that power suit, Aquarius? Whether it be a literal or metaphorical suit, this month, it’s BUSINESS TIME. Last month was for marathoning Luke Cage and having long, lazy (and boozy) brunches. In November, you’re making some serious power moves, and have no time for petty distractions. This clear-eyed focus is a gift, Aquarius, and you know what they say about gift horses and mouths. Sometimes it takes a while to get to the point where you feel ready to take determined strides towards your goals, as the author of your lucky book knows well. Following an extended overseas trip, she returned to her home in New England feeling uninspired, clueless as to what she wanted to do next. Sound familiar? We’ve allllll been there. What did she do next? Go back to school, scroll through Craigslist for a temp job? No, she bought a motorcycle. What follows is a beautiful tale of finding the inner strength to discover her passions and reclaim her life in a way that is totally authentic to her. We’re sure you’ll find her a kindred spirit, Aquarius, as you’re both incredibly driven to succeed. (Okay, we had to.)

LUCKY BOOK: Motorcycles I’ve Loved by Lily Brooks-Dalton


The world is your oyster, Pisces! You’re full to the brim with the spirit of adventure and discovery this month, and why not? Getting out of your comfort zone and seeing something new doesn’t have to mean dropping hundreds on a plane ticket - especially around the holidays, when airfare pricing is at its peak. No, you can be surprised by how exciting some local exploration can be - think about it, when is the last time you played tourist in your own backyard? Trailed off your normal path and discovered a hidden gem? If you aren’t convinced, and are itching to go further, we’ve got it covered in your lucky book: an epic historical adventure that takes its young protagonist through the ancient Incan empire of Peru of in 1530 as he serves as a translator to Francisco Pizarro. Forced to adapt to his new surroundings and navigate the perilous times amid the Spanish invasion, young Waman learns some unforgettable lessons about himself and what it means to truly belong. By all means, Pisces, get out and explore, but don’t leave this book behind - you truly can’t beat being able to travel this far through time and space.

LUCKY BOOK: The Gold Eaters by Ronald Wright


Wooooosaaaahhhhhhhhh. Aries, you’re cool as a cucumber this month, and we have to admit, we’re kinda jealous? Or maybe proud…okay, a little of both. Let’s be honest: you aren’t really known for having the most mellow disposition, so this month of level-headed clarity and zen is a truly impressive departure from the norm. These smooth waters extend from the boardroom to the bedroom - you’re making moves at work, but they’re behind the scenes; you don’t need or want eyes on you right now. As for your inbox - that quiet seduction thing you’ve got going on is clearly working. To celebrate your peaceful, reflective month, here’s a peaceful, reflective book that will give you small doses of witty wisdom and gentle healing to help you keep calm and carry on. This author is the real deal when it comes to spiritual health and self-awareness, and during a time like this, we can use all the help we can get keeping our internal affairs in order, wouldn’t you agree? Dive into these essays and stories with an open mind and heart, and don’t hesitate to do a bit of digging to ensure that you’re directing all of those quiet energies in the right places. What do you believe in? What does it mean to be fully alive? These are the kinds of questions your lucky book will inspire - so seize this chance to let your mind explore them, even if you can’t necessarily find the answers right away. Sometimes, the peace you need is just found in the asking.

LUCKY BOOK: Grace (Eventually) by Anne Lamott


As the temperatures drop, your desire to get cozy with a special someone grows. No shame in that, Taurus! In fact, this month, you are primed to enter into a partnership - whether it be for romance or business…or both, we don’t judge! As you consider getting closer with whoever has caught your eye, you’ll want to carefully consider what you are gaining, and what you are giving up. Does this person truly know you? Do you truly know them? What are the expectations being placed on the relationship? Why is this relationship important to the both of you? The truth is, Taurus, you aren’t getting any younger, and one of the main benefits of aging is being able to learn from past mistakes, past misunderstandings and miscommunications. Your lucky book this month is a short story collection that explores the themes of alienation, false assumptions, and struggling to find one’s place in the world - through the lens of characters who tend to turn commonly-held generalizations on their head. Each individual is just that - singular, unique - and cannot be shoehorned into a broader stereotype or understood as a monolith. Beware the trap of trying to simplify a person into an idea, for convenience’s sake - it’s an insult to who they truly are, and to what you are trying to build. Best of luck, Taurus. Mind your heart.

LUCKY BOOK: Drinking Coffee Elsewhere by ZZ Packer


Hey there, lovely Gem. You know how ‘adulting’ has become a rather annoyingly ubiquitous word lately? Well, you’re going to be doing a lot of that this month, so make your peace with it. If your mind is immediately drifting to hunkering down with a budget calculator or scouting out a new job, slow down. What I’m talking about is the flipside of being a functional, responsible human - rather than adding more things to your plate, we think you should strongly consider taking a few things off. That’s right - this month, work on your power of discernment. How are you spending your time? What do you keep saying yes to? What do you eventually end up regretting? It’s great to know what you want, but equally (or perhaps more) important is a strong sense of what you don’t want. Nadia Turner, the main character in this month’s lucky book, demonstrates this power pretty well: even if you don’t agree with her decisions, it’s undeniable that she makes them with a clear-headed focus, and any repercussions that arise…well, that’s her bed to lie in. All part of being an adult, wouldn’t you say? Being deliberate with your time and resources, choosing the path that feels right, and being responsible for the aftermath, whether it be positive or negative. The key, Gemini, is just keeping your eyes open. Doing what’s best for you. If you look at adulting that way, trust me, it doesn’t seem nearly as daunting.

LUCKY BOOK: The Mothers by Brit Bennett


Lights, camera, ACTION, Cancer! You’ve been toiling on the sidelines for a while now, and November is officially your month to step out and show off. If this sounds impossible, take heart. Your proclivity to keeping a low profile and dodging large amounts of attention do not make you the kind of person who wouldn’t do well with some low key fame - quite the contrary, in fact. Your naturally laid-back demeanor and kind personality make for a genuinely likeable person…an important trait, when all eyes are on you. If you still feel torn between wanting to stay comfortably hidden and wanting some recognition for what you’ve been working on, your lucky book this month will be your touchstone. This short story collection beautifully and deftly deals with the frustration of feeling trapped between two states, whether they be related to race, relationships, children, or class. There are no easy answers or tidy little bows, because as you well know, life rarely functions in absolutes. Be comforted in knowing that your confusion is more than valid and normal; it’s a part of the human condition. But also remember that you are totally worthy (and ready, despite how you may feel) of the recognition coming your way. You can stay in the shadows if you truly want to, but we really feel you should take your place in the spotlight. You’ve earned it!

LUCKY BOOK: You Are Free by Danzy Senna


Calling all blankets, slankets, and snuggies: November is here and you are ready for some serious hibernating. We can’t fault you at all, Leo - why subject yourself to bitter-cold bar hopping and surge pricing at 2 AM when you can be warm and satisfied in the comfort of your own home? You can finally finish that scarf you started crocheting two years ago, work on your pie-making skills before the holiday family dinner rush, or make a serious dent in the Criterion Collection with a tub of kettle corn. Better yet, make it a movie night with your besties - nothing really completes an evening spent #homebodying like having your nearest and dearest curled up on your couch with you. Your lucky book this month is perfectly attuned to your mood right now - because, let’s be honest, what’s better than a book that feels like the mood you’re in? Domestic, contemplative, and more than a bit quirky? Let Claire-Louise Bennett’s unsettling, meditative, and gloriously witty prose be the cherry on top of your relaxing month spent pampering number one. Your mind, and soul, will thank you.

LUCKY BOOK: Pond by Claire-Louise Bennett


Where’s the party, Virgo?! A little cold isn’t going to stop you from having a good time this month, and you know what? We admire that. November is the month for you to step out and be an active part of your community - whether it be your current one, or a new one. That’s right - if you’ve been considering a change of pace, why wait any longer? Make the move you’ve been wanting to, and don’t look back. Life is too short to ignore your own impulses and delay your gratification when you have both the drive and the means. Your lucky book this month is a moving memoir of a hospice chaplain who shares some of the most impactful and unforgettable lessons learned from her former patients - who bettter to be inspired by, than people who have lived their lives and have incredible wisdom to share before they go? Nothing puts the here and now into perspective like envisioning yourself facing the end. What experiences do you hope to have lived? What kinds of adventures do you want to be able to relive? In between spinning from one social engagement to another this month, be sure to find a quiet corner and recharge with this little book. And then: keep on living.

LUCKY BOOK: On Living by Kerry Egan


Oh generous Libra, with the holidays around the corner and the festive spirit beginning to creep its way into your veins, you’re already creating lists and sub-lists of things to buy for loved ones (and maaaaybe a few things for yourself). Don’t bother denying it! We love your enthusiasm, and your commitment to making each holiday season better than last year’s for your friends and family is touching. But we have to give you a word of warning: relax. Take some time to budget and really examine your financial situation before ordering that iPhone 7. Figure out how to be sensible and pragmatic with your debit and/or credit cards before the onslaught of holiday sales - and debt - truly begins. And if you’re already dreading the boredom that will set in as soon as you open those spreadsheets, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Your lucky book this month is a riveting, wild romp through the mundane and fantastic; the possible and impossible. This collection of short stories wonders, at its core, what it means to exist in an absurd world, and how to make sense of our place in it. So when the quotidian drama of reality gets you down - balancing checkbooks? Yawn - have this book handy for a mood-boosting dose of literary insanity. It’s therapeutic, believe us.

LUCKY BOOK: Hall of Small Mammals by Thomas Pierce

Not that long ago Jenny Han surprised us with the news that her TATBILB duology would become a trilogy, as she wasn’t finished telling Lara Jean’s story. Yesterday, this beautiful cover of Always and Forever, Lara Jean was revealed by EW. The book will be in stores on April 4th, 2017!

Lara Jean is having the best senior year a girl could ever hope for. She is head over heels in love with her boyfriend, Peter; her dad’s finally getting remarried to their next door neighbor, Ms. Rothschild; and Margot’s coming home for the summer just in time for the wedding.

But change is looming on the horizon. And while Lara Jean is having fun and keeping busy helping plan her father’s wedding, she can’t ignore the big life decisions she has to make. Most pressingly, where she wants to go to college and what that means for her relationship with Peter. She watched her sister Margot go through these growing pains. Now Lara Jean’s the one who’ll be graduating high school and leaving for college and leaving her family—and possibly the boy she loves—behind.

When your heart and your head are saying two different things, which one should you listen to?

I want to be married.

I want to come home to my best friend. We can complain about work & talk of the latest news. We’d make dinner together, dance around the kitchen, sneaking in butt touches & kisses. There’s a perfectly good dinner table in the dining room, but we’d rather sit close on the couch while we eat. We’ll leave the dishes in the sink & head off to shower. Joking & laughing, we fight over the temperature of the water & he’ll let me win. We finish up & head to the bedroom. Our bed is perfectly made from the morning, so peaceful & inviting. We’ll gently slip beneath the sheets, only to destroy the bed set with phenomenal sex. The morning will arrive all too soon, where we’ll hold each other in hopes that work would somehow not exist for either of us. Alarms will interrupt the serenity, warning us of tardiness for the day. We’ll sip our coffee during our morning routine of kisses & “I love you’s” as we head out the door. The minutes will feel like hours; hours like days, until we return home to each other’s arms.

Some exciting news!

First of all, in amongst thee busiest week i’ve had in a while, i finally have internet at home. YAYYYY!! So expect to see me around a bit more often.

But thats not the best part. The best part is I know what Deanos next project is (And no i wont be saying what it is until they start advertising it on the tv, just to be safe, especially if it hasnt been told anywhere yet already).

Better yet? They’re filming in Queenstown (my home) tomorrow

And EVEN better…?

I’m an extra in it!! 😱😍 excuse me while i die of utter happiness to get to watch this wonderful human being in action with my own eyes 😁

Okay, so it has come to my attention that my best internet buddy pinkipie125 has deactivated :( She was one of the partners for the-sterling-home-for-children blog. Pinkie had the wonderful idea to start this adoption blog for TS4. Our other partner seems to have left as well, which is totally cool. This just means that I am now left to start up this blog by myself. Which is fine, I love independent work. I’d really like to honor Pinkie and her great idea so if I have trouble running the adoption blog alone, I might need some help. Anyways, I don’t need anyone quite yet but I may soon.

I will deactivate the shared blog and make another one as a side blog so keep your eyes peeled


Gif source:  Barba

Imagine telling Barba you’re pregnant.

——— Request for anon ———

He’d been consumed all week with this case. His days and nights were stolen by the paperwork and files he had to comb through, as well as preparing his assault on the defense. Especially as the time he had to make his case drew to a close, the free time he had to spend with you shortened.

Even though all it would take to tell him the news you’d found out a few days ago would be a few minutes, trying to come up with the best way to break it to him was the hard part. Something cliché just didn’t fit the two of you, and yet you didn’t want to rush telling him when he’d come home late, exhausted. You wanted to brighten his spirits with this, considering the stress that had seemed to seep into his brow each time you’d see him.

So instead, you decided to wait until the jury gave him a verdict. After all, he’d already given closing statements by the time you finally figured out the best way to tell him. Barba had given you a peculiar look as he walked out of the court room at the end of it, finding you waiting on a bench for him, but the way a smile quickly found his lips let you know that the case must have been won.

“I doubt you’ve been waiting out here just to hear how the case went,” he begins, placing a hand on the small of your back so as to guide you from the mob of people leaving the courtroom.

“I’m tired of waiting alone,” grinning, you watch as he tilts his head in confusion, “so we’re just going to have to spend the next nine months of waiting together.”

The confusion that had covered his face drops into a low realization, eyes growing a bit wider before he lets out a quick huff of air, turning to stand directly in front of you to put both hands on either side of your waist, “Are you trying to tell me what I think you’re trying to tell me?” With a nod of your head, he places a chaste kiss on your lips that you can tell would have been deeper were the two of you not standing in the middle of the court hallway. “How long have you known?”

“A couple of days, and trust me, I was dying to tell you that we’re going to be parents the whole time.”

where i live there are two pretty big fires up in the hills, (there was a power outage due to it about half an hour ago)  and they’re coming close to some homes up there. the air outside is polluted with smoke, which is pretty gross, so if you spread news about it (Christchurch, New Zealand) that’d be great. pray for our city, or whatever it is you do, particularly those whose homes are likely to be damaged, while teams do their best to put out the fires. definitely a scary time for many. 


I decided to put two days into one post again because it can save my time a little bit. So please don’t be surprised, it can occur more times. :) 

Day 11/100 of productivity

Great news! I got the best mark I could in oral exam in Spanish conversation! At home I did a translation homework to Russian and got ready for the next day’s oral presentation in Spanish literature. However, I am so tired that I can’t concentrate much on anything and sometimes I just sit behind my table with thoughts stuck somewhere in the universe.

Day 12/100 of productivity

Today was quite good, everything passed pretty fast. Finally it’s Friday so I can take a small break because I am soooo exhausted. I wonder how I will manage to go through the next weeks because just 3 weeks passed and other 8 weeks remain. Does anybody have some great really working tips how to get more energy and not to be so tired? If yes, message me, please! I will appreciate all the pieces of advice! 

Photos: I took the first one yesterday, because the weather was so pleasant. Sun was shining, birds were singing,… It boosted my mood up! The second one shows me reading Pride and Prejudice today during free lesson. 


Summary: Star receives the news that she has to report home shortly. Marco gives her a surprise to try to comfort her. Set when they are 17.

Pairing: Star x Marco

Rating: K+

Word Count: 1,019

“Star…It’s going to be okay. You’re going to be a great queen. Your kingdom needs you” Star’s longtime best friend, Marco Diaz, reassured her. Her 18th birthday was just around the corner, and that meant, she’d have to go back to Mewni in order to claim the throne.

“It’s not that Marco. It’s the fact that I may never have the chance to come back to Earth and see you again…” The two were sitting on her bed. She had just gotten the call from her mother and was told that her return to Mewni was soon approaching. Turned away from her friend, she could feel the tears starting to well up in her baby blue eyes, but soon felt a warm hand over hers. Marco.

“Hey, look at me” Marco reached over to move her head so that she was facing him. “No crying, okay?” He said, wiping away a lone tear from her heart cheeks. “You know we’re going to be there for each other, no matter how many dimensions away we are from one another. For now, let’s try to live in the now.”

He looked right at his crying best friend trying to hold back her tears. The next thing he knew, Star was buried in his chest, quietly sobbing. He hated seeing his best friend so broken like this. Almost instantly, he was gently shushing her and stroking her long blonde locks. For all the times he’s had to comfort her, he knew stroking her hair was a way to get her to calm down.

“Shh, you’re okay, Star. I’m right here. I’m here with you.” Was what Marco was repeating, now rocking her slightly and stroking her hair. It took a good ten minutes before all he could feel was breathing against his chest until she slowly pulled away from him.

“You okay now?” Pure concern filled his question. The princess just nodded slightly, not looking up. He sighed quietly; he needed to something now. “Star? Don’t go anywhere, I’m going to be right back.” Was all Marco said before dashing to his bedroom and grab a small box hidden in his underwear drawer. He dashed back into Star’s room, seeing Star in the same state he had left her in. Marco quickly hid the box behind his back as he sat back down in the spot he was just in.

“So, I was going to wait until your 18th birthday to give this to you, but I think you need this now more than ever.” This made Star look up in confusion. She looked up at her best friend, clearly hiding something. The boy gave her a small wrapped box to her. Star hesitantly opened the mysterious box and opened the lid to reveal a perfectly silver locket.

“It’s a locket. Inside, people would put pictures of their loved ones in there, and whenever they missed them, they could open it knowing they were always with them in their heart, no matter what.” Marco explained. She opened the locket, but instead of finding a picture, she found a screen, which automatically played a slideshow of all of her and Marco’s many adventures. “I was trying to think what picture would be worthy to be in the locket, but, as I was searching for some, I realized that not one picture could be in it. So, I asked the AV club to help me do the slideshow. Any time you open it, it’ll automatically start playing.

Star stayed quiet, closing the beautiful shiny locket. She held it in her hand, grasping it even tighter, as if someone were trying to steal it from her. “M-Marco?” She finally looked up at him. “Can you put it on me?” Marco managed a small smile before nodding. He scooted closer to her as she handed her the locket and turned her back toward him. She felt him gently moving her hair to the side and slide the necklace on her neck lightly. She looked down at the locket while Marco was still tying it around her neck. She knew this day would come; she just didn’t know how hard it’d be. As soon as she felt her hair fall back again, she turned her attention to Marco.

“It looks absolutely beautiful on you.” Marco complimented, smiling as she started cracking a small smile herself.

“I think what’s on the inside is what makes it all the more beautiful.” Star said, smiling down at the locket, looking inside it once more.

“See? Now I’m always going to be with you, no matter what. You’re never going to be alone.” His words made her stifle a small laugh, to which Marco was relieved.

“Why was I given such a good best friend?” Marco laughs slightly as he hears this, but shrugs.

“I could ask the same thing.” He replied, smiling. They both did not notice how close they had gotten to each other until Marco realized he could just kiss her. Right then and there. He could really show her how he feels. And all it would take is a half inch closer.

He thought too late. Marco felt a soft pressure against his lips, and immediately melted into her until she softly pulled away. Marco wasn’t stunned; he was amazed at how soft, light, and heavenly their first kiss was.

“I-I’m sorry…A hug seemed…insufficient…” Star apologized, sheepishly looking back down at her locket before having a hand direct her chin toward a deeper kiss by Marco. They kissed a few more times before Star rested her forehead on his. “I hope you know I’m never going to take the locket off”

“Good.” Marco smiled at the blonde beauty, looking into her blue eyes.

“But as long as I have the real thing in front of me, I don’t want to spend any time apart.” Star said. “If it’s not much to ask, can you stay here with me for the night?”

“Yes, of course, mi princesa” Marco whispered before kissing her cheek lightly and going down and kissing her locket. “Now, you’ll have my kiss as well.”

Bad future ( closed starter )

It had been years since Salem has last seen Edward , the children were old though to be in school now and she seemed to finally have come to terms with things .

A couple years back Edward and Salem had a horrible falling out . It was some time after they had finally gotten married that Edward had begun to change , he would stay in his office for hours on end , and then leave and not come back for days . Then when he was home he was temperamental and had tantrums that were much worse that ever before

The final straw however was when Edward had snapped at Salem for confronting him and after a very long and horrible argument Edward had left for good .

The vampire did her best to take care of her babies , she loved them more than anything in the world and just wanted them to be happy , it was hard though when they would see their father on the news , threatening Gotham or getting beaten up and hauled back to arkham , it hurt Salem too but she had learned to cope with it .


Phone Call Meme

Your character rings me. Is it good news, bad news, a prank call?

Happy/Good News

  • I’m pregnant!
  • By the way, we’re having twins.
  • I love you, okay? I really freaking love you!
  • I’ve gotten you a present.
  • I’m coming home early.
  • Happy Holidays!
  • I think about you every day. I can’t stop thinking about you!
  • You’re my best friend, you know that right?
  • I’ve booked us a holiday!
  • I know we’re not meant to do this over the phone, but…Marry me!
  • I’ve found out we’re related!
  • I’m bringing home dinner!
  • I got a huge paycheck today!
  • You’re pregnant? That’s wonderful!
  • You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.

Angsty/Bad News

  • Someone’s following me!
  • I’ve just found [name], they’re really badly hurt!
  • Help me! I’m so scared!
  • I just can’t do it anymore.
  • I’ve quit my job, I walked out!
  • I don’t love you anymore.
  • We’re done, okay? We’re done!
  • They’re not breathing!
  • I’ve done something terrible…
  • I’m sorry. I’m just so sorry.
  • They’re dead!
  • …I need you to help me hide a body.
  • I need you to bail me out!
  • My house is on fire!
  • I’ve just had a horrible nightmare!

Prank/Crack Call

  • I’m looking for Amanda Hugankiss?

  • Hi so I wanna order 6 12 inch New Yorkers, 2 orders of wedges, a litre of coke…

  • - Crazy Frog Impression-

  • -Can’t stop laughing enough to actually manage the prank call-

  • You knooooooooooooow I reaally *hic* love you DON’T you *hic* beshtesht bud foreeeeeeeeeeeever. -more incoherent drunkenness-

  • Rawr I’m a dinosaur rawr rawr

  • - sings Mamma Mia down the phone really loudly -

  • - puts phone next to a whoopie cushion-

  • - starts reading from the dictionary-

I’m rereading Dracula and I’m at the part where Mina is in Whitby watching Lucy’s health fail while she hasn’t heard from Jonathan in a month and doesn’t know what’s happened to him, and it’s just so unbearably sad. She’s watching one of her best friends getting sicker, and not knowing whether the other is dead or alive.

Then, finally, she gets good news: Jonathan is alive and safe. She marries the love of her life and comes home to start her new life. And arrives just in time for Lucy’s funeral. 

Just. God. 

Baby Steps | Romana x Nathan

It had all happened because Ashley sent her to prison, under the pretense that she abandoned her child. It was true, she did leave them, but it also meant she lost her custody. Her life had nearly been taken at her own hands because of the news, landing her in the hospital for longer than she would have liked. However, she had been alone the entire time. Her family wasn’t allowed to come see her, since she was a danger to them and herself. It wouldn’t do her children any good to see their mother in such a condition anyway.

When she had finally been released from the hospital, she had nowhere to turn – nobody she could stay with. Her home was off limits and nobody else wanted to be around her. Maybe it was for the best.

Romana bounced from hotel to hotel, building up the debt on her credit cards. She had found two jobs, both of them being full time, but it helped her support herself. She was getting back on her feet. In between, she was taking the mandatory parenting classes, as well as performing community service. Her hours had been logged and finally, the court allowed her an hour with her children. It had to be supervised, but she would take it.

As she sat in the small little room, two officers stood by the doors, she watched as her children walked in, followed by Nathan. Her eyes were already cloudy with tears, but she refused to let them fall. She couldn’t cry over her own mistakes anymore.


You have to admit you’re more nervous to tell your three year old little girl about your pregnancy than you should be, so you make Luke. You think she may take the news better coming from her daddy, especially after she came home from preschool last week telling you about how much one of her little friends hates having a baby brother before she put on her best serious face and told you she never wants to have a brother or sister. You tried not to laugh, but the noise bubbled out of your throat anyway and her little brow furrowed as she glared at you with those piercing blue eyes just like her daddy’s- always a bundle of blonde curls and big attitude for such a small girl.

“Why not sweetie?” You asked as you subconsciously rubbed your hand over your belly.

“B'cuz den I have to share daddy an’ I don’t wanna,” she pouted out the words as she crossed her arms and added a little foot stomp for good measure, “he MY daddy.”

So when Luke picks her up from preschool with intentions of telling her the news on the way home, you pace the kitchen, wringing your fingers together. You know she’ll grow to love her brother or sister- really, you shouldn’t be so worried, but the only thing you want is for your baby girl to be happy and the thought that this news might really upset her is making your chest ache.

You’re surprised when the garage door opens and you see that familiar head of bouncing blonde curls come running straight for you, your eyes already filling with tears as she wraps her tiny arms around your legs in a hug, “hi mommy,” she chirps before she pulls back, all smiles as she pushes her curls out of her eyes, looking up at you, “daddy says you have my baby brover or sister in your belly!”

You smile, holding back your tears as you lift your shirt, showing her your nearly flat stomach, “I do, they’re right in there,” you murmur and you watch as Luke squats behind her, his arm wrapping around her tiny frame and pulling her against his chest as he holds her in the cradle of his legs, his free hand lifting to your stomach and her much smaller one following seconds later.

“No way,” she giggles, shaking her head and looking at her daddy over her shoulder, “daddy dats not true, wite?”

He grins, “it is, princess,” he murmurs, his thumb rubbing over your stomach as he licks over his lip ring, brushing a kiss to your daughter’s forehead, “you were in there too you know, and now your mommy’s keeping your brother or sister safe until they’re big enough to be with us.”

You feel a few tears slip free as you watch the two loves of your life, their hands on your belly as Luke explains a G rated version of the birds and the bees, answering all of his princess’ questions about the new baby before she runs off to play with her dolls. He stands and wipes your cheeks free of your tears, brushing kisses to your cheeks, “see, I told you she’d be fine,” he murmurs as he wraps you up in his arms and everything feels like it can’t get any better than this.

Dancing victory for "La La Land" at BAFTAs 2017

13 Feb – The 70th British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA) has recently wrapped up in London and with that comes the news that “La La Land” has once again dominated a major film awards ceremony.

Nominated for 11 out of the 26 competing categories, the musical film was able to bag five wins in total.

Ryan Gosling failed to win in the Best Actor category but Emma Stone once again took home the Best Actress award. The movie also won in the Best Director and Best Film categories.

Meanwhile, Tom Holland, the 20-year-old lead actor of the upcoming “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, was awarded the Rising Star Award.

Cannes Film Festival’s Palme D'Or winner “I, Daniel Blake”, which has also been chosen to compete at the inaugural Malaysia Golden Global Awards, won the Outstanding British Film accolade, making this British director Ken Loach’s first non-honorary win at BAFTA.

Check out the full list of BAFTAs 2017 film category winners below:

Best Film
“La La Land”, Fred Berger, Jordan Horowitz, Marc Platt

Best Leading Actress
Emma Stone, “La La Land”

Best Leading Actor
Casey Affleck, “Manchester by the Sea”

Best Supporting Actress
Viola Davis, “Fences”

Best Supporting Actor
Dev Patel, “Lion”

EE Rising Star in 2017
Tom Holland

Best Director
Damien Chazelle, “La La Land”

Outstanding British Film in 2017
“I, Daniel Blake”, Ken Loach, Rebecca O'Brien, Paul Laverty

Best Film Not in the English Language
“Son of Saul”, László Nemes, Gábor Sipos

Best Animated Film
“Kubo and the Two Strings”, Travis Knight

Best Original Screenplay
“Manchester by the Sea”, Kenneth Lonergan

Best Adapted Screenplay
“Lion”, Luke Davies

Best Cinematography
“La La Land”, Linus Sandgren

Best Editing
“Hacksaw Ridge”, John Gilbert

Best Original Music
“La La Land”, Justin Hurwitz

Best Sound
“Arrival”, Claude La Haye, Bernard Gariépy Strobl, Sylvain Bellemare

Best Special Visual Effects
“The Jungle Book”, Robert Legato, Dan Lemmon, Andrew R Jones, Adam Valdez

Best Production Design
“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, Stuart Craig, Anna Pinnock

Best Costume Design
“Jackie”, Madeline Fontaine

Best Make Up and Hair
“Florence Foster Jenkins”, J. Roy Helland, Daniel Phillips

Best Documentary
“13th”, Ava Duvernay, Spencer Averick, Howard Barish

Best British Short Film
“Home”, Schpat Deda, Afolabi Kuti, Daniel Mulloy, Scott O’Donnell

Best British Short Animation
“A Love Story”, Khaled Gad, Anushka Kashani Naanayakkara, Elena Ruscombe-King

Outstanding Debut By A British Writer, Director or Producer in 2017
Babak Anvari, Emily Leo, Oliver Roskill, Lucan Toh, “Under The Shadow”

Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema in 2017

Best Fellowship
Mel Brooks

(Photo source: EFE/Mike Nelson)

your-daily-fandom-news  asked:

Aesthetic asks! 1975, black nail polish, pantone, sunrise and plants!

You got it!

1975–first happy memory that comes to mind

Last summer my best friends and I went to Disneyland together. Literally all of it was perfect, but that first morning, we left home at like 7 AM cause we were driving all the way there, and three of the four of us were wearing the exact same shirt completely by accident, and the sunlight was just spilling over the mountains as we got on the freeway, and we kept saying like every five miles “Hey, we’re going to Disneyland,” and everyone would cheer, and it was just… really great. 

Black nail polish–Top three items on my bucket list

Well, learn five languages is definitely in the top three (sometimes it’s ten but usually I go with 5). To see or read every Shakespeare play. I don’t really have any other firm goals, so I’ll say… go to 50 temples? Is that insane? Maybe 25… I don’t know what a realistic number is for that one.

Pantone–describe a person close to me in detail

So my sister is really, really great, but if you had asked me that like… 15 years ago I would have laughed. She’s two years older than me, and the middle child. She’s blonde and little shorter than me which bugs her. She’s a lot like my dad, which I used to think was a bad thing (and still is on occasion. We are not allowed to play trivia games together anymore.) but it’s just because she’s so passionate about everything and I’m so chill about almost everything. She’s super in love with her husband, which is adorable, and funny because she didn’t like him when they first met. We took a road trip this summer down to the Grand Canyon and we watched The Hobbit the night before she got married, and I have a video of her rolling down a hill in Ireland and basically I love her a lot. 

Sunrise–a quote and what it means to me

Ok, this one is from “I Have Made Mistakes” by The Oh Hello’s (aka my favorite band, aka if you haven’t listened to them you should) 

“We have lived in fear, and our fear has betrayed us
But we will overcome the apathy that has made us 

oh my heart, how can I face you now?
When we both know how badly I have let you down“

And this always hits a chord, but I don’t really know what chord, you know? Other than I think fear and apathy are such a huge problem in humanity, and the idea of holding yourself accountable is really important.

Plants–one person to go stargazing with and why

This is hard. I’m kind of torn between someone who doesn’t know anything about constellations and myths so I can tell them all about it, or someone who knows astronomy so they can tell me all about it. But most of my friends have heard my star talk, so I’ll say my brother, the astrophysicist. I want my mind blown with science.