best monday of my life

I burned my coworker so bad today and I am L I V I N G

Coworker A: Hey [Coworker B], what did you get [Boss] as a gift for ‘Bosses Day’ today?

Coworker B: A gift? Well, I showed up, didn’t I? 😏

Me: …yeah, if you wanted to get him a gift, you should’ve stayed home.

Me, rest of the office, my boss:

Just Friends~Part 8

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Part 8, I kind of hit the writers block, hard. But I’m back, I think I finally got my shit together for this story so it should go steadily from here, at least tat’s what I’m hoping :’) 

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angst? kind of? 

~Rose discovers the reasons for Jungkooks awful behavior.~

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The sun was warming my back as I sat in the middle of a crowded coffee shop. It was noisy, people were rushing in and out drinks in hand. I had plugged my earphones in and tried to concentrate on my work the steady beat of my music in my ears relaxing me. I typed on my computer and downed black coffee as I worked on the new project Jinyoung and I had been assigned. Since the success of the party we organized for Seunguri we had had a lot of work to do and we didn’t want to disappoint our boss. Our promotion was great and neither of us was complaining but the pressure was heavy, thank goodness we were sharing out the work with each other to get through it. Jinyoung always had a smile and was very down to earth which helped since I usually got carried away with my ideas that bubbled up inside my twisted mind. I came here to focus on work and work only. When I was at home I spent too much time thinking about Jungkook. There were too many reminders of him. Some things I could put away somewhere out of my sight but others I couldn’t. The walls were my worst enemy. We had painted them together when I moved in. Each time I looked up at them I remembered his face and hair covered in paint and his pretty smile and sparkling eyes looking down at me. That day I had had a hard time stopping myself from kissing him.
I took a break from work for five minutes sipping on my burning hot coffee as I saw a couple of students enter giggling. It was a tall young man and a shorter girl both in their school uniforms. They went to buy some drinks and a snack and headed out their face smothered with the biggest grins I had ever seen. They reminded me of Jungkook and I when we were younger. I smiled to myself as I thought about the day we first met. 

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I do massage on the side for extra cash. This last weekend I got hired for a one hour session by an adorably chubby pregnant woman (two of my kinks in one!). She undressed and as I began, she confessed to me she hadn’t been with a woman since her now ex knocked her up, so we talked a while about her desires - what she liked, etc.

Then she legit asked me to f**k her. Straight out, no subtlety. She told me she liked my belly, hips, my boobs, and she wanted me. Taken a bit back, I let her know that normally isn’t on the table as part of my services, but if she wanted, I could take her to dinner and we’d see.

Before this gets too long, we went to dinner, where she let me feed her and rub her belly, then we went back to her place and I didn’t leave until Monday morning. Best sex of my life, hands down. She has another appointment with me this Friday evening… 😊

Focus on what you can control. What can you change, and what’s out of reach? Work to manage your responsibilities but don’t obsess over them. Do your best and then let it go. If things don’t work out, that’s okay. Think about how you’ll act differently next time and know you did your best.
—  Monday Motivation

I am excited.
I’m excited because I leave on Monday for the best vacation of my life. After slaving away at my two jobs this summer, I get to embark on a journey with the greatest group of friends I’ve ever had: the Toronto squad.
We’re road tripping to Ottawa to see the 1989 tour. Then, we leave the next day to see the tour in Montreal. The last time I was in Montreal was for the speak now tour and I am so excited to be back. The next day, we make the long drive to New York. On Wednesday and Thursday, the squad is going to explore New York and I’m so excited for that because we’re going to frolic and take selfies and laugh and eat ice cream. And then on Friday, we end the big week with going to the 1989 tour at MetLife in New Jersey. Half of us have b stage pit and I’m currently squealing that I get to be that close to Taylor this tour.
For every night, we’ve made costumes that took months to plan and make and I’m so proud of them. I’m so excited to walk into each venue with a huge smile on my face and a bad ass outfit on my body. During those shows I can’t wait to dance so hard and sing out of tune. I’ve been looking forward to this all year. The best part is I’m experiencing it with my best friends.
While I want to meet Taylor more than absolutely anything, I won’t be sad at the end of this week if I don’t. Because I know I would’ve had the most fun of the entire summer and spent it with the people I love. I’ll meet her one day.
I am excited.

You have to hope that [good things] happen to you… That’s the only thing we really, surely have, is hope. You hope that you can be alive, that things will happen to you that you’ll actually witness, that you’ll participate in, rather than life just rolling over you, and you wake up and it’s Thursday, and what happened to Monday? Whatever the best part of my life has been, has been as a result of that remembering.
—  Bill Murray