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Title: Don’t it Feel Good? 


Word Count: 7597

Summary:  “I mean, we’re just having fun right? It doesn’t have to be complicated,” Dan explains quickly.
“Just fun, nothing else.”
“… Okay. But if either of us wants to stop, for any reason, then that’s it,” Phil says, finally.
Or, the FWB fic with none of the smut, all of the angst, and a ridiculously happy ending

Warnings: Implied sexual content, Steven Universe spoilers

A/N: Thank you so much to @yourfriendlyblogstalker for beta’ing this for me, you’re the best! And to @snowbunnylester to giving me the courage to write this in the first place 

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Gency Headcanons

I’m just laying here in bed thinking about some Gency headcanons and wondering if, were the pairing to be real, whether or not my husband and I would share any parallels to the both of them. This, of course, led to me thinking about the two doing things like we do instead.



Genji is pretty no nonsense in front of everyone but Angela. He stays quiet until he feels there is something that needs to be said. He can also be kind of snarky at times, though not to be a complete asshole. Angela, on the other hand, is a people person even if she’s quiet sometimes. She can pick up conversation and roll with it, and she likes to make people smile. Both of them will almost blindly defend the other in an argument.

Angela loves clothing and fashion, and although neither of them has much time to dabble in hobbies or frivolous things, Genji liked watching her gush over what is left of the the fashion industry.

Genji still harbors something from his old past: gaming. While not nearly as active in it as he used to be, he still gets incredibly competitive and hates losing to anyone. He and McCree often have a contest to see who can dismantle the most enemies on missions (think Legolas and Gimli).

Angela loves makeup, even though many people tell her she doesn’t need any. Her personal satchel is full of various lip glosses and she loves cat eye looks, often doing her liner to reflect this with a perfect wing. Thankfully, her complexion is perfect, giving her the ability to focus on perfecting a perfect eye. Her favorite color eyeshadow is purple.

Genji falls asleep before Angela if he’s comfortable enough at night. Requiring less sleep than her because of his cybernetics, he still tries to trick his system into going to bed at the same time as her.

Angela thinks it’s incredibly hot when Genji takes time out of his day to cook something for her. There has been a time or two where he’d bring her something at the base in Gibraltar when she couldn’t stop to fix something, and she found herself beaming all day.

Angela loves onions, mushrooms, and olives. Genji thinks this is gross but accepts it.

Genji had caught Angela peeking at him in the shower before. It’s not lost on him that Angela told him showers aren’t necessarily required to clean his hardware. He takes showers on purpose.

Nothing means more to Angela than Genji opening up to her and telling her about his past. Even little stories about his childhood at the arcade or the best ramen he’d ever had make her light up.

Every morning before he leaves her room, Genji leaves little sticky notes in Angela’s room with Japanese kanji for her to try to translate. They’re usually romantic or cheesy things, but time to time he has been known to draw little stick figure birds or goofy looking dogs sticking their tongues out. Genji isn’t a very good artist and his scribbled make her laugh. He knows this.


I may make more of these later but I’m so sleeeeeeeeeepy.