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So, I swear to god this motherfucker can read my mind because I was kinda undressing my crush with my mind, thinking about what it would be like to lick strips up his dick and feel him inside me, the usual. Then he looks at me like he knows what i'm thinking and holds my hand. When I don't move away, he nibbled on my ear and kissed my neck. Best morning sex I've ever had. (: Anyway, moral of the story is think really *fucking* loudly.


Kaner came up to me and said, ‘you had two tonight?’ And I said yeah, and he goes, ‘all right, I’m gonna get it to you’, and he did.” - Ryan Hartman, 1st career hat trick 


Halla! So, as time comes and goes, I’m here with another masterpost of some of my favorite Evak fanfics for you guys. As you can see, I’m trying to be a bit more creative and make these posts look at least somewhat more appealing, so I hope you like this little header I made (even though I suck at Photoshop).

As always, the list is divided into oneshots and chaptered fics.
My personal favorites are tagged with a “ ★ ”.
Completed chaptered fics are tagged with a “ ✓ ”

Without further ado, all the fanfics can be found under the cut. Enjoy!

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p!atd album aesthetics
  • afycso: 1980s strip clubs hidden away from wives, costume parties where the hostess plans to kill a guest, climbing through the windows of friends because it’s not safe at home, losing your virginity to a one night stand that you want back, smudged deep red lipstick on swollen lips, hiding vodka in a flask under your shirt, meeting under barber shop signs to whisper secrets, affairs that everybody knows about but nobody talks about
  • pretty.odd.: stoners sitting in a circle playing acoustic covers of hippie song, kisses on the necks of best friends, lying on the grass on warm nights and stargazing, singing french to yourself even though you've got no clue as to what you're saying, flower crowns strewn over messy short hair, going into grocery stores in the middle of the night
  • vices: newly cut and styled hair, smoothing down vest jackets and straightening ties, sharp violin notes, dark passionate nights and lonely mornings, realising your sunday preacher is also your monday drug dealer, nostalgia for times with old friends that you miss
  • too weird: waking up in vegas even though you went to sleep on the other side of cali, shaking glitter out of folded clothes, blowing out cigarette smoke into the crisp night sky, kicking broken slot machines until change spills out, realising you miss someone more than you care to admit
  • doab: climbing to the top of a building and seeing where the city meets the sky, feeling at ease with somebody for the first time in a while, letting everything bad inside consume you for a little bit but eventually taking back control, lying in the hot sun on a deckchair next to a pool, neon lights shining onto the beach in the late evening

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Neck kisses with the RFA+V+Saeran?

Best kisses!!! I want neck kisses!!!


Usually when he kisses your neck, it’s because he’s started a small trail leading up to your cheek, then finishing the trail with a peck on the lips. Granted, whenever he’s in a mood for something more than just trying to convey how much he loves you (Especially how you grin and giggle if his kisses on your neck are light enough to tickle), he starts from your lips down, but those kisses usually turn into nips or full on bites.

When you kiss his neck though, just soft ghosts of kisses on his neck and nothing more, he just sighs lightly and rubs his hand on your back. Best time to do it is when the two of you are laying down on the couch or cuddling on the bed. If you want to have it lead to something more, you need to trail down to his collar bone and suck lightly. God knows he wants hickies, but if you leave marks too dark, he might get fussed at by his director.


Like Zen, it’s usually when he’s feeling very bubbly and wanting to show his affections in a way. Usually done when the two of you are cuddling on the bed! He starts by nuzzling against the nape of your neck, then starts placing light pecks. It doesn’t get too hot and heavy often, but if he feels like it, he starts kissing your jaw a bit. Or just skipping right to your lips and shyly rubbing his hand on your hip, giving his cute little ‘Is this okay?’ glance before he goes any further.

If you kiss him on the neck, you have to be careful where you do it, because he usually blushes quickly and gulps, his mind racing towards you getting handsy even if you weren’t meaning to be. It’s a bit of a hot spot for him, so cute and casual kisses there aren’t something he can handle too well.


Do not force her to do this please. For a while, she’s completely nervous to do anything like that. She’s still shy about having lingering kisses with you, or accidentally making too much noise! She’ll have to be in a relationship with you for a bit, after she’s used to being a bit more confident. She’d leave little small hickies all over your lower neck- Nothing bigger for worry people would tease too much.

Kissing her neck, however, she’s a flustered puddle, trying not to make any noises and making sure your lips don’t linger too long. (She doesn’t mind hickies, but if you go overboard and risk Seven making suggestive jokes, she’ll be so red). Otherwise, she doesn’t mind a few butterfly kisses there and nuzzles.


When he kisses your neck it’s usually after he steps behind you, wrapping his arms lazily around your hips and resting his head on your shoulder. He’ll watch what you’re doing, talk to you a bit, and then slowly nuzzle your neck and start pressing his lips against your jaw, trailing down. Sometimes it’s innocent, but if it’s been a stressful day, or you’ve been teasing him, it’s paired with his hips grinding into you, his teeth lightly digging into your neck.

He thinks it’s cute when you kiss his neck, especially if you’re trying to be cute (you don’t have to try very hard with him), but it doesn’t make him moan when you try to turn things hot and heavy. Use your hands or lips on other parts and he’ll make noise. Otherwise, he just lets out a small, happy, sigh, and starts working your shirt off.


Sometimes he’s sweet. Nuzzling, cuddling, peppering kisses all over your face and the beginning of your neck- But be careful because he will blow raspberries there if he’s in a playful enough mood. Multiple ones, in fact, until you’re squealing from laughter, smacking his shoulder to stop. Otherwise, he isn’t shy about letting you know he hopes his kisses lead to something else- Pushing your bodies close, his thigh between your legs, his teeth leaving deep imprints.

He thinks it’s cute when you sneak a few neck kisses on him. Just small little smooches there makes him grin in such a dorky way, but if you pair it up with your hand snaking down to his lower abdomen, teasing fingers at the band of his boxers just barely hidden behind his jeans- He’s a mess. 707.exe has stopped working.


He doesn’t mind you kissing his neck in order to start something more steamy, especially if it’s full with light nips to his neck, but if you try to cutely kiss him there he is giggling. Especially right at the nape of the neck. Who would have thought he was ticklish? But it’s the cutest sound ever, and he gets the biggest grin on his face. He does try pushing you away, but it’s always half-hearted. If he really wants you to stop ghosting your lips over his neck, he will try to tickle back.

His kisses to your neck are always light. Just small kisses over the bottom of your jaw, just barely teasing where your neck starts. Even during more steamy sessions, he’d rather use his hands (and more) to make you gasp and squirm. Otherwise, he only does cute small smooches.


If he kisses your neck there is nothing sweet about it. No cute light kisses, no nuzzling- He’s pushing you against any surface he can, biting, sucking, chuckling breathlessly against your neck. He’s going to tease you until you’re a whimpering mess, and neck kisses is how he starts it off.

Kissing his neck is another story. If it’s cute and sweet, he’s sliiightly confused on why you would kiss him there, instead if his cheek, but he’ll just call you a dork and move on. Though, if you try teasing him there, it’s a quick way to get him riled up and grinding against any part of you that’s close enough.