best moral message

Movie magic

When an animation movie can talk about race, profiling, discrimination, the use of fear for political gain, backwards history, plays on real power structures, relationships between characters that are not romance, characters that are tough but need to grow when neither is better than the other, have real ‘modern’ feeling to what friendships are like and not what they’re supposed to be like, see prejudice stemming even from the most ‘credible’ individuals in society, talk about how dreams aren’t as easy to accomplish as we hope them to be, how dreaming is one thing but hard work is what gets you to the top (and even sometimes may not…) all while making it kid friendly!!! 

I don’t have words to describe how happy I am to see Disney come out with such a politically-charged movie critiquing the worst in our current society. It’s an animation and it does better work disseminating these messages (notice the plural) than any other movie out there in a very very VERY long time. I barely touched on everything they touched. I could analyze every scene and I would still be missing something. It’s gold. It’s pure gold. It has a couple flaws for some things, but that’s just a personal opinion- plus I totally forgive it given all the other wonders they give us.