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BTS who are celebrating their 4th anniversary today (June 13), came a long way since their debut on 2013. This post intends to show you not only their great achievements through the years but also how it took them 2 years (half of their career so far) before getting any recognition and how their hard work and perseverance payed off.


  • Melon Music Awards New Artist of the Year 


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  • Golden Disc Awards  Newcomer Award
  • Gaon Chart Music Awards New Artist of the Year (Male Group)
  • YinYueTai Rookie Award
  • Seoul Music Awards  New Artist Award
  • Arirang TV Pops in Seoul Awards  Rising Star Award


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  • Melon Music Awards  Best Male Dance “I Need U”
  • Melon Popularity Award “Run”  Weekly Popularity Award (December 7)
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards  Best World Performer
  • Golden Disc Awards “Dark & Wild” Disk Bonsang
  • Seoul Music Awards  Bonsang Award
  • Gaon Chart Music Awards  World Rookie Award
  • MBC Music Show Champion “Run” Best Performance Male Group
  • Cable TV Broadcast Awards Hallyu Star Popularity Award 
  • MTV Europe Music Awards Best Korean Act 
  • Japan Gold Disc Awards Best New Artist (Asia) 
  • Japan Gold Disc Awards Best 3 New Artists Award (Asia) 
  • Arirang TV Simply K-Pop Awards Best Performance Boy Group


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  • Melon Music Awards  Album of the Year
  • Melon Music Awards  Top 10 Artists
  • Melon Popularity Award “ Blood Sweat & Tears”  Weekly Popularity Award (Ocrober 17 - October 24)
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Dance Performance - Male Group
    Mnet Asian Music Awards HotelsCombined Artist of the Year
  • Golden Disc Awards “ The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 1 ” Disk Bonsang 
  • Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Award
  • Gaon Chart Music Awards  K-Pop World Hallyu Star Award
  • Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards Cultural Minister Award
  • Asia Artist Awards Best Icon Award, Singer
  • Asia Artist Awards Best Artist Award, Male Singer    
  • Hanteo Awards Wings Album Award
  • CJ E&M America Awards Best Male Idol
  • KBS MV Bank MV Best 5 “Fire”  Best Music Video Boy Group
  • KBS MV Bank MV Best 5 “Blood Sweat & Tears” Best Music Video Boy Group  
  • KBS World Radio Best Boy Group
  • KBS World Radio “Fire” Best Song


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  • Seoul Music Awards Wings Album of the Year
  • Billboard Music Awards Top Social Artist
  • Melon Popularity Award “Spring Day" Weekly Popularity Award (February 20)
  • Golden Disc Awards Wings Disk Bonsang
  • Golden Disc Awards Global K-Pop Artist Award 
  • Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Award
  • Seoul Music Awards Best Male Dance Performance Award 
  • Seoul Music Awards “Blood Sweat & Tears” Best Music Video Award
  • Gaon Chart Music Awards  Album of the Year – 4th Quarter
  • Gaon Chart Music Awards V Live Global Popularity Award 
  • YinYueTai Best Stage Performance Award
  • Japan Gold Disc Awards Best 3 Albums
  • Shorty Awards Best in Music
  • Global V Live Awards Global Artist Top 10


2013 - 2014: NOTHING BUT HOPE 

After 2 years of not getting any win, they started to tell each other “Let’s just not expect anything” but deep inside they all dreamed of a win, as V says “To be honest, just because you say “don’t expect anything” doesn’t mean we expect nothing” It was a hard time for both BTS and the fans. 


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  • 2015 The Show May 5 “I Need U”
  • 2015 The Show May 12 “I Need U” 
  • 2015 The Show December 8 “Run”
  • 2015 M Countdown May 7 “I Need U”
  • 2015 Music Bank May 8 “I Need U”
  • 2015 Music Bank December 11 “Run”
  • 2015 Show Champion May 13 “I Need U” 
  • 2015 Show Champion December 9 “Run”
  • 2015 Show Champion December 16 “Run”


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  • 2016 The Show October 25 “Blood Sweat & Tears”
  • 2016 M countdown May 12"Fire"
  • 2016 M countdown October 20"Blood Sweat & Tears
  • 2016 Music Bank January 8 “Run”
  • 2016 Music Bank May 13"Fire"
  • 2016 Music Bank  October 21 “Blood Sweat & Tears”
  • 2016 Music Bank October 28 “Blood Sweat & Tears”    
  • 2016 Show Champion October 19 
  • 2016 Show Champion February 22"Spring Day"
  • 2016 Inkigayo May 15"Fire"
  • 2016 Inkigayo October 23"Blood Sweat & Tears"


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  • 2017 M countdown February 23 “Spring Day”
  • 2017 Music Bank February 24"Spring Day"
  • 2017 Show Champion  February 22"Spring Day"
  • 2017 Inkigayo February 26 “Spring Day”

If you have been with Bangtan since the start or just joined the fandom a month ago, It doesn’t matter because greater achievements and memories are yet to be made. Happy 4th BTS anniversary everyone. Let’s reach even higher from now on ^^.
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MAMA Voting Information

In light of Mnet’s recent screwup with MAMA 2017 voting, I am here to announce all of the categories EXO are nominated for!

  • Best Male Group
  • Best Music Video (Power)
  • Best Dance Performance Male Group (KoKoBop)
  • Best OST (Chanyeol x Punch - Stay With Me)
  • Best Collaboration (Baekhyun x Soyou - Rain AND Chen x DynamicDuo - Nosedive)
  • Album of the Year (daesang)
  • Artist of the Year (daesang)
  • Song of the Year (daesang)

Once traffic on the website dies down and you are able to connect to Mnet servers, you will be voting at for the aforementioned categories.

THIS IS A NEW WEBSITE! This means that any previous Mnet accounts you made are now obsolete (including the ones you used to vote during the Mwave Music Chart Poll). You will have to re-register all email addresses and make new accounts. You will also be able to register a new account with the following social media websites!

  • Kakao
  • Line
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Weibo
  • Naver
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram

I know that things are frustrating right now with this new website rollout, so don’t stress if you have to skip this first full day of voting. I’ll make an announcement here when I am able to access the website myself, so you can hold off making accounts/voting until then. Once I am able to access the website, I will proceed to make a tutorial on how to vote as well, so stay tuned for that.


[2017 MAMA] Best Dance Performance Solo, Male/Female Group Nominees

[!] MONSTA X have been nominated for Best Dance Performance in the Male Group category at the 2017 MAMA Awards! 

NCT Dream got fucking cheated, they should’ve at least been nominated and NCT 127 is totally gonna get robbed from winning best dance or whatever for male group. I know South Korea stay sleeping on the boys, but can’t nobody tell me that the Cherry Bomb choreography wasn’t the best of the year. Nobody @ me or sent me messages, this is my blog so I can share my opinion and if you don’t like it, all you gotta do is unfollow. Bye ✌👋

Mood: impatiently waiting for NCT’s “Best dance male group” (MAMA) nomination and the recognition they deserve

GIFs from NCT 127’s Let’s Dance Challenge

NCT 127 is currently top 1 with their perfect score of 100 points:

Lastly, T.yong admitted that they practice 12 fucking hours a day just to perfect the dance.

Dear NCTzens, NCT 127 deserves to win as the Best Dance Performance Male Group category in MAMA 2017. We shall give the boys the trophy, alright?

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  • Best Male Group: EXO behind by 104,077 votes
  • Best Dance: EXO behind by 425,781 votes
  • Best MV: EXO behind by 650,940 votes
  • SOTY: EXO behind by 420,661 votes
  • AOTY: EXO behind by 18,116 votes
  • Global Fan’s Choice: EXO behind by 1,979,055 votes

You guys, if you love our boys, then fight for them. We all have life obligations going on and I understand it’s not the most fun thing you could be doing with your free time, but we need to do our very best for them, right? Just vote however much you can, even once a day is better than never at all. You can download a free VPN to bypass the IP limit if you really wanna fight hard. Let’s work together with all the Korean, Chinese, and Japanese EXO-L who have been doing everything in their power so far. They can’t do it alone. Aren’t we supposed to be one? Isn’t that what’s supposed to make us powerful? 💪

There are plenty of tutorials out there addressing how to vote, but if you have any questions or concerns at all, feel free to message me in my askbox or through messenger. I might not be able to answer immediately, but I’ll get back to you ASAP. We have to work together. 💪💖

Who the signs are going to vote for MAMA 2k17

Aeries: Seventeen

Taurus: the boys who sang Don’t Wanna Cry

Gemini: SVT

Cancer: the say the name boys

Leo: under Pledis Entertainment with 13 ppl

Virgo: the one with the weirdest English lyrics

Libra: SeBonGs

Scorpio: Sebunteen

Sagittarius: their fandom name is Carats

Capricorn: aJu nICe!

Aquarius: the one that has two one fine day’s

Pisces: 세븐틴

Justice for all the artists and groups that didn’t get nominated for MAMA this year

Where’s WINNER for Best Male Group?

Blackpink for Best Dance Performance Female Group? 

Taeyang for Best Vocal Performance Male or Best Male Artist?


Where the heck is Block B because ‘Yesterday’ did so well??!?!


Low key thought that Highlight would get nominated for more categories 

Taeyeon not nominated for Best Vocal Performance Female 


The thing that makes me especially mad is that Online Voting comprises of 30% of the total score making it having equal weight as digital scores and “MAMA Panel” and album sales only being 10%. This essentially makes it so bigger fandoms will have a HUGE advantage over smaller fandoms.

And there are so many other groups that should have been nominated but weren’t

SMH AT MNET AS USUAL. They’re not making their YG x Mnet beef and hatred subtle at all