best movie ever basically

so hear me out,,,Pacific Rim is hands down possibly one of the Best movies ever created bc it’s basically about fight robot soulmates,,,a fighting robot soulmate au,,,what more do u want

Spencer Hastings is Uber A

Hi everyone! I’ve been working on this theory for months and I promised everyone I would post it. I think this is the best theory I’ve written. So here it is. Spencer is Uber -A and Charlotte’s killer. There is A LOT of stuff that points to her and I will explain everything in this post. She was wearing the black hoodie way BEFORE CeCe was revealed as “A”. She was working solo. She was always one step ahead of A and I’m going to prove it here. First we have to look at “A” It’s a rule for “A” either if you’re ORIGINAL, BIG, or UBER, whatever… you have to be a incredibly smart

“A” can’t be just played by anyone from the show. The person who is behind the stalking and the threats HAS to have everything under control. There are only 4 people that can play this role and it’s: Spencer, Mona, Wren, and Lucas. A lot of people say that none of the liars can’t be A because they are the ones that get the threats. This is a lie because if you go back to season 2, Mona was sending herself texts and she was ‘A’. In season 4, supposedly CeCe dressed herself as Red Coat to help Alison save Emily from “A” and she was the one behind it. Never ever trust ANYONE on the show. The show is about LYING.

Marlene King described Uber ‘A’ as the smartest and most motivated A of all. Spencer is one of the smartest characters on the show along with Mona. We are talking about a genius here. There are currently three villains on the show:

A.D / Uber A = Charlotte’s killer

Amoji = Elliott Rollins & Mary Drake

Uber A is indeed the smartest A of all because she’s the killer and is pretending to find Charlotte’s killer when she’s the one behind it

Uber A is Charlotte’s killer and here’s why: Mary and Elliott are working with Uber A (I think they don’t even know who this person is and their motives, they are just pawns because they think this person is also looking for Charlotte’s killer) Uber A is incredibly smart to just expose their identity. Every “A” is an anonymous character. Back when CeCe was A no one from the team knew it was her just Sara but of course she had to expose herself so she could force her to help and lock her in the dollhouse

In other words, “A” is the killer and is trying to find someone to blame for the murder. She’s hiding in plain sight while she’s enjoying the show. Literally.

Spencer has everything to be A. She has the brain, she has the resources, money, the liars’ trust, she has her family that will protect her at all costs. Literally, Peter believed that Spencer had killed Alison and that’s why she was protecting her. She has EVERYTHING to play such sinister game.

In 3x01 “It Happened that Night”, 5 months have passed after Mona is revealed as A and Maya’s death. 3x01 has been known as “The Return of Uber A”. These are the people that are in this episode.

Alison, Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Aria, Mona, Ezra, Caleb, Toby, Wren, Lucas, Ella, Ashley, Veronica, and Garrett. 

The liars are having a sleepover at Spencer’s house and this is when Emily is drugged with Milizopam and is taken to the cemetery. If you re-watch the scene which is here you can see that it was impossible for anyone else to drug her. She was drugged by one of the liars and it was SPENCER! Spencer took the flask from her. No one else was in the house. Spencer is the first one to find out that Emily is gone without telling the other two; it wasn’t until Aria finds out that Emily is missing. Spencer only says “She’s gone, I looked everywhere” When they find Emily at the cemetery. Spencer tells them that someone called Emily from her phone. If someone else called Emily from her phone, she would’ve known who it was. She’s not a dumb bitch. She called her. By the way, 3x01 parallels to the pilot episode if any of you haven’t noticed.

Something that caught my attention was the reference she brought up in 3x12. She makes a reference to the film Basic Instinct. I’ve watched this episode several times and I ignored this reference…but it’s really interesting because it connects to someone’s death.

Spencer: Uh, drugging yourself is the best alibi ever. Classic Sharon stone move. Remember that movie, basic instinct? No. No. She wrote a murder mystery novel to cover up a crime that she was about to commit. It was actually kind of genius.

If you’re not familiar with Basic Instinct. It’s an erotic film in which a crime novelist and psychologist woman named Catherine Tramell played by Sharon Stone murders people and uses her novels as alibis. One of the famous quotes from the film is “ Writing a book about it gives you an alibi for not killing him” Catherine is a serial murderer and a master manipulator (very similar to Alison from the books by the way) If you haven’t noticed, 3x12 parallels to 6x12. “The Lady Killer” foreshadowed a female’s death 3 seasons later and it was Charlotte’s aka CeCe Drake and in that episode everyone is looking for an alibi

Spencer confesses to Caleb that Charlotte was murdered very similar to what she had written in her college essay. The essay = alibi. Reference to Basic Instinct. The perfect murder, the perfect alibi. Spencer and Caleb’s relationship is somewhat similar to the film. Spencer would be Catherine Tramell and Caleb would Detective Nick Curran who is investigating the homicide. In the movie, Curran cannot seem to let go of Tramell and is drawn in by her wit, charm, beauty, and fearsome seduction.

Going back to the scene in the pilot episode where she thinks she heard Alison scream. Spencer always acted shady about that night Alison disappeared and it’s because  she was in fact going to kill Alison but it was too late for her to do that. Charlotte bashed Alison’s head and Alison was buried alive. That’s why she left the barn and was looking for her but never found her. Alison was probably on her way to the Lost Woods Resort with Mona. Spencer was the one that hated Alison the most even after their reunion in 4x24 there was still tension between them. Indeed, Girls fight a lot dirtier than boys. She was going to murder Alison but someone else did it for her. She was going to kill Alison that night and was going to use the “I was drugged” as an alibi if anyone would suspect her. 

Spencer is that character that everyone trusts and plans ahead. MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS! This has been talked in the fandom for years of her dressing up as Mary Queen of Scots on the first Halloween episode. Mary Queen of Scots was found guilty of plotting to assassinate Elizabeth I who was the queen at that time. Mary wanted to become Queen and the only way she could was to assassinate Elizabeth. This perfectly fits with Alison/Spencer and Spencer/Charlotte. She plot to kill Alison to become the “leader” of the group. Mary Queen of Scots wanted power. She plot to kill Charlotte to takeover the “A” game. 

AND IT ALL LEADS BACK TO RADLEY! Every person that has turned out to be bad or A somehow has been in Radley. It’s a PATTERN. Radley holds all the answers

Mona = Original A
CeCe = Big A
Mary Drake = Twin
Spencer = A-team member

Something that connects both families (Hastings and DiLaurentis) is Radley Sanitarium and Jessica’s affair with Peter.

The Hastings have a secret from Radley. This is why Peter had an agreement with Jessica DiLaurentis and wanted for Toby to sign the papers so they could close Radley. Here’s the story: 

Spencer was adopted from Radley by Peter and Veronica Hastings. Veronica wanted another child but developed an illness that led to her cancer later on. She couldn’t risk getting pregnant again. So she decided to adopt a child. Spencer was in Radley as a child and this is what we are going to find out about her in season 7. Troian confirmed that Spencer is hiding something and that we will find out next season. It explains why she felt a connection with “Charles” in the vault room. She felt like Charles was someone who she met a long time ago when she was very little. Yes, because they were both patients at Radley. 

A lot of people say that she felt a connection because they went apple picking together. Which is true, but it was never mentioned that both families went together. Plus, Charles went there when he was 5 before he was sent to Radley. Spencer at that time was a baby. Too young to feel a connection. Her dream about Radley where we see the girl played by Maddie Ziegler proves this. That scene is NOT irrelevant as we are led to believe. Yes, Maddie is a big fan of the show and wanted to be in it. But c’mon if you are putting her on the show just because she’s a fan why not a scene at the Brew or somewhere else? Spencer is unstable that’s why she was in a mental institution and this is why Peter thought that she was capable of murdering Alison because they know she has mental issues. Jessica also mentioned one time that Spencer had something against the family and wanted Alison to stay away from her

Another thing that proves that’s she’s adopted is that she said that Hide & Seek was her favorite childhood game with Melissa because she always won but Melissa doesn’t remember. She must’ve been playing with someone at Radley. 

Another film reference that points to Spencer as being “A” one of the A messages Uber A sends was “I don’t lurk in the shadows, I hide in plain sight” if you google “Hide in Plain Sight” you will notice that this is a 1980 film and is written by a screenwriter named Spencer. A clue?

There is a lot of confusion as to who sent the messages. Mary & Elliot were sending the texts with the emojis. Uber A is signing as A.D and the last message you can see that there were no emojis

SHAKESPEARE! SHAKESPEARE! There is only one character on the show that’s obsessed with Shakespeare and that’s Spencer Hastings.

Colin: It’s just that Melissa mentioned you liked Shakespeare, so…

Spencer: I don’t like Shakespeare. I love Shakespeare.

Colin: They’re doing Hamlet at the RSC.

Spencer: Seriously? Oh, my gosh, seeing a play at the Royal Shakespeare Company is on my bucket list.

Colin: I didn’t know 18-year-olds had bucket lists. Is that an American thing? Spencer: No, it’s a Hastings thing. I’ve had mine since I was six. And Hamlet is my favorite.

That’sWhatAsaid is one of the writers (I think it’s Joseph Dougherty) tweets riddles and most of them are clues about the “A” mystery

There is one scene from season 4 that still bothers me and I want an explanation but since it hasn’t been explained, I will use it in this theory and it works out with Spencer. The ending of 4x09 “Into the Deep” ends with two “A” endings one person is in the black hoodie playing the piano and the other one was red coat sneaking into the DiLaurentis house This Red Coat was confirmed by @ThatsWhatASaid and by Marlene herself that it was CeCe who was surveilling in her family’s house. So who is in the black hoodie playing the piano?

This could be a plot hole but I doubt it. There are only 4 people on the show that play the piano and that’s Alison, Spencer, Mona, Aria, and Melissa. We know that Melissa had piano lessons with Spencer. We knew a lot of things about CeCe and the things she enjoyed but it was NEVER mentioned on the show that she played the piano. The person playing the piano is definitely Spencer and I will prove it. This “A” sent Toby musical notes and it was because Marion enjoyed playing the piano. The proof that this is Spencer are the musical notes. The musical notes must’ve been in Radley because that’s where Marion spent her last days. Spencer was in Radley and she got them from there. Coincidentally, in the episode “Will The Circle be Unbroken” (3x22) is when Spencer learns from Eddie Lamb that Marion Cavanaugh used to be a patient there and after this season, “A” starts helping Toby find out about his mom’s death giving him personal stuff like photos, cds, etc. 

How did she find out about her personal stuff? If you don’t remember, there was a board game called “Voyage” and according to Eddie Lamb, Mona used to play it when she was at Radley. The board game is a map of Radley with secret rooms and exits. Thanks to this board game she knew every door in Radley and that’s how she had access to Marion’s personal stuff. Plus, it looks like This proves that there was was someone else working solo, Uber A. CeCe wasn’t in all the A endings wearing the black hoodie that’s for sure.

In 5x08, Spencer and Emily go to the stables where Jessica was taking Bethany. In that episode, there is a horse that goes wild and kicks the gate and something goes into Spencer’s eye making her go to see the eye doctor the next episode. This is where Spencer sees two “Jennas” but it was Jenna and Sydney, who was going with Jenna to the appointments. In the end of that episode, we see “A” at the eye doctor. This can NOT be CeCe because as far as we know “A” didn’t have a reason to go to see an eye doctor. There are only two people that needed to see an eye doctor and that was Spencer and Jenna. This can NOT be Jenna because she’s blind and Sydney used to go with her to the appointments. There is only one person left. SPENCER!

Please give me credit. I’ve worked so hard on this and it’s just unfair if you say it’s yours. If you want to talk about it follow me on twitter @boyfataie

Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret

Sam Drake Period Headcanons

A/N: Credit to @spookyscarypirateskeletons for helping me with some of them 💕

Warnings: Period stuff

Tagging: @bizarre-mimo 💞

- Cuddles, endless cuddles

- Sweet kisses to your stomach if you have tummy ache

- While spooning Sam will have one hand running through your hair while the other is gently running over your stomach to help sooth the pain

- Gentle massages on your lower back

- Would give you his Henley/Fletcher v neck to wear because 1) you find it so comforting and 2) Sam thinks you look super hot in it

- Will get you a heat pack or hot water bottle if you need one

- If you craved a certain food he would drive anywhere to get it for you. He hates seeing you in pain or uncomfortable

- Makes you food at 3am

- Endless amounts of tea or hot coco

- When you ask him to go and get feminine supplies he will literally buy every kind of product in the store

- Plus a cuddly toy and sweeties to make you feel better

- Will watch any movie you, literally anything

- Period sex? Probably

- Basically the best boyfriend ever when it comes to dealing with you on your period

Bonus Headcanon:

- If you and Sam are on an adventure together or doing a job during your time of the month then Sam will insist for you to take a break and stay in the hotel during the worst few days of it. He will come and spoon you while stroking your hair and whisper about all the beautiful places you will travel together in your ear


6 years of My name is Khan

“My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist.”

“There is nothing wrong in being scared just don’t let your fear be so big that it stops you from moving ahead.”

Dear anon: I accidentally deleted your ask re:headcanons because it is nearly 2am where I live and my eyes bags are looking less Gucci and more plastic bag as every minute passes. 

  • But another one of my ultimate Saphael headcanons is that Simon is pretty much always telling Raphael random facts about himself.
  • These facts range from everything to his favorite season of Buffy to his shoe size but he never really gets anything in return. 
  • After a while he starts to feel like there is a definite divide in their relationship, Raphael knows everything about him and he knows virtually nothing about him. 
  • After many failed attempts to get Raphael to play 20 questions with him Simon grows very frustrated and demands that Raphael tells him something about himself, even if it’s just something stupid like his favorite color. 
  • Raphael eventually starts to feel bad for him (and his own sanity) and tells him if ever manages to successfully guess the answer to one of his questions, he’ll tell him. 
  • Simon, of course, takes to the challenge with a single mindedness that Raphael wished he’d focus on his training and ends up guessing his favorite colour within the day.
  • After this Simon moves on through a million different questions, getting stuck when he finally reaches favorite movie because it turns out Raphael has seen very little in the way of modern or old cinema. 
  • When his suggestion of Star Wars is met with a flat look he ends up demanding Raphael watch all of them with him (even the prequels) and is left feeling very scandalized when he doesn’t immediately decide that they’re the best movies he’s ever seen.
  • But basically Simon keeps trying to guess for weeks until his frustration is at a peak and he feels like strangling Raphael (even though he doesn’t need to breathe)
  • One day he’s angrily going through his DVD collection, that he had Clary get from his house especially for this purpose, when an old Judy Garland song (he’s pretty sure it’s the song from the Wizard of Oz) starts to play on the radio.
  • He’s just about to start up another rant about how he’s going to find out what it is even if it kills him (again) when he looks up at Raphael and see’s the carefully rehearsed look of nonchalance on his face waver, feelings betrayed only by the sadness of his eyes. A rare glimpse at the humanity he still held on to.
  • After a minute of silence, Raphael quietly tells him that the song is his favorite, but only because it was his mother’s favorite and it reminds him of her and how she used to sing it when he was little
  • They sit quietly for rest of the song and if Simon slips his hand into Raphael’s and he squeezes it ever so slightly, well, who’s around to see it anyway?
  • After that, Simon calms down on the guessing because he finally realizes that nothing can ever match the feeling of authenticity that comes with finding out something about someone not because you force them to tell you, but because they choose to trust you with it.

Sorry it’s so long…I listened to Over the Rainbow earlier and it slayed me 


Nicole Beharie Appreciation Week Day 3
↳ Favorite Movie of Nicole’s: The Last Fall

“I could be enough to love you forever.
I could be the one to show you heaven.

You could be with me so happy together. 
Faith, I will make you believe.”

Mona, Mona, Mona mania…

Is she still ‘A’? She’s everywhere, but she’s nowhere…

Classic Sharon Stone move.

“Drugging yourself is the best alibi ever, classic Sharon stone move. Remember that movie, Basic Instinct? She wrote a murder mystery novel to cover up a crime that she was about to commit, it was actually kind of genius.” 

Mona saved her blood for a long time in order to make her death look real. And for what? To surrender and prove to ‘A’ that they have won the game? I don’t buy it. I think Mona faked her own death in order to make it seem like she was really kidnapped and taken into the dollhouse, instead of her actually helping create it.. which she did.

Her dolls.

We see Mona with her Ali doll in 4x24 in a flashback in her ‘A’ lair at the Lost Woods Resort.

We see her again with different dolls in the children’s ward of Radley in 3x07. 

Notice how she says, “I miss my dolls” while looking in the direction of Hanna and Aria hiding in the closet.

And of course, here’s Mona dressed as ‘A’ in 3x15 telling someone that “he’s on his way” and that she will call them back. Sounds like she has some type of authority in the A-team, even though she’s all better now and out of Radley. (Could she have been the one giving Cece orders?)

Then we see the same Ali doll again in the dollhouse that was in Mona’s ‘A’ lair in 3x17. Notice the Liars dolls are there, too.

Here are the dolls and the dollhouse again in the 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars, episode 5x05.

The dollhouse.

Remember weird little coincidences, like when Mona was inside of Aria’s bedroom alone in 4x18 and complimented Aria’s wallpaper? The Liars rooms inside of the dollhouse were very similar to their real life bedrooms.. right down to every detail, even the wallpaper. 

And Sara  Shower Harvey…

Then in 6x19 there’s this subtle hint that Mona was the ultimate “puppet-master”. 

Obviously Mona wasn’t working by herself but I do believe that she had a hand in orchestrating the dollhouse and in the kidnapping of the Liars, her dolls. They were never Charlotte’s. 

I think that Mona is a double-agent and she has been since she revealed herself as ‘A’ in 2x24. The only question is, who’s side is she on? The Liars side or the dark side?

Okay So I Just Watched 10 Inch Hero for the first time and let me tell you:

That was one of the greatest movies I have ever seen.

The Music in the soundtrack was just oh my god

The writers made all characters were related able to the people watching

Jensen Ackles’s T-Shirts Deserved their own movie by how awesome they were

Each and every character was put into situations that made them realize their self-worth

Scenery was beautiful


And everybody, AND I MEAN EVERYBODYhad a happy ending

where-the-magic-lives  asked:

i was looking through your blog and saw someone call you an actual disney princess so, if you were the next disney princess, what would your dress look like?


this is what I would look like

yes I would be in an Asian living in a multi-cultural fantasy village

AND THIS WOULD BE THE STORY and it would be the best movie ever 

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