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Give me your jasiper kid head canons

Piper’s first pregnancy was an accident, she and Jason were 22 and just figuring their life, they finally got back together not long ago (actually, the same night the baby was made). Piper always had irregular cycles, so she didn’t thought much about two missing cycles, after all, she and Jason always used protection, but one night she woke up at 4 am in the morning in the worst pain, she was bleeding and she just knew it wasn’t her period. She called Annabeth and Jason crying and they took her to the ER where she found out she had a miscarriage. 

Piper’s second pregnancy was planned. She and Jason were 27 and had been married for a year, Percy’s and Annabeth’s first baby had been born no long ago and Piper was suffering from baby fever. She and Jason talked about it, they took in consideration her first miscarriage, their marriage, how they were doing in life and finally decided they wanted to have the baby. She got pregnant a few months later, Jason and her couldn’t stop being happiness, they even made a party announcement after she ended her first trimester, but at her fourth month, during an ultrasound, the baby heartbeat wasn’t found.   

Piper’s third pregnancy wasn’t planned, actually, Piper and Jason decided they wouldn’t try anymore, the heartache was too much, but after Piper found herself throwing up in the morning a week in a row, she just knew. Telling Jason was nerve-wracking, they were both scared but still wanted to try, they kept it a secret until Piper’s belly was too big to hide. They took precautions, they went to the doctor every week or two weeks, it was a hard and stressful pregnancy, by the last trimester Piper had to be in bed rest since she had unusual bleeding. the baby came 3 weeks too early, they had to do an urgent c-section because the baby was in a very risky position. The surgery was complicated because Piper blood pressure started to go down, but fortunately the baby and she made it, Skyler Grace had to spent two weeks at the hospital, but she was a fighter just like her parents and she made it.

The doctors told Piper she couldn’t have any more pregnancies because the risk was too high and she was gambling with her life. She ended up taking the decision of having an operation so she couldn’t have any more children. 


Shout out to This Girl! 

At 21, Idongesit Eseneyen became the youngest medical doctor and best graduating doctor in Pharmacology at the University of Uyo.

Idongesit Eseneyen was admitted into the university at just 15 to study medicine and defied all odds to emerge as the best graduating medical student in her department.

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The signs as Team Fortress 2 characters
  • Aries: The Administrator
  • Taurus: Spy
  • Gemini: Scout
  • Cancer: Heavy Weapons Guy
  • Leo: Demoman
  • Virgo: Medic
  • Libra: Engineer
  • Scorpio: Soldier
  • Sagittarius: Miss Pauling
  • Capricorn: Sniper
  • Aquarius: Saxton Hale
  • Pisces: Pyro

PJO Character Posters: Will Solace 

“Will’s shaggy blond hair and pale blue eyes reminded Nico of Jason Grace, but the similarities ended there.

Jason was a fighter. You could tell from the intensity of his stare, his constant alertness, the coiledup energy in his frame. Will Solace was more like a lanky cat stretched out in the sunshine. His movements were relaxed and nonthreatening, his gaze soft and far away. In his faded SURF BARBADOS T-shirt, his cutoff shorts and flip-flops, he looked about as unaggressive as a demigod could get, but Nico knew he was brave under fire. During the Battle of Manhattan, Nico had seen him in action – the camp’s best combat medic, risking his life to save wounded campers.”


Sutures and Stitches [m] (ft. Jeongguk) Part 1

Genre: Angst, action, fluff, mature (mentions of blood, wounds, medical jargon) (smut in future chapters)

→ Jungkook/Reader

→ 1.7k words

Summary: hitman!jeongguk and medstudent!Y/N bestfriends!au; Jeongguk always shows up to your place or hospital whenever he gets hurt because you guys are best friends and you patch him up, but he has no idea that every time you stitch up his wounds, it tears open new wounds in your own heart. 

part 1 | part 2

It was your secret that your best friend was a hitman, and his secret that his best friend was a medical resident currently $200k in debt and working 80 hours a week saving people. But it worked out somehow. He kept you safe by walking you home to your dingy and dangerous apartment every night after your rounds ended in the dark hours of the night, and you helped him patch up any wounds and kept it secret from his friends and yours. It was a symbiotic relationship, dangerous anyhow, but it worked.

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Bum's Broken Bones

Sorry, I’m taking a bit of time to respond to questions because I want to address them all properly. ^^“

But outside of that I would like to discuss something I’ve been pondering.

In chapter 2, we saw Sangwoo break Bum’s legs with a sledgehammer. Based upon where the bruises, bandages, and swelling was at I’d say he broke/fractured Bum’s tibia/fibula bones and maybe some of the tarsal bones in his ankles. It takes a healthy person to heal from a tibia/fibula fracture around 6 weeks, Bum not having the best medical care, normal sleeping habits, adequate diet, and environmental setting will probably take him few weeks longer.
My main concern isn’t that however, it’s the fact that he’s not receiving proper medical care for his broken bones. Most people have to put braces on (or at least a splint) to make sure the broken bones stay aligned and heal properly. All Bum has is bandages and pain meds. If his bones get misaligned during the healing process (with all the moving and cleaning Sangwoo made him do I wouldn’t doubt it if it had) and stay that way, it can really impair mobility not to mention deform how Bum’s legs look. Bum will probably have to keep using crutches until a doctor can re-break or Sangwoo re-breaks them for Bum and they try to figure out a way to align it themselves.

Or Koogi could take this part of the story in more fictitious way, and by god’s miracle Bum doesn’t misalign his broken bones despite how much Sangwoo slung him around and heals properly and can walk just fine. :’) Idk maybe I’m getting too deep lol, I think about health stuff a lot because I was a nursing major in the past sorry.

Edit: Just read a tibia fracture can actually take longer, up to 4-6 months. The fibula is what can take up to 4-6 weeks.

2nd Edit: My bad Bum’s left leg only got the sledgehammer, his right broke on the fall down the stairs.