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VIXX: dating Ken would include

▪ ok this is the love of my life so I’m gonna have to make this super long

 ▪ him being completely stunned and speechless when he first sees you 

▪ and that’s saying a lot…this boy never shuts up

 ▪ if another member knows you, he’ll pester them and constantly ask about you, until they formally introduce him to you if you two haven’t met 

 ▪ he’ll make sure to be extra loud and funny while around you, his heart skipping a beat whenever he hears you laugh

 ▪ then when he finally realizes he needs to confess, he’s a ball of nerves and sweaty palms 

 ▪ but he just casually asks you one day to go on a drive with him, and parked in the middle of a grass field he’ll just take your hand and nervously pour his heart out 

 ▪ then after you make a comment about how this is totally out of a romantic movie, you just take him by surprise and peck his lips

 ▪ which completely catches him off guard and tries to go in for several other kisses until he’s satisfied


▪ omg, you better make sure you’ve eaten in front of him or this mom will scold you like there’s no tomorrow 

 ▪ “y/n!!! Baby, you know you need to stay healthy. Why haven’t you barely touched your food? You know what, let’s go out to eat instead”

 ▪ he’s so soft and cuddly in the morning, won’t even need to beg you for another 5 minutes 

 ▪ bc you wouldn’t even think about leaving him on the bed and looking all delicious by himself 

 ▪ loves it so so so much when you compliment him or give him feedback, even if it’s something small

 ▪ gets so much of an ego boost whenever he makes you laugh 

▪ extra points for when you spit out your food

 ▪ often would take off his shirt when you’re around during their rehearsals, just to see you catch your breath 

▪ then you’d get payback by asking another member to teach you a routine

 ▪ *cue adorable grumbling Jaehwan* 

 ▪ going on spontaneous drives together in the middle of the day/night

 ▪ heavy makeout sessions in the back seat 

 ▪ ok let’s not get too nsfw yikes 

 ▪ but seriously, sex with him would never be rough no matter how needy he is, he’s always so slow and passionate and in the moment omfg ok I’ll stop 

 ▪ having the best time babysitting his nephews and nieces with him

 ▪ and after you’ve tucked them in and they’re sleeping, he’d hug you from behind and talk about how he’d love to have children someday

 ▪ then proceed to hide his face in your neck bc he’s never really talked about that before  

▪ knows how to make you melt and gives you the cutest nicknames

 ▪ you and him trying to make Leo laugh, and fail 10/10 bc Ravi is the only one who could do it

 ▪ speaking of Ravi 

▪ I mean he knows you stole his bf, but he’s cool with it and he’s your guys’ biggest shipper tbh 


 ▪"jagiiiii, please come cuddle with me, I’m cold" *daeub* *flirty smile* *wink* 

▪ buys extra large sweaters on purpose just so you’d wear them 

▪ “oops, this is 3 sizes too big, I guess we’re gonna have to wear it at the same time” *daeub*

 ▪ won’t even bother hiding the hickies from the night before, he deals with the teasing like a man

 ▪ expects you to do the same (he’d point at your neck or move your hair out the way so everyone can see, the cheeky muffin) 

 ▪ actually very thoughtful and supportive and you become his first priority before anything else 

 ▪ rarely fighting with each other bc he’ll always sit you down and talk things through- he’s not a type to run away from his problems, esp with you

 ▪ he values you too much to have petty fights over nothing, and always makes sure you know that 

▪ he’d only tell you he loves you after being intimate or while you’re lazing away the day cuddled up in his lap 

▪ not too into PDA, he’d like to save those moments for when in private 

 ▪ insists on feeding you food when you’re sick, while making airplane noises 

 ▪ he’d try and make you laugh despite your pain, and calls in the other members to try and cheer you up if they’re not busy 

 ▪ loves you with all his heart and it’s obvious for the world to see

 ▪ pls treat my bf right and don’t break his heart 💘

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Top 5 Yamaguchi moments

Hey there! Thanks for sending this in ^_^ Here are my top 5 Yamaguchi moments: 

1. When he confronts and reminds Tsukishima of the reason people try hard at anything (AKA- “What more do you need than pride?”): This is my favorite scene because people often think of Yama as this docile sidekick, and I was overjoyed to see those “You know I can kick your ass, right?” and “I’m not taking any bullshit from you about this Tsukki” expressions on his face. 

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And speaking of calling Tsukki out on his bullshit, there also this gem of a scene: “Nationals! Nationals! But first, the award ceremony.” *slams door because he’s so done with his best friend’s self-berating moments*

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2, When he gets his first service ace in the match against Seijoh: I swear, this entire episode had me screaming along with everyone else on the team. He finally got his moment. So proud.

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3. Sassy Yams: People might assume he’s this 100% sweet boy (and sure, he’s sweet), but they forget his sass. And they forget how much Tsukki’s jabs at the others make him laugh. #NeverForgetSassyYams

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4. When Yama had to force Kags off the court: LMAO this lovely bonding moment cracked me up. He really takes no shit from anyone, this guy.

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5. Confident, happy Yams: I love all the moments in which he’s confident in his ability to win the team a point and an advantage. And have you seen his confident smile? It K I L L S me.

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like, holy shit:

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+Bonus: His fighting spirit is so strong.

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Note: Also, I really like the moments in which Yams talks to other team members about Tsukishima’s feelings and internal state. Like, there are no gifs for this, but I don’t want to not talk about Yamaguchi’s incredible perceptive skills when it comes to his best friend. Like, when he talks to Hinata about “what would you tell Tsukki?”, or in season 3 when Yama indicates that he was always confident about Tsukki’s competitive nature. These are the moments that go underappreciated, even though they matter so much and give us so much info about Yama’s character. And indeed, what a character we have been blessed with. 


Hope you enjoyed this :) ave a great day/night! ^_^

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RFA+ V reaction to MC initiating their first kiss? Like, they're talking and she puts her hand on the back of his head and leans in? Thank you so much! Your blog is my new favorite

//honestly, that means so much to me. i can’t help from smiling <33 


  • so it’s your first date, and you guys went out for a movie and casual stuffs and he was nervous the entire time and kinda shaky, and he was stuttering every few words but it couldn’t have been any cuter
  • “h-hey so I, uh, I really had fun with you tonight, and I’m s-sorry that I’m so awkward, I just really, really like you…”
  • and he runs his hand through his hair and he’s hoping for you to say something back so he doesn’t feel as bad
  • “so maybe next time we could-”
  • you cut him off and wrap your arms around his neck, standing on your tippy toes and you just gently place your lips on his
  • he’s really alarmed and he feels something explode inside of his stomach and he flushes bright pink
  • he relaxes into your touch and closes his eyes and puts his hands on your hips and kisses back
  • he’s surprised and kinda feels bad because he couldn’t kiss her first, but he’s just happy that he can do it now, though
  • bUT!! HE’s still kinda nervous but he’s actually burning, but he loves the feeling of your hands playing with the hair on the back of his neck
  • you pull away, and he actually trails you a little bit, but you just laugh and tell him that you’ll call him tomorrow
  • he’s shOOK, but he sighs and grins and calls it a successful day


  • he’s usually a very confident person, but there’s just something about you that makes him weak and nervous
  • so you’re at one of his shows, and he’s extra nervous this time, because you’re here watching him
  • before he goes on stage, you wrap your arms around his back and kiss him and he’s quick to start kissing you back
  • you had a raspberry chocolate bar before, and he can taste it on your mouth and it’s making him go wild inside because not only that, but you’re kissing him for the first time!!
  • he loves the feel of your lips, and he thinks they’re so soft and sweet and he can’t help it when he nibbles on your bottom lip a little bit
  • it’s like that thing, where you didn’t know you loved it so much until you tried it, and he thought you were just addicting
  • you pull back and push him towards the stage, and he can’t wait until after it’s over so he can kiss you some more


  • she’s so nervous around you??
  • she likes you a lot and she hasn’t been in many relationships before so she’s very hesitant with making the first move for things
  • you’re probably sitting next to each other in the shop and she wants your help with picking some new flavors and types of coffee to add to the menu
  • so she’s spit balling all of these ideas, and all of them sound delicious to you, but she’s just constantly talking you you can just see the gears moving in her head and it’s one of the prettiest things you’ve ever seen
  • “…MC? Are you listening? I would just really-”
  • she’s so surprised
  • she’s malfunctioning
  • can’t… compute… can’t… compute…
  • when she realizes what’s happening, she holds onto your arms and kisses you back
  • it’s soft and slow and sweet and she doesn’t want it to end
  • now that she knows that it’s okay, she’ll be stealing kisses all the time 


  • he’s been wanting to kiss you for some time, but he doesn’t know if it would make you uncomfortable, so he’d been trying to restrain himself
  • you’ve been waiting for him to kiss you though, and one night, you’re cuddling, and his hair is a little messy and out of place, and he just looks too adorable
  • so you move up and just lightly rest your lips on his
  • it was unexpected, so it takes him a moment, but he places his hands into your hair and it’s much better than he could ever have imagined
  • he’s honestly so amazed?? because wow what a damned goddess you are to him
  • he can’t even process thoughts and he’s only feeling for this one time, far from the usual
  • he can’t control his actions because he isn’t thinking, he can only feel his racing heartbeat and wild, scattered emotions for you
  • do you know what you’re doing to him??
  • it’s just so soft and lingering, but then he nips and you have to slow it back down, but you don’t mind one bit


  • you guys are at the park and there wind is blowing a little bit, and his red hair is floating around really beautifully and you can’t stop staring at him and your eyes are shining and he’s just so absorbed in them
  • you guys both really want to kiss each other, but his mouth is drying out and he’s trying to find words to explain what he’s feeling, but you go ahead and reach up to brush your lips onto his, and he’s already just obsessed  and he can’t help himself and he puts his hands on your waist and starts kissing you
  • he literally can’t get enough of you
  • you pull away for air because he’s suffocating you (but it’s no problem at all, because Saeyoung’s kisses are like fluffy cuddles)
  • but he moves with you and lets his forehead fall against yours, and lets you catch your breath for a quick moment before he goes back in for another kiss
  • his heart is beating so fast and he just can’t stop this overwhelming feeling in his body, because goddamn, does he love you


  • help this pastel child
  • he doesn’t want to wait any longer, but he’s nervous to kiss you because he’s scared he might miss your mouth because of his poor sight
  • you can see him contemplating whether to go for it
  • because you’re sneaky as shit, you just creep up and just as he decides to hold it off for a little longer, he feels your mouth on his
  • WHAt
  • he’s dead inside
  • like not kidding
  • his heart actually just skipped a beat like a stone skipped across a pond
  • he feels you smiling, but he holds onto you tightly and kisses back with as much feeling as he can, because he wants this moment to mean something to you like it does to him


  • lord jesus help this boy
  • you’re spending the night at his apartment and he’s actually so nervous? he’s cleaning frantically and trying to decide what snacks you like best and he’s just totally out of his element
  • he asks Saeyoung what he should do and what he should say
  • you get there and you assure him it’s fine and you don’t need anything and you literally just want to snuggle and you blush at your own words and SO DOES HE LIKE OMFG SHE WANTS TO SNUGGLE ME
  • you guys just chill on the couch and he loves having your little body against his because he feels like he can protect you here in his arms
  • he wuvs your cuddles and how you press yourself into him every once in a while because he feels a bomb of happiness go off in him
  • out of nowhere, you lean up to kiss him and he just blanks
  • .
  • he’s alarmed, but kisses back nonetheless
  • loves your fingers threading through his hair, and he loves the way his lips feel on yours
  • he just wants to literally swallow you up, but then kinda grosses himself out? so he breaks apart to look at you and WOW are you beautiful
  • he can’t stop himself when he goes back in to kiss you and he loves your little giggle and you’re actually ruining this boy
Being part of the tmi fandom at school...
  • Girl #1: says gross joke
  • Girl #2: ewwwww tmi
  • Me: *walks up at that moment & hears tmi*
  • Me: omg omg omfg the TV show is gonna be so amazing? I can't.. I just can't even any more. OMG Mathew Daddario is so fucking amazing. Oh, so last night I read the BEST Sizzy fanfic ever and.............
  • Girl #1:
  • Girl #2:
  • Me: Oh...
  • Me: *sadly walks away*
American Dream Tour, March 14, 2014 / Meeting Jason Butler, Jordan Fish and Almost Dying..


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Once Bring Me The Horizon came on stage and sang ” It Never Ends ” Oli said he would give anyone who crowd surfed to the front a high five and since I did it twice before that, I wanted to try it again (because come on, who the hell wouldn’t want to high-five Oliver fucking Sykes?! ) well anyways, i tried it again and I got to crowd surf for a little bit but then some idiots threw me where there wasn’t anyone to catch me and I tried to grab onto someone so I could avoid falling but I couldn’t so I fell from 6ft off the ground and landed face first onto the cement floor… all my weight went onto my face when I fell so I literally heard my skull crack or something and I passed out for what felt like a second to me but I’m sure it was at least a couple minutes. But i just woke up and got up as fast as i could and all i could feel was blood rushing down my cut up face, nose and mouth down to my chest and that freaked me out so I just started screaming and crying LIKE CRAZY and I could just remember people standing around me screaming ” Oh shit! ” and ” OH MY GOD! ” lol and no one would freaking help me which got me thinking like “ WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE I AM BLEEDING TO DEATH! FUCKING HELP ME! ” but I guess they were too much in shock to help sooo.. I ran to the back of the venue up to the merch guy because he was the only one i thought would help so I was just screaming ” I need an ambulance! ” at him but he couldnt hear me so i started banging on th table with my fist to get his attention and he just screamed ” oh my god! ” and pointed behind me so I turned around and there was a lady behind me saying  ” calm down! I’m a nurse okay? You need to calm down, its okay! theres a restroom right here come with me! ” so then her and these two other lady that came out of nowhere took me in there and washed up my face and there was a mirror so i finally got to see what happened to my face and the left side of my forehead was cut open all the way down to my eye so i obviously started screaming and crying even more. They gave me water and started asking who I was with and I said my bestfriend ( Alexis ) so I gave these 2 girls my ipod so they could find his number and text/call him to let him know what happened. After that the nurse lady said she was gonna take me outside the venue to this medic and they did so they had to get everyone out the way to make a path for me from the restroom to the doors outside because my face was bleeding so fucking much  and the medics just pulled a chair for me and asked what happened and once they calmed me down and gave me this thing to try and make my face stop bleeding they called my parentd and an ambulance and then this Rad lady that was working as security said she was gonna go ask all of LetLive. to come and see me and autograph my stuff so obviously I was super duper exited to meet them and I waited but I had to leave to the ER before they came but before that, the 2 girls that were calling my bestfriend ended up finding him and i just started crying when i saw him because we were suppose to stay till 2am to meet everyone from Of Mice & Men and Bring Me The Horizon but obviously things didn’t go as planned so i felt like i ruined his night. But I didn’t, he was just glad i didnt fucking die. But while he waited with me WE GOT TO MEET JORDAN FISH FROM BMTH!! and my memory was a bit off so i dont remember Everything that happened but I was Just sitting on the chair and I saw these two girls and one guy happy af talking to someone that just came out the elevator and since i didnt have my glasses i asked Alexis “ Who’s that?! Is that Jordan?! OMG! Who’s that Alexis?! ” and he was just like “OMG! ITS JORDAN!” so i just grabbed him and said come on and ran up to Jordan and I got so shy and asked for a picture with him ( even though my face was all bloody and smudged with eyeliner and mascara ) and he was just like ” sure ” but then he looked and me again and asked “ Oh my god are you okay? What happened to you? ” ( HIS LITTLE ACCENT MADE ME FUCKING MELT OMFG <3 ) but all i can remember saying was “ I fell.. on my face.. and cut my forehead open.. ” and kinda laughed because i felt like a little wimp and I was covering up the cut with a tissue thing [ idk ] but Jordan pointed at my forehead and asked “ Can I see that? ” and I showed him and he just made this face like if he could feel the pain on his face himself and said ” Oh Shit! Wow! ” and i forgot what happened but we took the picture and I said thank you and smiled like crazy and he walked away by the entrance of the venue to smoke a cigarette with a guy that me and Alexis thought looked like Matty Mullins so i was just like omg yaaaaay and Alexis said “ I wanna ask him for a picture but im shy ” and i just said “ WELL THAN GO ASK HIM ! ” cause i felt bad that we had to leave and not met Oli or Austin so we went up to him and asked to get a picture with Alexis and he said “ In a little bit okay? Just let me finish this ” and I said ” but i have to go to the hospital already.. “ and he said “ Just give me a few minutes okay? ” and apparently made a sad face without noticing and said okay so Jordan was like “ Just give me two minutes okay? Stop making sad faces, I’ll be over there in two minutes okay? Just wait for me by those two doors over there and I’ll be there in two minutes okay? I pinky swear ”so I smiled and me and Alexis went to wait for him by the doors and he said ” but your face.. you have to go to the hospital already “ and I just smiled and said “ No, get your pictue with him! I can wait a couple more minutes ” and we waited and Alexis got his picture so after thet we left to the emergency room I got like 6 stitches on my face and I remember telling the doctors and my mom that when i fell, I was facing up so I would’ve hit the back of my head but i somehow ( i dont even know how ) flipped over right before i hit the ground and hit my face instead and the doctors told me I almost broke my nose and cracked my skull and that even though i hit the front of my face that it was good because If i wouldve hit the back like i was meant to than I could’ve died and bled to death then and there..  right before i left the ER they also told me that It was possible I could forget everything and everyone when I woke up the day after and that scared me because I didnt want to forget anything from Friday night ( the concert ) or my family and i was still all traumatized so I only slept for 4 hours and I tweeted the picture to Jordan FIsh when i finally went to sleep at 4am and he replied to me at 11:11 the next day when he was at #sbsw c’: my memory hasnt been so great since Saturday morning but I’m somewhat okay. I have to take these painkillers and another thing ( I can’t remember what it was ) but I’ll get My Stitches out in a week but after the swelling and the cut on my face heals in a month I have to get plastic surgery on where i cut open my forehead and eyebrow because of how bad the whole thing was. But the concert was AMAZING! I got to meet Jason Butler before the show and I was so shy to ask for a picture but i guess he could tell and he was so nice and humble for the tiny bit we got to talk & since me and Alexis got there at 1 and were the 25th people in line and we saw Austin Carlile and Aaron Pauley and Alan Ashby but didnt get to take a picture with them because I was too shy to ask. And aside from my injury, I had the best time of my life! I want to go back, LetLive. was so perfect live and they put so much effort into their music and tbh Jason Butler surprised me because he is a complete different person once he goes on stage and it was pretty amazing to see him like that. I got too emotional started to cry during ” Muther ” haha, and I was gonna see LetLive. again but i can’t anymore since the next time they’ll be in Houston will be a few days after I get the surgery so maybe another time I’ll be lucky enough to see them and actually meet everyone else too (: but anyways Issues was great and I went crazy and got so happy when they sang “ Princeton Ave ” and “ Never Lose Your Flames ” / Of Mice & Men was INCREDIBLE AND IM SO HAPPY I FINALLY GOT TO SEE THEM LIVE! I CRIED SO HARD DURING ” You’re Not Alone ” and ” Second & Sebring ” IT WAS ALL OVERWHELMING FOR ME AND I WAS SO CLOSE TO THE STAGE I COULDN’T EVEN BELIEVE IT WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING AND BRING ME THE HORIZON WAS INSANE I LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF IT until I fell durring ” It Never Ends “  but Overall March 14, 2014 was the best night ever, and by far the best concert I’ve been to! I’m so glad I didn’t die and got to end my spring break finally getting to see my favorite humans with my bestfriend (: