best mc and character of this season

HLITF - Her Love in the Force - Ayumu Shinonome
Last Mission - Our Graduation - My thoughts

How I enjoyed reading this story! It was funny, and exciting and so much fluff. The best thing about Ayumu’s story is definitely MC X Ayumu, they make the cutest couple ever, I absolute love their interaction and how far it has evolved from season 1 to season 2. MC is just this bubbly character who has grown so much from that once very insecure rookie, thanks to Ayumu’s tough “training” if you know what I mean. XD One thing that I love about HLITF, which it has much in common with MPDCTY, is how they intertwine the internal conflicts of each character as individual and as a couple with the investigation and how events prompts plot development. I felt like Voltage has lost some of that edge recently but I saw a comeback in this story.

Nothing like a life and death scene to amp the drama and push a character to show their true feelings for each other. (Especially the one who never express his feelings! Like come on guys, do we have to be dying to get you to open your hearts? Yes I’m looking at you Kaga and Ayumu lololol) It happens again in last mission and it still makes my heart flutter and root for them, especially when it creeps up when you least expect.

But alas we still have to wait for the next chapter to see when this couple will eventually consummate their love! Poor Ayumu only got his hair pixelated this time lmaooo.

Still, Love Mission is definitely worth the wait and highly recommended for all Ayumu’s fans! It’s no wonder Ayumu has risen as the top HLITF character in the Jp elections recently.