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So my milk's drying up.

For over a week now, I can tell I’m pumping less and less, but more than that, I can nurse her for an hour and she’s not satisfied. I know she isn’t cluster feeding. She just wasn’t getting enough. Then she got to where she would latch, suck a few times, unlatch, and scream while she rooted around for it again. Over and over. Finally I’d give in and fix a bottle, which she took perfectly. I didn’t want to give up trying because I felt so guilty over the possibility of not being able to breastfeed anymore. I have been stressed, frustrated, and just worn out over these last few weeks. Not even just trying to deal with it when it comes to her nursing, but the mental battle I have had with myself over it.

I waited for her 2 month visit on the 8th so I could talk to her pediatrician and see what she said. Based on everything, she said it sounds like it is drying up and that while she’s an advocate for breastfeeding, just getting the baby fed is always best. She said how much it has stressed me out and I’ve worried over it isn’t going to do any good for me or baby. So, I basically have no choice except to swap to formula. I have nothing against formula. My brother and I had to be formula fed and we’re perfectly fine. Babies who are formula fed are perfectly fine. I’ve always been all whatever, fed is best, but the bond I have with her while breastfeeding and knowing she depends on me, I wasn’t quite ready for that to go away yet.