best moment in the series omg

OMG YES!! TAEK!!! I’m legit crying right now! YESS!! THE SHIP FREAKIN’ FLEW HIGH IN THE HEAVENS! I honestly wasn’t ready for another scar from the Reply series. Chilbong was more than enough to last me a lifetime. BUT REPLY 1988 IS THE FREAKIN’ BEST! Just one episode to go..I don’t think it will go wrong here. HOW COULD IT?! Did you SEE the way DS was legit GLOWING when she hugged Taek? THEY WERE SO HAPPY! AND I JUST HAVE NO WORDS FOR THAT HOTEL KISS! THAT WAS AS;KLDHASLKJDHASKDJHASJ!! I’m a mess..a literal MESS! UWAAN! MY BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL OTP!!