best movie of all time everyone go watch it right now

Halloween carols

(A/N): I was watching the nightmare before Christmas when I wrote this…

Warnings: none

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    Halloween had passed and so had the season of candy, costumes, and fun halloween songs. Luckily your favorite halloween movie could also pass for christmas as well and you most definitely were going to take advantage of that. 

   This was at least the 3 time you’d watched Nightmare before Christmas this week and it was only Tuesday. You knew it was annoying everyone to constantly have to listen to you chanting ‘THIS IS HALLOWEEN,’ but you didn’t feel any shame, after all all the other Avengers were constantly doing things to annoy you. Plus, this is halloween was single handedly the greatest halloween song ever made, they should appreciate that you were bestowing it’s grace and beauty upon them; which is exactly what you were doing right now. 

    You’d been at home all day, just watching any movie you had on demand. You of course had been saving the best for last, for when you ran out of shitty movies to watch and you just had. You nearly wicked smile crosses over your face as you push play on your favorite Tim Burton movie. 

   The screen alights with those dark colors and you have to suppress yourself from quoting the entire beginning, you were saving your voice for the grande finale (or beginning). The song was just about to start up, you had opened your mouth to start chanting the lyrics when your “tim burton” time was interrupted. 

   Bucky trudged into the living room, most likely having just woke up from his “nap” (the man had gone to bed 6 hours ago and now he was just waking up). His hair was up in a small, messy bun and he was rubbing at his eyes tiredly. Even as a sleepwalking zombie he was probably the cutest thing you’d ever seen. He stopped in his tracks to give you a sleepy smile, his eyes twinkling softly as he does so. 

   “What’re you doin’?” He asks as he trudges over to you, plopping down directly beside you. 

   “Watching a movie, wanna join?” Bucky smiles as he rests his head on your shoulder, nodding as he does so. 

   “What’re we watching?” Your wicked smile returns as your finger itches to press the play button. 

   “Only the greatest movie of all time,” You whisper before pressing play. The song starts up and you begin to sing, quieter than you originally planned considering there was now another person in the room. 

   “Boys and girls of every age wouldn’t you like to see something strange, come with us and you will see, this our town of halloween,” You whisper the lyrics with the same amount of conviction and energy as when you usually sing it loudly. “This is halloween, this is halloween, pumpkins scream in the dead of night, this is halloween everybody make a scene, trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright,” Bucky beside you stirs, turning his head slightly so he could watch you sing. A bubble of self-consciousness rises within you but then Bucky’s smiling at you, that cute one that made him look like an actual puppy. 

   “Don’t stop,” Bucky whispers as he turns his head once again, this time to press a kiss to your shoulder. Now you’re smiling and your confidence has returned. 

   “I am the one hiding under your bed, teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red,” You manage to get your voice sounding somewhat like the monsters and you can see Bucky’s smile growing as he listens intently. “I am the one hiding under your stairs, fingers like snakes and spiders in my hair,” Now Bucky’s laughing at you, chuckling softly as you drop your voice a few octaves to reach those low notes. “This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!” You stop to catch your breath, smiling a bit breathlessly albeit proudly. “Okay, that’s all I’m singing,” 

   “Aww, come on!” Bucky whines, pouting like a small child. “It was so good, finish the song, pleeeeaaaseee?” You only chuckle and shake your head, gently patting Bucky’s cheek as you do so. 

   “I think you hear enough, right?” 

   “No! I need you to sing all of it,” Bucky demands, only contributing to his child like behavior. You cast Bucky a side glance, wondering if was really serious and by the look on his face he was. You sigh softly although the smile on your face betrayed your annoyed tone. 

   “Aren’t you scared well that’s just fine,”

~Extended Ending~

   “This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween,” Bucky found himself subconsciously singing along to the song as he walked around the tower, stopping just before the training room. 

   “Oh my god,” Steve murmurs from behind him, having just walked up to train as well. “They got you? You’ve been converted into that madness?” Bucky merely smiles as he punches in the code to the room, stepping in once the doors opened. 

   “What can I say, it’s a great song,” 

I can honestly say that everyone was right about this show – the best part is definitely this huge mansion. God, you guys are probably having the time of your life, living in luxury and all, innit? Well, I’m glad the interior is nice on the eyes. Sorry for my rambling, oops. I’ve unpacked my suitcases so I definitely do deserve some rest now. Do you happen to know if the movie room collection consists of movies that just premiered or do I have to spend money to go watch Pitch Perfect 2 at the cinema ??