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Soooo, saw the Lego Batman movie… I won’t give any spoilers, but not only is this a great sequel to ‘the Lego Movie’, I swear to god it was the best Batman movie in a decade. Say what you want about the Nolanverse– I personally thought the first and last movie were boring– but ‘the Dark Knight’ revived a love for Batman in the heart of people after many were disparaged from ‘Batman and Robin’. And for that I appreciate it.

But Lego Batman… was like a freaken LOVE LETTER to all things Batman. The nerd in my fangasmed at all the references, the kid in me laughed at all the jokes, and the writer in me can’t believe how– outside the brilliant comedy– this is a genuine Batman movie. One that deals about his loss, and what made him into the man we know today.

Just… if you can, please go see this movie. You’ll have a great time, Snark approval.
The 25 Best Romances of the 21st Century, From ‘Carol’ to ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’
Our choices range from the auteur visions of Ang Lee and Richard Linklater to the unabashedly mainstream (gulp) oeuvre of Sandra Bullock. Get your creamed spinach and poached eggs ready.
By Michael Nordine, Anne Thompson

5. “Only Lovers Left Alive” (2013) 

Jim Jarmusch’s best movie in decades is a vampire love story shot for $7 million in the noirish ruins of Detroit and the narrow alleys of Tangier. Both deadpan funny and visually delightful, the movie follows melancholic musician vampire Adam (Tom Hiddleston), holed up in a frayed Detroit house in a decaying neighborhood, who joyfully reunites with his centuries-long mate Eve (Tilda Swinton) when she flies in from Africa. They’d rather acquire black-market blood than prey on humans. But those rules don’t necessarily apply to Eve’s feral younger sister vampire (Mia Wasikowska), who fancies Adam’s human link to the outside world (Anton Yelchin). Swinton and Hiddleston define cool and sexy, and Wasikowska has never been so delightfully devilish. —AT

6. “The Deep Blue Sea” (2011)

Terence Davies has directed just eight movies in his decades-long career, none more heartbreaking than “The Deep Blue Sea.” The writer/director made Terence Rattigan’s play all his own with the help of Tom Hiddleston and a masterful Rachel Weisz, here playing two star-crossed lovers whose memories of World War II are almost as traumatic as their doomed affair. “Tragedy’s too big a word — sad, perhaps, but hardly Sophocles,” says Weisz, but you may disagree after watching what she goes through. Forget being on the verge: This is a woman in the midst of a nervous breakdown, and rarely since Gena Rowlands in “A Woman Under the Influence” has watching that downward spiral been so painful and cathartic all at once. —MN

A Vintage Ask!

1.    Favorite musician/album(s) from the 50’s?

2.    Favorite musician/album(s) from the 60’s?

3.    Favorite musician/album(s) from the 70’s?

4.    Favorite musician/album(s) from the 80'’s?

5.    Favorite 50’s Movie(s)?

6.    Favorite 60’s Movie(s)?

7.    Favorite 70’s Movie(s)?

8.    Favorite 80’s Movie(s)?

9.    Favorite 50’s actor/actress?

10. Favorite 60’s actor/actress?

11. Favorite 70’s actor/actress?

12. Favorite 80’s actor/actress?

13. Favorite 50’s TV Show(s)?

14. Favorite 60’s TV Show(s)?

15. Favorite 70’s TV Show(s)?

16. Favorite 80’s TV Show(s)?

17. Favorite “classic” car(s)?

18. Favorite 50’s-80’s visual artist(s)?

19. Favorite 50’s-80’s fashion model(s)?

20. The decade/era (in your opinion) that had the best fashion?

21. The decade/era (in your opinion) that had the best movies?

22. The decade/era (in your opinion) that had the best music?

23. What “vintage” items would you like to own, someday?

24. What “vintage” items do you already own?

25. Favorite vintage blogs?

My correct opinion of the day: the best action sequences from movies of this decade so far are

1.) Kingsman’s church scene
2.) The Raid: Redemption’s hallway (seventh floor) scene
3.) Drive’s dressing room scene
4.) John Wick 2’s subway tunnel contract killers scene
5.) Django Unchained’s plantation house shootout
6.) Kick-Ass’s hallway shootout
7.) Star Wars VII: The Force Awaken’s traitor scene
8.) John Wick’s club scene
9.) Inception’s hallway scene

In that order

some thoughts on horror movies in 2016

The best 10 horror films of 2016:

6. The Invitation - This one had the plot of a thriller with the atmosphere of a horror movie. It’s not traditional horror movie but it feels like a paranoid fever dream all the way through.

5 Ouija: Origin of Evil - I was going to skip watching this one until I found out that it’s the same person who directed Oculus. I gave it a try and it surprised me. It had a couple of really great Horror Movie Moments that make it work really well.

4. Southbound**** - Southbound is not the best movie on this list but it was by far my favorite movie of 2016. It’s an anthology horror film with segments that are connected with each other. The Accident Scene alone would make the movie–it’s got just the perfect amount of genuine creepiness and gore.

3. The Autopsy of Jane Doe - I don’t know exactly what to call this one but it’s so much fun. It’s set in a private morgue that feels like it’s built like a maze and takes place over the course of one night. It’s both scary and clever.

2. They Look Like People - If it hadn’t been the year of The Witch, this movie would have gotten the top spot. I loved everything about it; the characters are relatable and easy to fall in love with. At the same time, it’s actually really scary, and the ending turned the story into a wonderful piece of art. 

1. The Witch - This one is one of the top 3 best movies of the decade so far, hands down. So well-researched and atmospheric, it really sets itself up for the hard-hitting ending, one that has stuck with me since I saw it. 

Movies I didn’t understand but ok:

February - I think there was some sort of time loop happening or something idk?

Baskin*** - Literally my least favorite movie of the year. What the fuck

This is the shit I don’t like:

Blair Witch - I cannot tell you how excited I was for this movie. The original Blair Witch Project is still one of my favorite found-footage films. But this one just didn’t make any sense?

Don’t Breathe - This movie was just bad. 

Lights Out - Just watch the short film.

I don’t know where to put these movies: 

The Shallows - Blake Lively and a shark, bitchin. It’s cool if you like sharks. 

10 Cloverfield Lane - I liked it but I wasn’t wowed. It didn’t stick with me at all except I worship at the altar of Mary Elizabeth Winstead. 

I feel so bad for TJ Miller, because he’s like been in some of the best comedic movies and series the past decade (Silicon Valley, Deadpool) and animation (Gravity Falls, Big Hero 6, How to Train Your Dragon) but usually as supporting character, then he finally gets a chance to do both as a lead and it’s the fucking Emoji Movie.

Like, he left Silicon Valley to do the Emoji Movie, and now the guy was almost on suicide watch because of the reaction and the harassment he got for being in it.

Because I can’t sleep,

My 25 Favorite Films (2010-2013):

25. Bullhead (2011)

24. Another Earth (2011)

23. Amour (2012)

22. Fruitvale Station (2013)

21. We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011)

20. I’m Still Here (2010)

19. The Place Beyond the Pines (2013)

18. Take Shelter (2011)

17. Blue Valentine (2010)

16. Drive (2011)

15. Upstream Color (2013)

14. Short Term 12 (2013)

13. Tyrannosaur (2011)

12. Gravity (2013)

11. All is Lost (2013)

10. Rust and Bone (2012)

9. Before Midnight (2013)

8. Disconnect (2012)

7. The Hunt (2012)

6. Shame (2011)

5. 12 Years a Slave (2013)

4. Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

3. The Tree of Life (2011)

2. Spring Breakers (2013)

1. Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)

me whenever i rewatch a fav film and have to yell at the rooftops abt it


I’ve chosen 10 Horror movies from each decade after the 1950’s, and 10 from 1920-1959. They aren’t necessarily the best horror movies from each decade, but they’re the ones I feel like watching the most..

These are my selections for the 1980’s 💀 

The Shining (1980) 

Friday the 13th (1980) 

The Evil Dead (1981) 

The Thing (1982) 

Sleepaway Camp (1983) 

Cujo (1983) 

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) 

The Fly (1986) 

Hellraiser (1987) 

Child’s Play (1988)

(Oh, and I watched Poltergeist too.. it sucked so bad I replaced it with Sleepaway Camp)

Can I admit something? I love Zoe Saldana. 

I loved her when she did greenface in Guardians of the Galaxy.

 I loved her when she did blueface in Avatar. 

I especially loved her when she did exasperated balletface for Center Stage, the best dance movie of all time. 

Despite all of that love (literally decades of love), I cannot support Zoe Saldana donning blackface to portray Nina Simone in the upcoming biopic Nina

Really, now? This is egregious. Yes, Zoe Saldana is an Afro-Latina woman, but that doesn’t excuse the darkened makeup, the wig, and the prosthetic nose it requires to make Zoe look like Nina. That’s blackface

Actresses who look like Nina Simone really do exist, Hollywood. Look harder. 

anonymous asked:

Have you seen Inglourious Basterds ? is very good, if I'm not mistaken are 3 stories in a movie and has one of the best male performances of the decade made by Christoph Waltz.

i was wondering what tarantino movie i should watch next then i saw your message and i loved it, the story, everything! the ending scene had me smiling waltz was amazing i agree and brad pitt… what a man


IMO best two movies of the decade. If you haven’t seen Bahubali 1 and 2….you should. Straight up!! #Bahubali #Baahubali #movies #cinema #music #India #film #epic #action #romance

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