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“so basically, tom wanted to be able to get the day back to the beginning, and so he put in - he was trying to type in skype chat ‘time reset’ - instead, he wrote ‘tiem reester.’”

The signs as good feelings
  • Aries: Running around during a rainstorm in nothing but your pyjamas
  • Taurus: A loved one drawing on your skin lightly with their finger
  • Gemini: Laughing so hard that your limbs grow weak and you start tearing up
  • Cancer: Wrapping yourself in a warm blanket that just came out of the dryer
  • Leo: Sitting on a high surface with your feet dangling over the edge and watching the sun go down
  • Virgo: Staring up at the stars with a loved one and talking about the how beautiful the world is
  • Libra: Listening to the sound of rustling trees and feeling a perfect, spring breeze brush over your skin
  • Scorpio: Standing on a balcony during night time and watching the bustling city down below
  • Sagittarius: Holding hands with someone for the first time in a while
  • Capricorn: Standing in a field of snow and watching your breath puff out in clouds and dissipate seconds later
  • Aquarius: Sitting on a beach with your feet in the water and hearing nothing but the waves crashing against the shore
  • Pisces: Listening to water trickle down a stream and touching it with the palm of your hand

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What perfumes/fragrances do you recommend?

Oh i’m such a perfume addict but scents are really personal so i’ll divide them into categories so you can see which scent profiles best match up with your tastes! Also, since I am more of a packaging snob most if not all the bottles are more timeless and chic. 





Thoughts/Predictions for 1-3

Quick reminder these are just prediction I’ve made using the newly released synopsis and what scenes from the trailer/promo trailer/and promo pic I feel might match up with the synopsis. These could be totally off in terms of timelines or what happens but I tried my best to match things up and predict what I think we’ll see in the first 3 episodes (opinions are welcome) 

4x01, ECHOS:

SEASON PREMIERE – Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and her friends struggle with how to proceed after the fate of the world is revealed. 

-This one is hard to figure out because we’ve been given quite a few scenes and its hard to know what comes first 

-BUT thanks to the promo trailer released I’m certain this will be the episode where we see the clip from the promo with Bellamy and Clarke saying “What now?” “Now we survive.” (You can tell from the buildings they’re still in Polis, their faces are still dirty, and Clarke is still wearing the black v-neck shirt she was wearing in the S3 finale)

-Also think the promo pic is from this episode? Looks like they’re still in Polis, Clarke is still in the black shirt, thinking they’re radio-ing back to Raven to tell her to be ready for them.

-Same with the promo scene of the camera quickly spinning around Bellamy and Clarke. You can tell from the buildings they’re still in Polis, their faces are still dirty, and Clarke is still wearing the black v-neck shirt she was wearing in the S3 finale

-Also at first I thought this scene looks like Bellamy and Clarke were being surrounded by an angry mob but after looking at it again, you can clearly see extras in the back looking way past them. At something in the distance. Possibly smoke from far away from the reactors? Maybe ECHOS from the explosion? This would prematurely alert everyone that something was wrong, causing a lot of panic. They then must hurry back to Arkadia.

-From the synopsis I gather Bellamy and Clarke make it back to Arkadia and tell their friends whats going on eventually in this episode. I think this is where we see the trailer scene of Raven saying “We need to focus on riding out the radiation and finding some place safe,” you can see that she’s talking to Bellamy in that clip and I’m sure Clarke is there too.


CHALLENGES – The burden of leading weighs heavily upon Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) when different challenges force them to determine who will live and die. 

-We’re told Bellamy and Clarke BOTH assume leadership roles

-They could have named it “Heavy Lie the Crowns” but they didn’t. It’s just one crown. They share the burden of their role together.

-”Crown” clearly a gist at Clarke [a good little knight at his queens side] But Bellamy is equally sharing the weight and helping her carry the crown. A reference to King and Queen?

-Also this is a long shot but 3x02 was a v good episode for bellarkers last season, possible 4x02 will be as well? It’s something T100 writers have done before.

-Bellamy’s comment “I am not sacrificing anymore innocent lives” clearly tells us his stance on determining who will live and die (However I don’t think we’ll see his comment in the first few episodes because in the clip the cuts on his face are just 2 very faint scars)


TENSIONS RISE – Jaha (Isaiah Washington) leads Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) down a road to possible salvation while tensions rise in Arkadia and Polis. 

-Isaiah Washington isn’t listed in 4x02 so I think 4x03 is where he talks to Clarke. It’’s hard to hear in the trailer but he says “decisions will just wittle?? you down piece by piece”, later he says to Clarke “people need to feel like they have a say in their fate” I think this will set the tone of how Clarke and Bellamy go about things 

-Possible that the clip of Jaha laying on the Jeep (lets just call it Bellamy’s Jeep cuz I don’t think we’ve seen anyone else drive it) in a clearing, trying to meditate???, is from this episode. So he leads them down a literal road, but then I think he also leads them down a metaphorical road, I think he offers them something. A way out? Bellamy and Clarke are no where in that clip, so I’m kinda assuming Bellamy drove them out there, then the 2 of them walked off to talking about things in private (Day Trip 2.0 ?) 

-In the end, of course they will make the decision to brave the waves together and to go back to reality, turning down whatever offer Jaha gives them (obviously contrasting season 3 Clarke, and setting the tone for season 4 Clarke who faces entire armies of Ice Nation on her own)

-I also think this is where we see Clarke talking to the crowd, likely in the end of the episode, saying “I know you’re angry” (because tensions are high remember) “but If we stick together we won’t just survive, we’ll thrive” with the Arkadia sign in the background. 

-She also clearly took time to shower and change her outfit in this scene and is really looking like her old self. A nice gesture and parallel to season 1 Clarke in her old clothes, making inspirational speeches to a crowd (wouldn’t be surprised if Bellamy was standing some place close during it)


SHE’D GIVEN THEM A SCARE  —  who wouldn’t be scared of two approaching riders mounted on an azgeda-clad horses who are wearing an equal amount of azgeda clothes?   darcy may not have been present for the hostility between azgeda and the sky people,   but she was certainly part of it  —  she knows what happened.    it had taken a few moments for the guards to lower their guns,   but her dad’s name was a familiar one on the ark  — DEUCALION.   she’d come back to see him.   

                      please let me in.      who’s your friend?      it’s easier if i explain inside,   but he’s not hostile.   i swear.

explain she did:   the chancellor had questioned her,   and afterwards she was reunited with her father:   that had taken hours and an interrogation process much more arduous than even the chancellor’s.    her dad had been reluctant to let her out of his sight  (  she’d be the same if she thought he was dead  )  but after a few sweet words and a kiss to the cheek,   he’d let her go.   RESULT:   darcy finding clarke and wrapping her arms around her from behind in a hug.

‘   guess who?   ’   darcy murmurs into the other’s shoulder.    she knows the news has likely gotten around camp by now,    but still…  ‘   your not-so-dead-friend is calling.   ’    /   @bloodsoakcd.

Zodiac signs as The Gray Garden characters
  • Aries: Yosafire
  • Taurus: Emalf
  • Gemini: Ater and Arbus
  • Cancer: Kcalb
  • Leo: Ivlis
  • Virgo: Reficul
  • Libra: Rawberry
  • Scorpio: Froze
  • Sagittarius: Etihw
  • Capricorn: Wodahs
  • Aquarius: Grora
  • Pisces: Macarona

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How'd you write a movie based on the new Voltron series if you got the chance?

Now I think at this point, it’s tricky to say, because we don’t have the full subject material to work with. I also don’t know the first thing about writing movie scripts, and I don’t know if I’d be the best match-up for that because I’m overly beloved of slow-build gradual narratives and with movies, time is of the essence.

I would probably rank the lack of full subject matter thing as the main barrier at this point. I feel like to make a really good movie based on this, you’d have to be sure where the series is going. What are the essential themes? I have my biases and personal things I’d like to see out if it- found family, recovery, and mutual support among them.

One of the things I enjoy the most abut the series is that Shiro is arguably both the leader and ace of the team, and he’s also set up in such a way that he struggles the most when separated from the rest of them. I’m not surprised at all the teaser for season 2, which seemed to be focusing on the immediate fallout of the team being split up, boded so portentous for Shiro. Historically, he hasn’t done very well isolated.

Basically, there’s a strong theme about how the team needs each other. How interconnection is important. How both of their darkest hours in season 1 so far have involved one member of the team taken out one way or another.


Gotham/Tales From The Crypt Parallels: Edward Nygma and The Crypt Keeper + Bone-Saw

“Wanna play doctor? Then open wide and say ‘AHHHHHHH!'” *evil laughter*

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Hello! I'm seeing asks for match-ups and self ships and flames, and I can probably guess for myself, but I was just wondering if you could explain what those are? Thanks!

No problem!

Match ups: you send in information about yourself (personality, interests, whatever you want basically) and based on that information I’ll pick a character  or two from the khr verse that I think would make a good romantic partner for you.

I also do friend match ups which is basically the same thing except instead of a romantic partner you’ll get someone that I think you’d end up being best friends with.

Flame match ups: You send in information about yourself (personality, how you react to things, etc) and I tell you which of the 7 flame types I think you’d have (sky, storm, rain, sun, thunder, cloud, mist) and how you’d fit in a family

Self ships are a bit like match ups I guess, you’d send the same information as you would for a match up, however, you include a character or two (or however many you want really) that you ship yourself with and I’ll give you some headcanons for how that relationship would go.

If anything’s unclear or you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to send them in.  Why guess for yourself when I can just answer with exactly what to expect!  :D

rolling volcanoes in the night
glowing in the dark like meteorites 

the only two long-running golden age titans who weren’t on the animated team definitely broke off on their own to become a BFF superhero duo. they can keep their pizzas and their hive 5 and their excess screentime; wonder girl and jericho have better things to do anyway.

also donna was, like, the only titan who was ever fluent in sign language back in the 80s, so she matches up best with joey anyway. maybe he can actually have a full conversation for once.

Hey guys, my computer’s deciding to crap out, so I’ll most likely be a little late with the rest of the #aggressivelyarospecweek art. I don’t know if I’ll get one posted today or not, but I am determined to get seven drawings posted this week for the event.

Have some aro!Bianca doodles in the mean time: