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When an animation movie can talk about race, profiling, discrimination, the use of fear for political gain, backwards history, plays on real power structures, relationships between characters that are not romance, characters that are tough but need to grow when neither is better than the other, have real ‘modern’ feeling to what friendships are like and not what they’re supposed to be like, see prejudice stemming even from the most ‘credible’ individuals in society, talk about how dreams aren’t as easy to accomplish as we hope them to be, how dreaming is one thing but hard work is what gets you to the top (and even sometimes may not…) all while making it kid friendly!!! 

I don’t have words to describe how happy I am to see Disney come out with such a politically-charged movie critiquing the worst in our current society. It’s an animation and it does better work disseminating these messages (notice the plural) than any other movie out there in a very very VERY long time. I barely touched on everything they touched. I could analyze every scene and I would still be missing something. It’s gold. It’s pure gold. It has a couple flaws for some things, but that’s just a personal opinion- plus I totally forgive it given all the other wonders they give us.

puck1919  asked:

I don't know if you've answered this already, but which is your favorite game/generation? For me, I love the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald series because those were the games I started on. ^^

I have, but I always love talking about this.

The thing is I have to separate game and generation here, because my favorite generation is Gen 2 - I think it has most of my favorite Pokémon that I like to use and see (Cyndaquil, the Mareep line, Donphan, Ho-Oh, Sentret/Furret, Spinarak, Steelix, and Skarmory) and it’s probably the most nostalgic for me, since while I started playing with Blue, the anticipation and excitement for Gold/Silver was stupendous for me. A friend of my brother’s even got a Japanese version of Gold that I got to play and I tried to translate based on the few Japanese words I knew (thus transcribing the game’s text, assuming most of the time that two English letters were equivalent to one symbol). Subsequently, that’s also why I’m so dang happy that Mega Ampharos is a dragon - the thing’s friggin’ name in Japan is Denryuu - ELECTRIC DRAGON. It should have been dragon type from the start!

But anyway, yeah, it’s the most nostalgic for me and has some of the best Pokémon in the series, IMHO. It was so much fun exploring this new region, going on a new quest, and getting to go back to Kanto (a feature that I think ALL the games should have - getting to go back to the previous game’s region).

However, from a critical standpoint, and the game that resonates the most with me in terms of story, that goes to Black and White… White in particular, but I’ll get to why in a minute. While I dislike that you can only use Unova region Pokémon until post-game, I think the story is the strongest, with the best antagonists (N has sympathetic motivations and knowing his backstory you realize where he’s coming from, while Ghetsis is just a very clever, sadistic puppetmaster who wants power and even the grunts have people who are true believers AND just thugs) and the best moral messages, mainly that people should be allowed to make their own choices and not force their values on others (while also making sure you spend time knowing and understanding what it is you want, as shown with the rivals). The gym leaders play a much larger role in things, especially near the end, and we see larger parts of their personalities than just sitting around in their gyms all day waiting for someone to come challenge them. And of course there’s the epic attack on the Pokémon League by Team Plasma that makes perfect sense both in-story with N’s backstory but also just a great villain move (what better symbol is there to the people in Unova than a friggin’ drill castle rising up and surrounding the League?).

EDITED TO ADD: OH! Almost forgot! The reason why I prefer White to Black. The plot revolves around the legend of the “hero” of the region, a champion who will resolve the dilemma of truth vs. ideals. Now whether you chose black or white version makes the difference of which of the two legendaries you get, Reshiram or Zekrom. And N’s philosophy is built around the idea of no shades of grey and the standard “white vs. black” dichotomy of white = good, black = evil. White version gives you the Pokémon whose color scheme is black and Black version gives you the Pokémon whose color scheme is white. As such, if we follow along with N’s logic and the idea of that black and white color scheme, he chose the white Pokémon because white is seen in his eyes as the heroic color, the “good” while you chose the side that was eeeeevil and crap. Thus in White version it’s a subversion of expectations, because you’re using the Pokémon that traditionally in a moral narrative would be seen as the “evil” one.