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Best Moments With My 3 Year Old Ghost Fan #9: Jigolo Har Earf

Jasper just started singing Jigolo Har Megiddo, but he doesn’t know all the words, so he ended up singing “I am the one named little Earth, I am the Nameless Ghoul with little drums.”

(Not sure whose photo of Earf this is, but good job on the shot!)

anonymous asked:

favourite mika videos? or interviews?

Ohh ghostie !! I have a playlist on my Youtube channel full of my favorite videos !! It’s linked here.

In general: I like this one video where he’s at the zoo being a zookeeper, when he’s at the studio doing weird stuff (this one where he’s on the floor screaming) and any El Hormiguero/Paul de Leeuw interview though !!

this moment was so funny someone save the poor child woojin | ©


Octavia Blake’s speech in The 100 04x10 “Die All, Die Merrily”