best moment in the series omg

ok so i’m back and all caught up and here are MY HIGHLIGHTS: 

- everyone having a crush on vex: SAME. that’s all i’m going to say, in tears, just like them. 

- remember when vex freaked out for a moment and wanted to avoid talking to her brother about how they were going to go separate ways? WELL NOW SHE PROTECTS THOSE WOODS, THEY’RE HERS. FUCKING CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. 

- this was probably one of the most beautiful perc’ahlia episodes of the entire series thank you very much. 

- i’m SO glad matt has listened to our prayers and we’ve ended on a VEX note. also can i just say laura’s solo scenes are the best? i enjoy them so much. i just hope her storylines keep going after the time skip. 

- the twins talk!! at first i was like omg what is he DOING let her sleep. but then i understood and i loved that it started as vax trying to comfort vex about him leaving, but then he broke and told her he was also having trouble with the idea. it reminded me of that post i did back the about adapting vs. twins. it was a lovely talk. 

- fenthras is exalted???? i thought it already was??? or was it awaken?? someone please help me with this. has matt said something? 

- also so ready. 

- bonus pike’s silent talks with scanlan give me LIFE. ashley is so a+ at improv and i’m so happy she’s back. 

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Phichit long distance headcanons???

Omg more long distance headcanons !!!! These are so fun, and honestly long-distance friends are the best friends. And it’s so pure bc they fall in love with you and not what you look or sound like. 10/10 omg thank you for this request! :3 ((long distance series can be read here))

[Phichit Chulanont]

  • Needless to say, you guys met on Instagram way back in the day
  • It all started with a photography contest on Instagram, which was being hosted by a big travel account
  • and you and phichit just so happened to both be following that account. .… interesting …… … wink wonk
  • Phichit decided to join the contest the moment he heard about it, since he knew he could use the photos he’s taken through many of his travels during the skating season
  • You saw the contest info and almost didn’t enter, but you thought it wouldn’t hurt to just touch up a photo from your latest vacation and give it a try
  • tbh it was the best decision you ever made but you just didn’t know it lmao
  • Some time passes, and it’s nearing the deadline of entry for the contest when Phichit finds himself bored out of his mind during a sleepless night
  • He picks up his phone out of habit and went to Instagram, figuring he could go through the tag for entries to the contest and see what competition he’s up against
  • He scrolls through the photos, mostly unimpressed with the photos he’s seeing; they’re all kind of the same with landscapes of sunsets and mountains and such
  • But he comes across a certain entry that isn’t really like the others, and it really jumps out at him and catches his eye
  • i bet you can guess who posted it lmao ((and if you cant guess then you must be new here))
  • Without hesitation, he leaves a like and a comment on the breathtaking photo that he can’t seem to stop staring at
  • To his surprise, you respond to his comment instantly, and he’s hooked on you without even trying
  • Phichit opens a new DM and sends it to you, initiating conversation that lasts until the sun rises
  • He finds it so easy to talk to you, and he begins falling in love before he can stop himself; you guys bond instantly and a friendship is formed
  • Long after the contest is done and over with, your friendship continues to thrive through constant communication and deep conversations
  • The DM becomes a thing of the past once you exchange phone numbers and snapchat usernames, and you become even closer
  • He loves the selfies you send him on snapchat; he screenshots nearly all of them and posts his favorites on instagram
  • you get so embarrassed at the captions he puts on them, and but he can’t stop his heart from fluttering when he sees that beautiful face of yours :’)
  • Phichit ends up taking more breaks at practice to check his phone for signs of you, but he is so much happier than he was before he met you ((if thats even possible lmao the boy beams))
  • It takes a few months, but FaceTime sessions and phone calls become a regular occurrence, and you become inseparable at that point
  • Phichit starts to notice the small things about you while you’re on FaceTime; he becomes hyperaware of the way you laugh, the shape your lips make when you smile, and he finds himself drowning in the color of your irises
  • He’s laying in bed morning when he realizes that he’s in love with you in a romantic way, and he’s pretty sure you feel the same
  • He can’t stop himself from picking up the phone and calling you, biting his lip and fidgeting under the covers while he listens to the ringing tone
  • You answer after a few rings, your voice sounding groggy and tired; he apologizes for waking you up and gets to his point
  • “(Y/N), you like me right? Because I really like you. I know we’re just friends and I’m sorry if I make you uncomfortable by saying this, but I’m in love with you! I want to hear your voice every day and see your face when I wake up in the morning! I know it’s hard to be together because of the distance, but I want to make it work! You’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me and I love you!”
  • “Phichit, holy fuck are you asking me to date you holy shit I love you, too”
  • From that moment on, you call yourselves a couple and make it public on social media, declaring your love for each other
  • Your first meeting will have to wait, but you’re both more than happy together where you are now :3

I was tagged by the lovely @softshumjr​ tysm marta!<3
(you tagged my main @dannyhowell​ but it felt more appropriate to post this here bc of shadowhunters, hope its okay haha)

Answer 10 questions and tag other 5 people!

Favorite Book(s): i mean the hp series will forever be the best

Favorite TV Show(s): riverdale, shadowhunters, 13rw, skam, stranger things

Favorite color: black, gold, pink

Favorite Fandom(s): the phandom and the sh fandom i think?

Favorite lesser famous fandom(s): i can’t think of any

Proudest Moment: omg i don’t think i have one? this is so lame but i feel like i only have smaller proud moments is that bad

What tattoos you have or what will you get in the future: there are so many things to choose from like so many designs and themes i literally couldn’t choose. and i’d be scared of my taste changing and regretting getting a tattoo so i probably won’t get one. 

Favorite song(s): right now, i would say dna by kendrick lamar and blood on the leaves by kanye west but it changes all the time

Place you’d like to visit some day: i would love to just travel around the us, the uk and australia also literally any place with an amazing beach? i love the ocean

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Gouenji Shuuya

  • general opinion : I love him with all my heart. Before Shirou & Atsuya appeared, it was the love of my life.
  • hotness level : 1000/10 would bang. In the first serie, he was so adorable. And his expressions were so funny and I just love the way he laughs. And IE Go, I think I was going to die.. I loved him as the antagonist. He was so HANDSOME !! 😍😍 All his versions are perfect.
  • hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
  • best quality : Omg, here I’m ! So.. He’s smart, wise, adorable, super handsome, confident (he doens’t hesitate to do something he thinks right and I like that), persevering (Even in the bad moments, he keeps going. He never gives up), kind (in his way. He has his manners to show you he’s here for you and that he trusts you. And I find that beautiful), funny (all his expressions and his comments.. I can’t forget all of them xDD). Also, really friendly (again, in his way), generous (with his sister & all his friends. That’s the big thing I love in him). And he’s strong mentally and physically. Nothing can breaks him.
  • worst quality : Maybe he hides too much his feelings. He keeps everything for himself, except the moment he said to Endou about his father and his studies. And I think it’s because of that he suffers a lot. Gouenji is one of the characters who went through a lot (too much..). Personally, I think he needs more to open himself about the way he’s feeling : his peeves, his feelings, his anger, etc. But it’s why Endou is his best friend. He knows he’s always here for him. So I understand he said his worries about his father and his studies in the abroad to Endou.
  • ship them with : Endou, Shirou & Kidou
  • brotp them with : Endou, Kidou, Aphrodi, Someoka, Toramaru & Hiroto
  • needs to stay away from : Aliens & Kageyama (as always..). Please let him be happy !! He suffered too much and he needs (and deserves) a break. He just wants to play sakka with Endou & his friends.
  • misc. thoughts : Like Aphrodi, I want to pass my hand through his blond hair. His hair is too beautiful ! And I love all his hairstyles. Also, I know it can seem weird but do you remember the look he has in IE Go ? I love his way to watch the persons he has in front of him. He played the antagonist very well xD He was so handsome and his gaze was hypnotizing.. In conclusion, I love Gouenji with all my heart. He’s one of my sweet angels (and he’s super hot xDD)

Thank you ! I loved doing it. Gouenji is one of my favourite characters and I was happy you asked me him. :33

Last night’s episode of Better Call Saul was absolutely incredible. Omg best episode of the series.


So satisfying watching Chuck get what’s coming to him. The moment he pulled out the battery from his pocket, I legit cheered. As much as I love Mike, Gus and Nacho, it was great to have an episode centered around the Jimmy/Chuck court battle, and to watch Kim show Howard how skilled she can be.

Fuck HHM.


Pale Ghost Nick Complete Walkthrough where he's so...damned cute: The Niflheim+ Shall We Date?

His route was completely worth playing….I’m still wiping away tears.

So here’s the walkthrough from my own playing experience! It’s complete, so that’s good right? haha. Do enjoy!

Pale Ghost Nick Walkthrough.

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Percy Jackson Challenge (I made a new challenge which i personally prefer you should check it out!)

1 - Your favourite PJO book?
2 - Your favourite HOO book?
3 - If you were a demigod, whose child would you be? 
4 - Who is your favourite male character?
5 - Who is your favourite female character?
6 - Who is your least favourite male character?
7 - Who is your least favourite female character?
8 - Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter?
9 - Logan Lerman or Jake Abel? 
10 - Your opinion on Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth Chase? 
11 - Your favourite scene in The Lightning Thief movie? 
12 - Your favourite part in The Lightning Thief book that wasn’t included in the movie?
13 - Sea of Monsters movie: Yes or No?
14 - Your ideal movie cast?
15 - Your favourite quote from the series?
16 - Your favourite Olympian?
17 - Your favourite minor god?
18 - Your favourite Greek myth?
19 - Your favourite hero?
20 - Your favorite mythological creature?
21 - If you were stuck in an island forever with the condition that only one god could visit you, which god would it be?
22 - A scene from the books that made you happy/laugh
23 - A scene from the books that made you sad/cry
24 - Your favourite mortal
25 - Your favourite prophecy
26 - Favourite Ship
27 - Best kiss
28 - OMG moment A.K.A Best Plot Twist
29 - Saddest character death
30 - Demigods or Titans?

It bothers me how people keep blowing this gay Genos thing out of proportions.

I get it, “Ha ha, Genos is really obsessed with Saitama’s approval, he practically has a crush on him.” But people legitimately believe in their heads that Genos is fawning over Saitama romantically and I feel like it delegitimizes their relationship as a student/teacher and as close friends.

Genos holds a great respect for Saitama that practically no one else, besides Mumen Rider, can understand. Genos knows that Saitama is not only spectacular for his godly strength, but for his wisdom. Despite One Punch Man being very much an every man, holding no delusions of grandeur and being very down to earth while still having a selfish and egotistical side to him, Saitama is a very smart person that has a lot of good advice, even if he doesn’t know it himself. Genos understands this despite the superficial simplicity of Saitama and is one of the best characters because he understands it.

And to take all the development and all the moments that this series gives us and simply reduce it to “He is so gay for him” and “Omg my gay cyborg husband” is very disheartening and, I personally feel, is insulting to their true relationship.

You can ship it if you want, I don’t care, but I want people to recognize the nature of their relationship and why it really is brilliant.

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Pls do a complication of nanchans best/funniest expressions/moments

omg I really really want to but this would take a long time because there’s SO MUCH.

Some of my favs tho:

LisAni! TV Dojolno series Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

The Arm Wrestling on the NozoEli Radio Garden Part 1 Part 2

There was the time she did the Nico Nico Nii during a Fripside show


During her 2014 birthday live she did a tongue twister challenge

I have NO idea what they’re saying but this entire video is great (especially the 2nd half)

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Honestly its like every moment is the best moment. She’s a gift to this world and just about anything you find of her will be great.

Comics to Read, 12/3- The "If You Wish Hard Enough It Might Come True" Edition

Welcome to another edition of Comics to Read the weekly wrap-up of comics that you might want to … read this week.

I’m thrilled this week because it marks the return of one of my favorite comics of the last decade. When the new 52 was announced there was lots of disappointment but one of my biggest “NOOOOO!s” came with cancellation of the Secret Six which hands down was one of the best comics that DC was putting out and one of the best comics period. Born from a major crossover, Infinitie Crisis, the team of grade B Villains turned into anti-heroes ably combined humor, action and “OMG did they just do that? moments. That tone continued when the Six launched into its own series.

Gail Simone, the creator of all this awesomeness, is back this week to launch another Secret Six. The cast is sadly different with only Thomas Blake aka Catman and Black Alice returning (where’s my Scandal, damn it). The rest of team consists of other Simone new 52 creations and new characters. But if the first issue is any indication the combination, this book remains the one that Simone was born to write. We get a healthy dose of the violence, mystery and naughtiness that I expect and love about the Six. The artist on this retake is Ken Lashley and he’s a good match offering some great action sequences. I found some of his characters a little same facey - let’s hope that changes over time.  But let’s focus on the positive - the Six is back. 

And there’s more first issues this week!

The comic I would have handed to my Dad this week and he would have loved it. I enjoyed it but then it IS Shaft.

From the folks who brought you Princeless. A young girl has to win fights to save her brother. I think my heart swooned at the chain saw vs. dinosaur battle.

Here’s another issue of Gotham Academy. It worries me that I didn’t even realize this was out this week until I reviewed my preview list. Or had a preview until I started looking for it. But whatever, I’m sure they know what they are doing in marketing this, right? 

Time for some Dick! (Aside: I read a comment from someone on the Internet saying they refused to read this book until the Dick jokes stopped. In other words, NEVAH!) Also how lovely is that Janin cover (and BONUS! there’s a Cooke variant available).

As usual.

Has this been optioned for TV yet? I mean a city of serial killers - that’s like AMC calling call?

This is a bit on the pricey side (@$8) but it’s a good way to catch up on the adventures of Peggy Carter before her show starts.

That’s it for me this week. What’s on your list?

How Pretty Little Liars Redeems the Pop-Culture Mean Girl

I am a recovering mean girl. I was in a girl clique in high school, and I’ve regretted some of our habits (matching T-shirts, exclusive sleep-overs, incessant gossiping) ever since. That’s why binge-watching Pretty Little Liars over the last several months has been such a jarring experience: It made me remember why being in a clique was fun in the first place.

The show, which starts the second half of its fourth season on Tuesday evening, is among the most-watched series in ABC Family’s history: More than three million people tuned in for the summer finale in August. Nielsen SocialGuide reports that 637,000 people tweeted about the episode 1.9 million times. Liars does particularly well with women aged 12 to 34, who made up about two-thirds of the audience for the summer finale; predictably, a good portion of that group was middle- and high-schoolers.

Why has the show struck such a chord with younger women? For one thing, it’s hard to resist the murderous plot twists and “OMG moments,” as the show’s creator calls them. But the inner world of the show also has an irresistible draw: It invites viewers to feel like part of an unfolding drama, an intimate circle of secret-telling, a group of people like them. (My roommate and I are constantly arguing about which one of us is more like Spencer, the slightly prissy, overachieving brainiac who is clearly the best character in the series.) Much like being in a clique, watching the show makes you feel like you’re living an “OMG”-worthy life.

Read more. [Image: Netflix]