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Husband Reacts to Harry Styles: Another Man Magazine Covers

Hi friends!

Sorry its been so long since I’ve posted one of these, but we’ve been super busy with moving and unpacking and getting settled in our new home. But I just HAD to do a quick Husband Reacts to the amazing Another Man magazine covers that were released this week!

But first, I had to subject Hubs to the weirdness and confusion of Harry’s three blank instagram posts…

“What? He posted this on instagram?………………”

(stares for a minute and gets a slight smile, looking back and forth from the photo to me)

“Did he forget to take the lens cap off?”

“Wait he posted TWO white photos on instagram… that a different shade of white? Is this some artsy shit I don’t understand? Lemme guess, the third one is white too?“

“Oh my god this white photo has 725,000 likes. Naturally. It’s probably the best thing ever posted on stupid intagram. It’s nothing. Is the next one all white, too? Is it a penis picture? I swear to God if it’s a penis picture, I’m not prepared for that….”

(stares for a few long seconds) “Okay he’s gone emo. What’s with the spiderwebs? Are they supposed to make him look all tough and two-faced?”

“Is he doing gay porn now?! He’s got some kind of collar around his neck? He’s doing gay porn! He’s dressed as a fuckin’ beast of some sort? He’s doing gay porn! HE. IS. DOING. GAY. PORN. PERIOD. END OF SENTENCE.”

“Also, Another Man sounds like a gay porn magazine. It sounds like something Tobias has hidden in the secret room in the Bluth model home.”

(As usual, he’s not entirely wrong……)

(making fun of the tagline) “OH BOY!! He looks like Mark Hamill. And Bugs Bunny with those buck teeth. I don’t understand the 60′s vibe, is he supposed to be Paul McCartney?”

I will say that he looks better with the short hair. The long hair makes him look like a petulant child. I’m not entirely sure what petulant means, but I wanted to use it.”

“So if the second one was inspired by Paul McCartney, is this one inspired by Michael Jackson? With his pasty white face and his nostrils, the hair, and the collar…it’s Michael Jackson. I expect him to break out into ‘Thriller’ at any minute.”

“I’m worried that if I lean forward, I will see his snot. It looks like he was trying to be edgy and have a GQ-esque photoshoot, but I’m not sure if that was achieved.”

At this point, I mentioned to him that I bought the third cover.

“Ohhhh my Goooood, you actually bought one?!? Shipped to this address? With our last name on it? Is the mail person gonna see it? Are we gonna have to move now?! I’m cutting you off from my credit card.”

Any final reactions?

“Why didn’t you buy the cover that was all white?”

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365 Days of Sharon den Adel: day 268

“One of the best remedies I use on tour is vocal training and ginger root.  I used to take all kinds of medicine in the past and they were all taken from the market for some reason, so they probably were not so good after all  (laughs).  My previous tour manager introduced me to ginger root for muscle pain, it is a very good medicine to recover; it is a natural antibiotic.  Take it pure and it is magnificent.  You have to put it in hot water with large amounts or eat it raw.  Actually, my vocal chords really benefit from it.  I like it in tea.  For me, it is the best medicine I ever had because it is a natural product.” (2014)

Photo by © John Klijnen