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Casual viewer turned shipper here. So I always thought Cas had a thing for Dean but I never thought Dean would feel the same... Until 8x02. That was the episode that made me REALLY start shipping it/got me into fandom, etc. (that river scene!!) But even after that I've always thought they were probably just gonna leave it open for interpretation... UNTIL 12x12, and it's not because I think the "I love you" made it canon or anything, it just caught me off guard - I never thought one of them would

actually say those words. The whole nature of that scene (Cas saying Dean’s been the best part of his life, declaring his love) proved to me that they COULD actually go there in the future, because my first thoughts after watching that were that if they WERE gonna just leave it open for interpretation, that’s probably the closest they’d ever get.. But there’s still like 2 seasons left! And I don’t see how they can top that off without making it canon TBH. Just thought I’d share!

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Thank you for sharing!

I think a lot of people this season (and particularly after 12x12) thought hey, they might actually do this, I know it made me much more confident that they would follow through with it, because jeez, why would you build it up so much like this all season (and season 11) knowing that you’ve already been accused of queerbaiting and bad storytelling in the past? It’s the opposite of what I would do, I would try to reign it in and totally bro-zone it (though I think that’s basically impossible at this point and would be totally OOC) or actually kill the character off. 

It just makes no sense to have built it up and built it into the narrative as a main plot point for season 11 after it’s been an under riding C plot that affects the A and B plot so much since season 4 if not to follow through and IMO would be career suicide for the writers and showrunners, plus people like Steve Yockey would want to be nowhere near a show that did that…

Introducing the Boyfriend

Dean had never felt so nervous. What if they didn’t like him? What if they had a problem because he was a him? Sure, his family were surprisingly accepting of Cas, but his friends were a whole different matter.
He’d arranged to meet with his friends a couple of weeks ago with the intention of introducing them to his boyfriend Castiel. They all seemed pretty enthusiastic about the idea, but of course Dean hadn’t mentioned the nature of his and Cas’ relationship. Best to do that face to face. He swallowed nervously, wiping his sweaty hands on his jeans. This was a bad idea. Maybe he should call it off. Say he’s ill or something.

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“You can’t turn away from your natural attractions, Dean,” said Cas. “It’s best just to accept them. You were most definitely aroused by the ears the other night. And also, earlier, I distinctly detected your arousal when you were looking at the toast in the diner. The toast that had the grape jelly. I really recommend that you should accept your sexual attraction toward both rabbit ears, and toast with grape jelly. You’ll be so much happier when you accept yourself for who you really are.”

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Anonymous asked: this is random but pleaaaaase write something with Cas turned human and Dean teaching him how to swim? please! i will give you my first born

Author’s note: I’ll be looking you up in ten years to collect your firstborn, dearie. *evil laughter in the distance* 

“Dean, is this truly necessary? This doesn’t look like something I will enjoy…”

Dean had to put in some real effort to compose his face, because there was something weirdly comical about seeing a former angel of the lord pout like a petulant child.

“Yeah Cas, you’re human now.” Dean reminded his best friend. “With all the crazy situations we get ourselves into, I’d rather you learned how to swim, okay? You never know what it’s good for.”

Castiel scrunched his nose, a sign that Dean had learned to recognize as reluctance.

“Come on, Cas. It won’t be that bad.” Dean coaxed him, waving his hand as a gesture that Cas should get into the water.

It was a warm, sunny day, and they were at the large lake that was situated not too far from the bunker. The water was exceptionally clear, and the temperature was perfect for swimming. None of that seemed to motivate Cas to try it though; Dean was already standing in the water where it nearly reached his knees, but Castiel was still standing at the side of the lake, eyeing Dean with a look that was drenched in suspicion.

Dean couldn’t keep it in any longer, and he chuckled at the sight. Cas’ hands were nervously playing with the fabric of the dark swim shorts that he had borrowed from Dean. They were a bit too big on Cas, which made that they were hanging dangerously low on his hips, revealing Castiel’s sinfully sharp hipbones…

Dean exaggeratedly cleared his throat when he realized he’d been staring at something that he shouldn’t be staring at.

“Seriously, Cas. It’ll be fun.” He quickly said to distract himself from checking out his friend, this time holding out his hand to Cas and giving the stubborn ex-angel a disarming smile to win him over.

Castiel sighed dramatically, as he was often known to do, but he finally gave in. A heavy frown became apparent on his forehead when he stepped into the water, but ever so slowly,  he did take a few steps towards Dean.

“That’s it, come on, buddy. Not that bad, huh?” Dean encouraged, still holding out his hand to a moody-looking Cas.

“I suppose it’s less unpleasant than I originally anticipated.” Castiel allowed, the angry set of his eyebrows gradually fading.

Castiel was within Dean’s reach now, and Dean smiled again when Cas willingly placed his hand in Dean’s.

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Hi! I need a favor, please?? I've been feeling so much Destiel negativity even though I ship it so much and I love it more than anything, but I have this stupid feeling that it could never ever become canon (i don't mean sex or whatever, just a confession) cause Dean's too deep in the closet, and he always acts so manly and loves girls and stuff, so can u please show me some destiel positivity, id be grateful :))

Hi! : )

Be warned that it got long^^’

I’m sorry about that. First of all, I’m sending you to my deancas positivity tag, because that always helps me when I’m feeling down re: destiel.

Second, I think this season is doing something very significative with Dean and his denial and self-policing.

Unfortunately we’ve had to wait more than we’d initially been promised - mostly because we’ve somewhat extended the second of the three arcs to fit in an extra season. That meant taking it slower in some areas and while I’m genuinely liking this season as a whole and ‘feeling’ it more than season 9, I believe in some measure it’s suffering because of that choice. Season 9 was already hard on Sam, Dean and Cas but on us, too, and it’s tough to get to season 10 and see… some more of the same. Moving forward in slow-mo can be very frustrating, especially with a show that already takes entire seasons for a bit of character development at normal speed.

Dean had made some serious progress in s8. It may seem like s9 erased that because he went through a regression there, but paradoxically, as of 10.13 I think Dean’s in a place where he’s more than doubled the progress he’d made by the end of s8, only… Imagine it’s sorta covered by his struggling to find himself and deal with his issues right now. That’s simplifiying it a bit but I think it gets the concept across. We got to Taylor thanks to season 9, too - meaning it keeps building even though it’s not always obvious, even though sometimes it’s more ‘in the background’ and hard to piece together.

The endings of 10.12 and 10.13 were still some of the most incisive and express character development we’ve had in the Carver Era IMO, as far as single events go. Even the 8x13 scene with Aaron was something new for Supernatural but not character development as direct and impactful as this, mainly because Dean still overcompensates immediately after and because of the incident.

I know I keep talking about this but seriously, I’m convinced if you’re looking for any clues that they really seem to want all the current pain and struggling to result in decent pay-off later, Dean enjoying Taylor Swift in front of Sam with a smug look on his face, and Dean implicitly admitting to Sam that he has hopes that affect him so deeply he thinks he’s not strong enough to stand it if he’s let down, are neon signs covered in fluorescent paint.

Supernatural often plays a form of bait-and-switch with Dean coming out of his many, many… many closets, this game where something under Dean’s facade is exposed, the facade is once again revealed for what it is, you learn that Dean hides this or that aspect of himself… But then Dean panics at this and retreats once more inside his fortress. Dean’s, like, this super shy tortoise, right. Anyways, by s10 you’ve basically learnt the rules of that game by heart.

Except that now - let’s do a recap:

Dean has never, ever truly broken that rule on the show despite how much it’s been toyed with. Until 10x12. It took ten fucking seasons but that dam finally broke open.

Dean has occasionally said what he thinks of himself even to Sam, but usually it’s been about thinking he’s trash. That reveals something about his state of mind but has never significantly helped him get better. But now he’s admitting more and more that he has a problem, and he’s letting Sam talk to him like Dean has a problem, he’s letting Sam and Charlie give him pep talks and talk to him about needing to believe in himself and all the things he would normally dismiss as bullshit and he’s doing nothing to imply he doesn’t need their help under the misguided assumption that Dean Winchester Can and Should Deal With His Crap On His Own. Dean is actually letting Sam help instead of fleeing or telling him to shut up or going into his full-on ‘be strong for brother’ mode where he is Ultimate Protector and His Mental Health Doesn’t Count. As far as first steps go, this one is huge.

Dean might’ve coated that statement in all the pessimism he’s feeling, but he still just straight out told Sam in 10.13 that he recognizes a greater part of the MoC problem is really about his issues. In two episodes he’s mentioned twice that he’s an alcoholic and he’s specifically mentioned that magic word called denial as one of his coping mechanisms. A denial, I might add, that perhaps he knows he applies to a lot of the notions he has about himself but obviously not much to his guilt itself, since that one’s always been much easier for him to admit and he’s been going on about how at fault he is for some twenty episodes now.

Talking about his issues is not actively confronting them, but it enables that, unlike pretending they don’t exist.

He told Sam he thinks he can’t do it like this, not as a general statement but specifically about finding a ‘cure’, i.e. about his healing. 


tried to reason with this week’s monster which he himself saw as similar to him, instead of deeming him a lost cause.

All these things happened in the last three episodes alone. It’s obvious he still has a long way to go, it was pretty blatant both in 10.11 and 10.13 that he’s still kinda lost and kinda looking for a path that suits him and some kinda anchor about who he is. Actually, this is probably the moment of biggest confusion about himself because all he knew about himself doesn’t hold true anymore, old models don’t work and other people’s models don’t work and he has to find his own and has no idea where to look. He’s guessing something (like the bunker or Taylor Swift or talking and accepting help) and completely missing in other areas (the veggie smoothies for example).

I totally believe these three episodes were meant to prepare us/the ground for what’s coming in 10.14 and after that, and that if you wanted to know whether or not Dean is coming out of this (heh) stronger a huge portion of the answer was here and it was YES. We were shown a glimpse of what sort of eventual long-term changes we can expect, too.

I realize I haven’t mentioned Cas or Destiel in the entire reply. That’s because my focus here is on the bigger picture, on whether or not I think before the end of the series we’re getting to a point in Dean’s character development where among a series of other things that are all part of it, he also allows himself to actively want and pursue a long-term romantic relationship and/or he can admit to and confess romantic feelings for Cas. IMO the answer, again, is yes. Will we? Chuck knows.

I know this is kinda specific but I’ve fully expected for more than a season and a half for Dean to get to the ‘I love you’ point before the end of the series with both Sam and Cas - naturally in my best case scenario with two explicitly different connotations.

I hope this helped some, honey.