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kbtbb mc or eisuke? :0

how about both because i love them and i love you

kbtbb mc:

who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite | the light of my life | Best Girl™ | my wife | the reason why there is good in this cruel, cruel world

she is hands down my favorite mc along with iyat mc! she’s such a cutie pie, and her character development from season 1 to season 4 is just fantastic! she started out as a bit unsure of the glitzy world she was thrust in, but now she grew into a wonderful character that can stand on her own!! plus it’s endearing to see the relationships she has with the guys! 

god, i fell in love with her quiet strength and selflessness that i just want to date her instead of the others, man. though i want to give her a hug because voltage doesn’t give her justice sometimes :’((( 


who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite | My Extra Purple Son | oh no he’s Hot | i love you but why are you like this lmao

ah, yes. he’s definitely a problematic fave for sure lmao. to be honest, i didn’t really like him a whole lot back then, but when his season 2 stories came out, i was f  l o o r e d at his character development and depth. he’s honestly my fave character to write, for sure.

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HLITF - Her Love in the Force - Ayumu Shinonome
Last Mission - Our Graduation - My thoughts

How I enjoyed reading this story! It was funny, and exciting and so much fluff. The best thing about Ayumu’s story is definitely MC X Ayumu, they make the cutest couple ever, I absolute love their interaction and how far it has evolved from season 1 to season 2. MC is just this bubbly character who has grown so much from that once very insecure rookie, thanks to Ayumu’s tough “training” if you know what I mean. XD One thing that I love about HLITF, which it has much in common with MPDCTY, is how they intertwine the internal conflicts of each character as individual and as a couple with the investigation and how events prompts plot development. I felt like Voltage has lost some of that edge recently but I saw a comeback in this story.

Nothing like a life and death scene to amp the drama and push a character to show their true feelings for each other. (Especially the one who never express his feelings! Like come on guys, do we have to be dying to get you to open your hearts? Yes I’m looking at you Kaga and Ayumu lololol) It happens again in last mission and it still makes my heart flutter and root for them, especially when it creeps up when you least expect.

But alas we still have to wait for the next chapter to see when this couple will eventually consummate their love! Poor Ayumu only got his hair pixelated this time lmaooo.

Still, Love Mission is definitely worth the wait and highly recommended for all Ayumu’s fans! It’s no wonder Ayumu has risen as the top HLITF character in the Jp elections recently.

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17, 25, and 28!

17. Your ideal AS3 cast?
Omg this one was so fun to answer! Let’s see:
Victoria Porkchop Parker,
Morgan McMichaels,
Mariah Balenciaga,
India Ferrah,
Penny Tration,
Ivy Winters,
India Ferrah,
Kelly Mantle,
Adore Delano (I mean come on, give her a second chance),
India Ferrah,
Tempest Dujour,
Trixie Mattel,
India Ferrah,
Laila McQueen,
Charlie Hydes,
and winning the whole season,
A medium sized Boobs For Queens breastplate in the color fair (who does that belong to??).
25. Best drag queen album?
I’ll be honest, a drag queen album doesn’t hold my attention for long. However, Adore’s Till Death Do Us Party was really enjoyable because she didn’t make Adore a character but I felt like it was Danny being himself.
28. Who should win MC this season?
So far, I feel like it’ll be Valentina because by far she didn’t cause any drama, nor was she very mean spirited toward anyone. AND her drag was so polished, even in the end.


Thought I’d make this–because why the hell not? I have a couple of mutuals that seem pretty interested in getting into GHS. Let me add some links that’ll hopefully help you get into this weird show/game/manga!

Gregory Horror Show was a 3D CGI animated series created by Naomi Iwata (running from October 1999 till October 2006). It soon got adapted into a game (Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector) for the PS2 by Capcom in 2003. Due to the fact it was published only in Japan and Europe the game is very rare and not widely known of anywhere else!

A manga named Gregory Horror Show: Another World (written by Suzuki Sanami) was also adapted from the TV series. It started in the November 1st 2007 issue of Weekly Morning Magazine, eventually getting published as a graphic novel–which was released in Japan on September 22nd 2008.

Most of the series is set in Purgatory, revolving around a mysterious hotel named Gregory House. It is ran by a strange anthropomorphic mouse named Gregory, whose sole focus in the series is often to keep the protagonist trapped within the hotel for all eternity.

Some good stuff about GHS in general:

  • Many unique characters–which are all great for cosplaying/making fan art of/writing fiction for!
  • Aside from all the black comedy stuff it can be very deep. It is actually a pretty psychological series.
  • The atmosphere of GHS is really beautiful (like you know, the really dim lighting of the hotel and stuff…aghhh, I don’t know. If you’re into GHS you’ll hopefully know what I’m talking about here.)
  • Well written and interesting female characters (take the female MC of season 2, Catherine and Cactus girl for instance.)


First of all, here is a list of trigger warnings–each with varying detail. I tried to avoid spoilers as best as I could with this. Please read.


(Each episode is roughly around 2 minutes 28 seconds long!)

Season 1 ‘The Nightmare Begins’ (25 episodes)

Season 2 'The Second Guest’ (25 episodes)

Season 3 'The Last Train’ (26 episodes)

Season 4 'The Bloody Karte’ (12 episodes)




(I don’t think this will help anyone much though. Its being sold for pretty high prices. As I’ve previously stated, it is a very rare game.)

LPs (Bless the LPs)

I couldn’t find any in 100% perfect quality so I’ve decided to list a few. (Blast me a message if you know of any others that might be good!)

NekoZombie17’s LP  (No voice commentary.)

xCloud8745x’s LP (Yep! He got another account! Around a year ago I think. Only up until the end of the 4th night has been uploaded so far however. He is playing it on hard mode. Pretty good quality for this one actually.)

Cloud8745 Archives (His original LP that someone managed to re-upload a few years back.)

EXTRA!: Here is the game’s OST!


Right here! (all credit for those who helped this become readable in English can be found on the page!)

(I’m not sure which particular sites have the manga on sale. I can guarantee it’ll all be 100% in Japanese though.)





ゴシップガール~セレブな彼の誘惑~ / Gossip Girl ~ Leon Gouldner
Season 2 CGs

Regardless of whether or not you’ve seen Gossip Girl, the Voltage social app is actually pretty fantastic. All the playable guys are fun and interesting, and I’ve never been bored with any of their routes. Leon, in particular, has a route where I literally cheered aloud when he and the MC got together (see last CG! :D). His main route starts in Season 2, so there is no Season 1 story for him. However, he is the best friend of one of the three initial playable characters (Marc Jones), so he shows up in Marc’s routes at first.

Leon is the ~mysterious~ type, who likes reading and animals. His aspiration is to be a doctor. One of his most admirable qualities is his loyalty to his friends. However, this is also what gets him into trouble before the start of his story. He left New York under a storm of negative gossip so when he returns, he isn’t exactly welcomed with open arms by his peers. They are wary of him, so he is often isolated. The MC, at first unaware of the gossip, cannot understand why this is. She then becomes frustrated when her friends tell her to stay away from him, though no one will tell her why. The MC knows from her interactions with him that he is nothing like what the gossip suggests, and she strives to prove that Leon is actually a good person.

I know that Voltage has been running a survey regarding this game (I hope people have been choosing this drawing style and not the other one ;___; ), so I hope they actually release this in English. Out of all of Voltage’s available social games, Gossip Girl is my absolute favorite.

Five Minutes With... Sam Heughan

When it comes to guilty pleasures, we’ve got our fair share: donuts, bowls of pasta as big as our head, a glass of orange wine on a Friday afternoon. But no guilty pleasure is as guilty - or, indeed, as pleasurable - as Outlander. The sumptuous melodrama follows a feisty 1940s’ feminist who is hurled back in time to rebellion-era Scotland when she touches some magic rocks. Once in the wilds of the North, she stumbles upon the softly-spoken, kilt-wearing gentle giant Jamie, and lots of steamy, sexy sex ensues. All with a steadfast and resolute focus on female pleasure. It’s not only rare when it comes to television, but downright applause worthy. What’s not to love?

The show is pretty much our favourite thing to binge-watch, and it’s thanks in no small part to this man: Sam Heughan, who selflessly spends most of the series shirtless for your viewing pleasure. (His bottom trended on Twitter after Outlander’s climactic - ahem, pun intended - episode 10 when Claire and Jamie first consummated their union.) We sat down with the man making television so, so great to find out a little bit more about the new season.

MARIE CLAIRE: Is this your first time in Australia? 

SAM HEUGHAN: It is. I have had an amazing time. It’s such a beautiful… [Pulls a face] It’s so sunny I want to be outside! [Laughs] But it’s been amazing. We’ve had two days off, so when we landed we went to a rugby game. Then I went to Bondi, Manly cove [and] up the Bridge. It’s been great.

MC: And have you tried Vegemite?

SH: Yes, I had Vegemite on TV yesterday. I loved it. I really like it. Anything on toast is good though.

MC: The fans of this show are legendary. Is that something you had ever encountered before? 

SH: No I had never encountered anything like this. What’s surprising is that we have been to America and we’ve been in Europe and the fact that the fans over here are just as enthusiastic about the show [is amazing]. We had an event last night and they all turned up and they were all wearing some piece of tartan and they were really into it and it’s crazy to think that the show has that far of a reach.

MC: What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?

SH: I probably can’t say, because I think it’s a bit embarrassing. But they’re great, they generally are very, very well-meaning and very supportive of everything we do. And some time it might go a little too enthusiastic, but they’re also self policing as well and they have a great community of support for each other.

MC: A lot of people - ED’S NOTE: Ahem, marie claire staffers included - love the fact that the sex is so feminist and realistic in the show. How important was that going in? 

SH: The show is from the point of view of a woman so therefore we see it from her eyes. Myself and Caitriona [Balfe, who plays Claire] are very aware of what we do and why are we doing it. We don’t want it to just be some explicit, pornographic thing on television. We want it to have a meaning and move the characters forward and show something about their relationship.

MC: What can fans expect in the bedroom in season 2? 

SH: I think they’re going to be surprised actually. Very surprised.

MC: Pleasantly? 

SH: I don’t know.You know, at the end of season one Jamie has a great trauma happen to him, so he’s still suffering mentally and physically and Claire’s now pregnant. So they’re not the young lovers that have fallen for each other for the first time. They’re grown up and have a grown up relationship with all of its intricate details and that will be reflected in the bedroom.

MC: There’s a ninth book coming this year. How abreast are you of where Jamie’s story arc goes? 

SH: I think she’s getting there. From what I hear. She um, she allows us the odd bit of information. I know what happens to Jamie in the end of the series. We do talk a lot and she does give us little insights into our characters. If we ever have any questions or anything really she’s a great source of material and she’s helped me and Caitriona in lots of ways.

MC: You and your co-star Caitriona Balfe are very close. What’s the best and worst thing about that?

SH: The best is that it’s reflected in the show. We go to know each other well in the first season and developed this bond and this trust. I think it’s great to be able to share the journey with someone. The worst… Now what could be the worst thing… I think recently we’ve had people discussing our personal life and whether we were in a relationship and it’s almost a shame that that has to be discussed because we’re just doing our job. I don’t know what other job you do where you have to discuss your personal life or relationship with a co-worker. It’s very strange.

MC:Do you guys make a point of not talking about it when asked? 

SH: For a while. I mean we were asked in every interview and we were quite candid about it. I felt like we should just not discuss it at all but she wanted to make it clear and I think that’s totally fair. Um. I don’t know. Part of me thinks it breaks the spell. And the other part of me says we should just be honest about it and make it clear but then, you know… I don’t think it matters.

MC: On a scale of 1-10 how great is it as a Scot to wear a kilt everyday to work? 

SH: 10.

MC: Are you very Scottish? 

SH: I would say I’m an honorary scot. I’m from the borders, My mum is English, I don’t have the strongest accent. But I’ve certainly fallen in love with my country and the many facets that make it up and the history of it. And now staunchly proud of it and the history of Scotland and its culture. It’s great to be able to film there and bring our culture to the rest of the world. My responsibility is to make sure that we are as authentic as possible.

MC: There are so many raunchy costume dramas at the moment, from Outlander to Game of Thrones and Poldark. What do you think is the appeal for audiences? 

SH: Things that are based on books are always very rewarding. I guess people like epic drama because they can commit to it and grow with these characters and learn more about them. I think Outlander is very different to the others. Game of Thrones is an epic fantasy, Outlander isn’t. I think Scotland is part of the appeal of Outlander, certainly. Poldark I haven’t seen. But Aidan Turner is probably the drawcard there.

MC: So what do you like to watch, of an evening? 

SH: A documentary. Love a good doco. Love ‘em.

MC: Like nature documentaries? [ED’s NOTE: Could you seriously not come up with any other kind of documentary? HRY: Nope. Just not a doco kinda gal.]

SH: Nature’s alright. Anything factual, anything real. I’m finding it harder and harder to find something to watch. I do watch a lot of American TV shows and dramas, but, especially when it comes to books, I find myself drawn to factual stuff. It’s just as exciting and in fact even more so because it’s real.

MC:Are you a binge watcher or an episode-a-week kinda guy? 

SH: Binge.

MC: What is your advice to people suffering from the Droughtlander? 

SH: Well they haven’t got long left now. They’ve got this far. Don’t give up. Don’t lose heart. Be prepared. It’s going to be different. Drink some red wine, because it’s [set in] France. Eat some cheese.

MC: How would you describe the series in three words? 

SH: Poisonous. Political. Two ps I need another P… Purpose. Does that work? [Laughs]

Outlander season 2 will air on Foxtel’s SoHo Sundays at 8.30PM from April 10

(via Marie Claire Australia on Tumblr)

*Might be a bit hard to read w/the format as the html doesn’t copy and paste on the app and I’m too lazy to edit it much. I bolded a few things that stood out to me*

To Ascend, you must first Descend: Death in Homestuck

“According to some (Generally those who don’t have to do it. Politicians and writers come to mind.) heroic deaths are admirable things. I’ve never been convinced by this argument, mainly because, no matter how cool, stylish, composed, unflappable, manly, or defiant you are, at the end of the day you’re also dead. Which is a little too permanent for my liking.” - Bartimaeus, Ptolmey’s Gate

Oh hey look, it’s one of those posts where I clump some stuff I’ve said before elsewhere with some new stuff into one really long meta text wall. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these.

I’m planning on doing an essay on death in Harry Potter (still need to narrow it down for my proposal next week) so I spent some time reviewing existing literature. One article in particular caught my attention. It talked about how some philosophers suggest that when you change something about yourself (make amends, adopt a new worldview, etc) the old version of you ‘dies’ and a new version of you is reborn. It argued that Harry’s death was a literal representation of this. He dies, gains some cosmic wisdom, sheds the bit of Voldemort stapled to his soul, and comes back better. The concept struck me as a good one to apply to other forms of fiction and to compare to mythological tropes that are very similar. I also thought it would be a good idea to use in my continued crusade against the over-prevalence of heroic sacrifices in fiction, particularly main character permadeath Homestuck theories. Since it is the main textual currency of my blog, Homestuck will be my main victim, but a few other narratives will be mentioned. 

So. Let’s go.

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my top 5 anime of spring 2015, first impressions based on first episodes!

  1. Mikagura School Suite - based off a light novel based off a vocaloid series, mikagura is about a young lesbian entering a really weird high school. the show is fast-paced, funny, adorable, and really really gay. it captured my heart within the first 2 minutes, and i highly recommend it to everyone on earth.
  2. Plastic Memories - do you like robots? do you like crying? then this is the show for you! in the relatively near future, robots with intricate enough programming to give them emotions are a reality. however, they only have a “lifespan” of about 9 years. a branch of the company that makes them handles retrieving robots when their time is up, and the show focuses on a human guy who’s just started working there and a robot girl who fears the day she too will run out of time.
  3. Ore Monogatari!! - a cute romance show about that feel when no gf. all the girls our main character likes fall for his attractive best friend, and the same thing seems to have happened once again. mc decides to try and help set this girl up, but what’s really going on in this love triangle…? i know i haven’t explained this one very well, but if you have a shoujo heart u will enjoy it!
  4. Nisekoi: - nisekoi season 2!!! despite being a super cliche harem romance bullshit anime, nisekoi manages to keep me invested with its ever-deepening mysteries!
  5. Re-Kan! - a comedy about the daily life of a girl who can see ghosts. kinda cute, kinda funny, kinda lesbians. im kinda interested. im actually not sure if i will continue with this one, as i thought it was only ok, but i guess i’ll see where it goes for now!

haha dogakobo (studio that adapted gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun, my fave anime ever) is actually doing both mikagura and plastic memories, theyre Literally The Best